Missives and updates from Crux (and other Heralds as appropriate).

Roster of Heralds Census AS52

In honour of the new SCA year, I would like to ensure the Roster of Heralds is up-to-date. To do this I launch the inaugural biennial Roster of Heralds Census.

If you have heralded, hold a heraldic office, or just consider yourself a herald – please complete the new Herald Roster Details form before May 15 (the AS51 Q4 reporting deadline). Officers will still be required to complete the standard group herald report (sorry about that).

Please note that requirements for rank, office or title are still in effect – this is about collecting accurate data. The Lochac Herald Policy (available here) is out of date in places and will be updated soon, but lists the requirements for being rostered.

I look forward to receiving many responses. Group heralds, please pass this message on to your local lists to ensure everyone is aware of this endeavour.

In service to the Crown and College,

Baron Sorle Maknicoll
Crux Australis Principal Herald


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Vacancies in the College of Heralds

Until the Kingdom of Lochac, and its heralds, greetings.

Ordinarily this would be a matter just for local groups but there are sufficient vacancies (according to my notes) that I thought I would invite any and all who may reside in a group without a herald to consider taking up the office and assisting in increasing pageantry to the Kingdom.

What is involved? The role of group herald is to ensure that heralding happens in the group. You don’t have to do it all yourself, just ensure it happens and tell me about it every three months.

Heralds (either you or others in the group) make announcements at events; do most of the talking in Court and keep track of awards given (if you are a Barony); help others get their names and devices registered (or point them to people who can help, if you’re not sure).

If you group has meetings, you should probably attend. You (the officer) will also need to report to both your seneschal and me every three months according to the schedule available on the Lochac College of Heralds website – here (there’s also a template there for how to report too). You will also need to subscribe to the Blazons mailing list.

All in all, it’s not that difficult … and there are lots of heralds to help you. If you would like to know more, please email me.

So who needs a herald?

The Barony of Politarchopolis has just recently had their Cordon Rouge Herald step down. This is the group that Coffyn Herald and I are both in so you’ll have lots of support.

The Shire of Adora has just had their Pursuivant (that’s the herald at shire/canton/college level) call for applications.

The Shire of Darton seems to have been without a herald for some time.

Burnfield, Lightwood and Okewaite are all cantons that seem to be without pursuivants. While their parent Barony can support heralding in the group, learning the ropes in a canton is a good way to learn being an officer! You also report to your Baronial Herald instead of me.

Colleges! If you have a herald, please let me know! The roster seems a bit sparse in your area! Colleges are special in that they don’t have to do the same application process – but I wouldn’t mind hearing from you.

If there are no takers, the position will remain vacant and your hard-working seneschal will have to report to me instead – do you want to give your poor seneschal more work? I am declaring an application period for all vacancies from now until March 30th. Commentary for any positions that might get filled will then be called for so that the roles can start at Festival.

I look forward to receiving many applications.

In service to the Crown and Kingdom of Lochac, always.

Sorle Crux

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Crux Australis’ State of the Office (March 2017)

Unto the populace and heralds of Lochac, greetings.

In an effort to ensure the office of Crux remains responsive to the needs of the populace, I have instituted a few organisational changes. Most you will likely not notice, however I felt it prudent to acquaint you with them.

Email: All deputies to Crux now have dedicated email address (rather than alias that went to personal email accounts). This will provide the opportunity for better continuity of service as there will be a record of past correspondence from now on.

Website: Updates have been made to to try and make it more user-friendly. Menus are arranged in (what I think is) a more logical fashion, and the commonly sought pages are linked at the bottom of the home page for faster redirection. News (such as this message) now also has a home outside the usual monthly message (which is CAMEL). Look for the News link on the menu.

Personnel: There has been a slight re-alignment of roles, although the tasks performed have not greatly changed:

Coffyn Herald is now officially the 2IC to Crux, in the event that Crux is unavailable. Coffyn still remains the role for special projects and continues to be held by Lady Amanda Martel.

Baryl Herald, which was the drop-dead deputy role, will now become the Australian equivalent of Astrolabe Herald. The concept for these roles pre-date the advent of social media and are to bring matters to the attention of Crux that might otherwise get missed. Baron Domhnall na Moicheirghe had been filling this office after stepping down as Crux and has been released from this duty with profuse thanks. No successor has, as yet, been chosen. The role of Astrolabe is also currently vacant. Both roles seem to be covered by social media at this time, and I can always be emailed directly. I would be pleased to hear from the Populace on whether or not to prioritise filling these two positions.

Rocket Herald is currently looking for a successor – if you have experience with the submissions process, please consider applying.

Canon Herald could always do with help. A deputy makes the load easier and as a former Canon Herald, I can say it’s a very interesting job.

A new position is being developed to assist Rocket Herald and Canon Herald with back-end data management. Currently operating as a deputy to Rocket Herald, this position is held by Lady Emelyn ffayrhome who finds data management a little too interesting.

All the other deputies remain as they are. Bombarde Herald, and her deputy Chaineshot Herald, would like to discuss with former Crowns and Their Heralds, who created alternative ceremonies, recording these on the College of Heralds website. Mortar Herald would like to know who might have the technical expertise to become his successor – more on that in another message.

Lochac Roll of Arms: until now the ‘unofficial pet project’ of Master William Castille, will become an official part of the College of Heralds website. This will involve making his role a Deputy position, along with seeking assistants, deputies and eventually successors. He has asked for expressions of interest already, so please contact him if your bent is to graphics and websites.

Roster of Heralds: This is a work in programs, but updates have been happening. There will (before the end of the SCA year) be a major census of rostered heralds, which will become an annual (required) survey, in order to keep the roster current and factual.

There will be more changes throughout the year, and this message is already long enough. If you are interesting in heralding, talk to a herald! Some groups have no-one filling the office and, while you don’t need to do all the work yourself, it makes it harder to ensure that heralding happens without the help of an officer. Consider taking on the role, or being deputy if your group has one.

Thank you for your attention. If you read this far, and are attending Festival, find me to claim a free hug (I want to see if this gets read).

In service to the Crown and College of Heralds in Lochac,

Sorle Crux

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Applications sought: Rocket Herald

Unto the Populace of the Kingdom of Lochac, greetings.

The current Rocket Herald, Lord Brían dorcha ua Conaill, will shortly step up as Baron of Stormhold. While he is quite awesome, he should not be asked to fill both roles at the same time. Therefore I call for applications to succeed Lord Brían as Rocket Herald.

Rocket Herald is the Submissions Herald of Lochac, responsible for accepting name, device, and other heraldic submissions from submitters and consulting heralds, entering them into OSCAR, and shepherding them through to eventual registration in the Society College of Arms, or return for rework and resubmission.

Rocket Herald is where submissions are sent, who will then enter them into OSCAR for the Kingdom Letter of Intent. There they will be commented on, and either returned there or passed on to Laurel commentary, where heralds from across the Known World will make commentary on various aspects of their suitability. Then they will be decided upon by the Sovereigns of Arms, and they will produce a Letter of Acceptance and Return, whose results must be communicated back to the submitter.

Rocket does not do this alone: there is a deputy who helps with the final communications, and others who help with the commentary and decisions.

Rocket requires a good internet connection, and between five to fifteen hours of work a month, depending on the number of submissions. A basic working knowledge of graphics programs like Gimp and Inkscape are a bonus (to massage submissions into the right file format). Most submissions will be received by email, but there will still be some on paper through the post, which will need a scanner as well. A good working knowledge of SENA and the College of Heralds Administrative Handbook is important; and a knowledge of device heraldry, names and onomastics are useful; but all can be learned on the job. Again: you won’t be alone. The previous Rocket is willing to walk you though the process and give advice at any time, and will also still be on OSCAR commenting.

If you are interested in this role, you can contact for more information, or send your application to Applications should address your ability to meet the requirements of the role. While not a Kingdom Office per se (being a Deputy to Crux Australis), selection of a successor will follow officer appointment processes. As such, the role is for a term of two years and commentary from the Populace will be sought on the chosen successor.

Given the imminent step-up of the current Rocket Herald, applications will close on Friday, 10 March 2017.

In service to the Crown and Kingdom of Lochac,

Sorle Crux

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February 2017 Reports due soon

Unto the Baronial Heralds and Shire Pursuivants of the Kingdom of Lochac does Sorle Maknicoll, Crux Australis Principal Herald, send greetings.

… wait. Haven’t I done that already?

… You mean it’s been three months ALREADY? Where HAS the time gone.

So, it’s that time again! – reports!

Officers of Baronies and Shires are required to report by Feb 15 – that’s a week tomorrow! Please send me your reports (you know the drill, right?) … and this time, I would like you to add when you stepped up and therefore when your two years are up. I’ve been caught by surprise with a couple of office changeovers and after three months in this role there’s no excuse for that to happen again.

Also, let me know if you’ve been to the website – recently (in the last month or so) and if you think the new organisation is easier to follow – and if there’s any quick links you think I should add to the bottom of the home page.

Thank you for the work you’ve done in the last three months. I don’t know where the time went, but I need to start on my own projects – more on that soon!

In service to the Crown, always.

Sorle Maknicoll, Crux Australis Principal Herald

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