Crux Australis Monthly Letter
January 1996

Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale (John Sawyer)
1/13 Stockdale Ave
Clayton North, VIC 3168

Cover Letter

Not much to say this month except, if you have been wondering about where your submission has got to look in at the back of this CAM(e)L before contacting me.

Another matter that needs attention is that people must make cheques out to SCA inc College of Heralds; no other name is acceptable. Now that I have told you there is no longer any excuse. Also please remember that all group heralds must receive CAM(e)Ls. If You know of any groups that aren't please tell them to subscribe. I will be hassling people and if necessary removing their roster. Remember, this is a requirement of office and not a request!

Your servant as ever,
Lord Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale
Acting Crux Australis Herald.


Important Addresses

Deleted due to West Kingdom policy.


Those nice people who came and helped!

Flying with only the aid of my wife Marguerite Russle of Paisley this month due to lack of submissions till the last minute.

Meetings are usually held on the second Sunday of the Month around 2pm at my place, as this can be variable, please call me and check before comming unannounced.



1. Alisaundre de la Camargue
Mundane Name: Heidi Elli Angst
Group: Stormhold

New name and Device. Per pall inverted sable, azure and or, two pegasus segreant or and a cresent per pale sable and azure.

Language: French

Alisaundre: [2] p 14 gives it as the Legendary name of St Thomas of Canterbury's mother dated to the 14th Century. Whilst there are no examples of actual use it will probably be O.K.

Camargue - France - Bouche-du-Rhône departement Britannica V2 p 757. National Geographic Atlas of the world 6th Ed p 57 43.6°N 46°S.

Whilst this device seems rather complicated it seems clear of conflict to me.

Consulting Herald: Pedair McPhàrlan na Cluaine Bige


2. Katerina Faulhaber
Mundane Name: Nicole Kicks
Group: Politarchopolis

New Name and Device. Sable, a sun in its splendour with a bordure dovetailed, on a chief argent two moons in their plenitude purpure.

Language: German

Variant of Katherine - [2] p 186-187 dates it to 1196.

Faulhaber: The Nueu Deutsche Biographie (Vol 5,p 31) gives Johannes Faulhaber, engineer and mathematician, born 1580.

The device seems celestial!

Consulting Herald: Wolfgang Von Auerbach


3. Nimuë na Ruad
Mundane Name: Kate Fletcher
Group: Politarchopolis

New Name and Device. Sable, a frauenadler displayed guardant or, crined and armed purpure and a tierce bendy sinister or and purpure.

Language: Welsh/Irish

Nimuë is the name of a character in Malory's Le Mort Darthur. na Ruad is Irish Gaelic for Red Hair. [1] p3.

I think Nimuë will be a problem; I seem to remember she was not human and as such it is unlikely to be acceptable. The alternates might have been O.K. if it wern't for the fact that they are in mixed Celtic dialects. I will pass it on simply because I cannot send back Nimuë on my remembrance, and the alternates could probably do with the expert advice of Lady Harpy and those more knowledgeable of the Welsh Tongue.

The device is possibly in conflict with Sable, a two headed harpy displayed, langued of flame, proper, crined proper, plumed gules, membered and fimbriated or, Allisandra Olympia Martiessa de Constantine For (Harpyhold) Aug 79. There is possibly a point for the two heads, and the fimbriation, with the side giving the second CVD. As I cannot visualise this I decided to pass it along.

Consulting Herald: Self


4. Pedair Mac Phà rlan na Cluaine Bige
Mundane Name: Pedr Gurteen
Group: Stormhold

Change of Name. Irish Gaelic

This name is a free name change that comes with a Peerage. The submittor recently received a Pelican. He is simply adding the surname element of "MacPhàrlan". This can be found in The Surnames of Scotland George F. Black p 492 and Clans and Tartans of Scotland, Bain p 174

Consulting Herald: Self



D. Ó Corra´i n and F. Maguire. Gaelic Personal Names. The Academy Press, Dublin, 1981.

E.G. Withycombe. The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names. O.U.P., Oxford, third edition, 1977.

N.B. This bibliography is the books I have use not those of my submittors. Books they cite and/or provide photocopies are quoted in full in the text of the submission unless I have checked them in the above sources.