Crux Australis Monthly Letter
August 1996

Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale (John Sawyer)
1/13 Stockdale Ave
Clayton North, VIC 3168

Cover Letter

This month there have been a few worrying problems with cheques. Resubmissions are always free, please make sure all your submittors know this so that they are not reluctant to resubmit. You should also remember that group names and devices are free of charge.

This is also another call for someone who might want to take on this office. My future is not all that certain once my PhD is finished. I may be able to find work in Australia but who knows. I might have to move overseas very suddenly. I would like to train someone now to take over anytime between now and Twelfth Night AS XXXII. The take-over would be gradual, letting the new officer find their feet and take some of the burden off me.

Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale
Crux Australis Herald.


Those nice people who came and helped!

Present were Master Thorfinn Hrolfsson (Hund Herald),
Master Pedair MacFarland of Cluan Bige (Gouté D'Eau Pursuivant),
Mistress Adrienne Fieldyng de Faux (St Barthomew's P.E.),
my wife Lady Marguerite Russell of Paisley (Cornet),
and of course myself.

Future meetings will generally be held on the second Sunday of the month at my place starting about 2pm. Please call ahead as it is somewhat variable and occasionally the meetings go "on tour".



1. Brand Reingwald
Mundane Name: Waseem Kamieh
Group: Innilgard

New name and device. Gules a roundel per pale bowed counter embowed argent and sable overall a sword or hilted argent

Language: Old English

This name was submitted are Brand Regenweald, but the surname was changed to Reingwald as the first could not be found as a surname. The latter does not really change the pronounciation.

[Jen68] p62-63 has a few examples of Brand being used in England as the nominative instead of the usual norse Brandr. There is Brand dated to 1086, Brand presbiteri de Coringeham 1100-1115, Brand (Blyborough) 1185. There are also the examples of Alan son of Brand and Yuo son of Brand 1191. As these are in English the nominative and genative cases are indicated by prepositions and so the word should be unchanged.

Reingwald can be found as a surname on p386 of [Sea97].

The device seem free of conflict but the sword should probably be a little wider.

Consulting Herald: Armand de Rochforte


2. Dafydd Llantristant
Mundane Name: William Pearce
Group: Stormhold

New Device. Vert on a fess between three lyres or a gradon passant vert flamed proper

Dafydd's name was submitted in March this year. Whilst things probably could do with being a little larger this device is fine.

Consulting Herald: None listed


3. Meliora de Cruci
Mundane Name: Melissa Hicks
Group: Politarchopolis

Device Resubmission to Kingdom. Per pale or and gules a dragon rampant vert between three roses counterchanged

This resubmission was accompanied by a check for $15 which because this is a resubmission is not required. ALL RESUBMISSIONS ARE FREE! The cheque with be returned to the submittor. Other than that it is fine, isn't it boss!

Consulting Herald: Jaelle of Armida (Laurel Queen of Arms)



4. Amesbury, College of

New name and Device. Per bend embattled argent and purpure a laurel wreath vert and a scroll or.

Language: English

The name submitted a perfectly good name dated to 880 in one spelling or an other, so why am I returning it you ask. Well the problem is there is one in England and as it has its own refernce in [Bri90] Volume 1 p 338. It is a rather important town in Salisbury. It is the closest town to Stonhenge and was the site of an important meeting between Anglo-Saxon Kings. As such I have no option but to return this for conflict.

Thirty dollars was sent with this submission. Group names are registered free of charge so it will be returned to the submittors. The device is also being returned because the petition is not up to standard. It must have names and signatures not just signatures.

Consulting Herald: None Listed


5. Caitlin of the Magic Hands
Mundane Name: Amanda McIvoe
Group: Politarchopolis

New name and device. Per bend embattled vert and azure in sinister canton a cross patee or.

Language: English

Caitl´in can be found in [CM81] p 45, however "of the magic hands" is not really a name but a modern description of a talented maseur. The closest we could come up with was as a Draíocht Lámh which is the feminine form of healing hands. This does not really help though as it is still does not follow a period naming practice.

The device does not seems to conflict but desperately need to be redrawn with everthing more pronounced. ie the Embattleds more embattled and the cross should have longer arms.

Consulting Herald: Kate Fletcher



Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Inc., 15th edition, 1990.

D. Ó Corraín and F. Maguire. Gaelic Personal Names. The Academy Press, Dublin, 1981.

G.F. Jensen. Scandinavian Personal Names in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Akademisk Forlag, Copenhagen, 1968.

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