This is the roster of active heralds in the Kingdom of Lochac. Active, in this sense, means they have completed the last Herald Census or have subsequently completed the Roster Details Form. The last Census was held in May AS52 (May 2017). Clicking on the  image will email that officer. Names that are links will take you to the person’s Canon Lore entry, clicking on the  image next to a name will take you to their Roll of Arms entry. Explanation of rank and skills found after the roster.

If you wish to be added to the roster, please complete the Roster Details Form. Please see Lochac Heraldic Policy for the requirements to be a rostered herald.

Principal Herald

Office Role SCA Name Home Group Appointed
Crux Australis Principal Herald Principal Herald Sorle Maknicoll Politarchopolis Nov. 2016

Kingdom Deputies

Office Role SCA Name Home Group Appointed
Astrolabe Herald Eastern Deputy Fiora Vespucci Southron Gaard Mar. 2017
Baryl Herald Western Deputy Lucia delli Fenice Aneala Aug. 2017
Bombarde Herald Ceremonies and Protocol Annys Blodwell Innilgard Apr. 2015
Canon Herald Precedence and Awards Þorvaldr inn Suðreyski Southron Gaard Mar. 2016
Chaineshot Herald Education and Training Padraig Lowther Innilgard
Coffyn Herald 2IC and Special Projects Amanda Martel Politarchopolis Mar. 2017
Mortar Herald Systems Management Paul de la Ville Kraé Glas May 2011
Powder Horn Herald Records Management
Quarrel Herald Roll of Arms William Castille River Haven Oct. 2017
Rocket Herald Submissions Gunther Boese Bordescros Mar. 2017
Silent Herald Silent (Sign) Heralding Jadwiga ze Katowice Politarchopolis Jan. 2018

Baronial Heralds

Office Group SCA Name Home Group Appointed
Blackwing Herald Aneala Lucia delli Fenice Aneala Aug. 2017
Blue Lymphad Herald Ildhafn Maol Bhrìgdhe inghean Amhlaoibh Ildhafn Mar. 2015
Frette Rouge Herald Innilgard Tobias Chester Innilgard Jun. 2016
Joye sans fin herault Kraé Glas Veronica Bellini Kraé Glas Oct. 2017
Alefounder Herald Mordenvale Bjǫrn Bassason Mordenvale Aug. 2016
Cordon Rouge Herald Politarchopolis Giles Leabrook Okewaite May 2017
Aquarius Herald River Haven William Castille River Haven
Cinquefoil Herald Rowany Matthijs Tjepke van der Horst Rowany
Bottony Cross Herald Saint-Florian-de-la-riviere Eliana Darragone Saint-Florian-de-la-riviere May 2017
Tour d'Or Herald Southron Gaard Fiora Vespucci Southron Gaard Jul. 2016
Goutte d'Eau Herald Stormhold Wynnflaed aet West-Seaxum Stormhold Mar. 2017
Dromond Herald Ynys Fawr Hrolf Herjolfssen Ynys Fawr May 2017

Shire Pursuivants

Office Group SCA Name Home Group Appointed
Abertridwr Pursuivant Abertridwr Kane Greymane Abertridwr May 2017
Adora Pursuivant Adora Adeliz Fergusson Adora Mar. 2015
Bordescros Pursuivant Bordescros Lowry ferch Gwynwynwyn ap Llewelyn Bordescros Nov. 2016
Darton Pursuivant Darton
Dismal Fogs Pursuivant Dismal Fogs

Canton Pursuivants

Office Group SCA Name Home Group Appointed
Burnfield Pursuivant Burnfield
Cluain Pursuivant Cluain Etain ingen Choilein Cluain Apr. 2016
Dragons Bay Pursuivant Dragons Bay
Lightwood Pursuivant Lightwood
Okewaite Pursuivant Okewaite Cristoval Okewaite Apr. 2017
Stegby Pursuivant Stegby Gabriella Borromei Stegby Apr. 2017
Stowe on the Wowld Pursuivant Stowe on the Wowld Marozia moglie di Basilio Bracciolini Stowe on the Wowld May 2015
Torlyon Pursuivant Torlyon Isabella de Bordeaux Torlyon 2004

College Pursuivants

Office Group SCA Name Home Group Appointed
Blessed Herman the Cripple Pursuivant Blessed Herman the Cripple
Saint Aldhelm Pursuivant St Aldhelm
Saint Andronicus Pursuivant St Andronicus
Saint Basil the Great Pursuivant St Basil the Great
Saint Cecilia Pursuivant St Cecilia
Saint Crispin Pursuivant St Crispin
Saint Malachy Pursuivant St Malachy
Saint Monica Pursuivant St Monica
Saint Ursula Pursuivant St Ursula

Titled Heralds Extraordinary

SCA Name Personal Title Home Group
Þorfinn Hrolfsson Hund Herald Stormhold
Giles Leabrook TBA Okewaite

Complete Roster of the College of Heralds in Lochac

May Be Available To Help With
SCA Name Rank Home Group Voice Court Field Names Armory
Adeliz Fergusson Macer Adora
Aeschine of Arran Macer Innilgard
Alys de Wilton Herald Darton
Amanda Martel Pursuivant Politarchopolis
Amelot de Akeney Herald Politarchopolis
Amos Ironbeard Macer Innilgard
Anna Felice Tavestoche Macer Ynys Fawr
Annys Blodwell Macer Innilgard
Anselm da Calabria Macer Ynys Fawr
Aveline Goupil Macer Southron Gaard
Beatris la Serena Macer Innilgard
Bernard Stirling Pursuivant Darton
Best Pickel Ambberger Macer Aneala
Bjǫrn Bassason Macer Mordenvale
Brían dorcha ua Conaill Herald Stormhold
Cairistiona inghean Raghnaill Macer Bordescros
Cat of Dismal Fogs Macer Dismal Fogs
Ceara Shionnach Pursuivant Politarchopolis
Cecily de Montgomery Macer Southron Gaard
Ceridwen de la Birche Macer Stormhold
Chunegund Screivogelin Macer Southron Gaard
Clemens Gascoigne Macer Stormhold
Cormac Lenihan Macer Kraé Glas
Cristoval Macer Okewaite
Dante Caldiera Pursuivant Stormhold
Declan of Drogheda Pursuivant Ynys Fawr
Domhnall na Moicheirghe Herald Stormhold
Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn Herald Ynys Fawr
eleanora de la birche Pursuivant Stormhold
Elena le Breustere Macer Innilgard
Eleonora Rose Macer Rowany
Eleyne de Comnocke Herald Ildhafn
Eliana Darragone Macer Saint-Florian-de-la-riviere
Elswyth Goodfellow Macer Kraé Glas
Emelyn ffayrhome Macer Politarchopolis
Etain ingen Choilein Macer Cluain
Faelan mac Flainn Macer Innilgard
ffride wlffsdotter Herald Kraé Glas
Fiora Vespucci Macer Southron Gaard
Gabriel van Dorne Macer Politarchopolis
Gabriel Ziegler Pursuivant Innilgard
Gabriella Borromei Macer Stegby
Gareth de Grey Herald Politarchopolis
Giles Leabrook Herald Extraordinary Okewaite
Gillucan ua Tomaltaig Macer Stormhold
Glynhyvar of River Haven Herald River Haven
Gunther Boese Herald Bordescros
Gwen verch David Macer Politarchopolis
Gwyneth ferch Aeddan Macer Aneala
Heinrich Schreiber Macer Politarchopolis
Herrin Chunegund Screivogelin Macer Southron Gaard
Honore Corbaut Macer Okewaite
Hrolf Herjolfssen Herald Ynys Fawr
Iames Douglas Macer Bordescros
Isabella de Bordeaux Macer Torlyon
Jadwiga ze Katowice Macer Politarchopolis
Jean-Christophe le Saussier Macer Rowany
Jon Dai of the lane Macer Stowe on the Wowld
Kane Greymane Macer Abertridwr
Kara (Cara) of Kirriemuir Macer Saint-Florian-de-la-riviere
Karl Faustus von Aachen Herald Lightwood
Lachlahn Dunbar Macer Kraé Glas
Leif Magnusson Macer Kraé Glas
Lowry ferch Gwynwynwyn ap Llewelyn Macer Bordescros
Luan an Fael Macer Darton
Lucia delli Fenice Macer Aneala
Maol Bhrìgdhe inghean Amhlaoibh Macer Ildhafn
Marozia moglie di Basilio Bracciolini Macer Stowe on the Wowld
Martyn Fairchild of Grenhamerton Macer Kraé Glas
Matthijs Tjepke van der Horst Macer Rowany
Maximilian von Monsterberg Macer Southron Gaard
Miguel Rodriguez de Santiago Macer Kraé Glas
Nathan Blacktower Pursuivant Aneala
Niáll inn Orkneyski Macer Politarchopolis
Nimue Pursuivant Dismal Fogs
Obbi illugi Macer Kraé Glas
Oliuier Le Floch Macer Innilgard
Padraig Lowther Herald Innilgard
Paul de la Ville Macer Kraé Glas
Ragnarr of Ravenshold Macer Aneala
Robin of Twyford Macer River Haven
Rosalind Beaufort Macer Rowany
Sabine du Bourbonnais Herald Saint-Florian-de-la-riviere
Seamus O'Seamuis Macer Aneala
Sigbrandr Stillingr Macer Mordenvale
Sigrith Vigdisardaater Macer Southron Gaard
Sigvaldr Sviðandi Macer St Ursula
Sorle Maknicoll Herald Politarchopolis
Stephanos Maniakes Pogonatos Macer Burnfield
Teffania de Tuckerton Pursuivant Kraé Glas
Thyri Skjaldmaer Macer Ynys Fawr
Tobias Chester Macer Innilgard
Ulrich von Mannheim Macer Southron Gaard
Ute von Tangermunde Macer Stormhold
Veronica Bellini Macer Kraé Glas
William Castille Herald River Haven
William Forester de Blacwode Herald Innilgard
Wynnflaed aet West-Seaxum Macer Stormhold
Ysabel Norrice Macer Stormhold
Þorfinn Hrolfsson Herald Extraordinary Stormhold
Þorkæl Rauðskeggr Macer Stormhold
Þorvaldr inn Suðreyski Macer Southron Gaard


There are three levels of personal heraldic rank in Lochac: Macer, Pursuivant and Herald.

The rank of Pursuivant is given to those who have shown basic knowledge and competence in heraldry, while the rank of Herald is given to those of greater expertise. Macer is used to describe those who have not yet qualified for either personal ranking (it replaces the old term “Cornet” which should be avoided). Movement between the various ranks is at the discretion of the Crux Australis Principal Herald.

Heralds who currently hold an office (the so called “in-ordinary” heralds) take a title that depends on their position. Baronial heralds and heralds on Crux’s staff may style themselves as “X Herald” for the duration of their office, where X is the appropriate heraldic title. Group heralds for other groups (Shires, Cantons and Colleges) should describe themselves as “Group-name Pursuivant” for the duration of their warrant. All other Pursuivants and Heralds are listed as “extra-ordinary” (literally “out of ordinary”, meaning holding no official post).

May be able to help with

The skills columns in the general roster indicates self-identified experience in the various areas of heralding: voice (general announcements, can shout a bit); court (knows about ceremonies, has spoken for the Crown before); field (has announced bouts at tournaments); names (has been consulted on registering a name with the College of Arms to some extent); and armory (has been consulted on designing and registering a device to some extent). Levels of experience may vary, but it’s a place to start for help.

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