Crux Australis Monthly Letter
January 1997

Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale (John Sawyer)
1/13 Stockdale Ave
Clayton North, VIC 3168

Unto the Lochac College of Heralds and all who read this does Lord Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale send greetings.

I must first take thid opportunity to apologise that there was no CAMeL for December 1996, this was due mostly to the change over from submitting through the West Kingdom College of Heralds, to the issuing of our own Letters of Intent. There was also a bit of holiday madness and the fact that I only had two submission to deal with as well that affected my decision.

Anyway by now you will probably realise that the successful submissions in this letter are on the first Lochac LoI, this should reduce the time it takes for the processing of submissions and should also be a good experience for me and any heralds who care to help me.

I am still looking for a suitiable person who would like to train to be Crux Australis should something silly happen and I get a job overseas. Gareth, my drop dead deputy, has informed me that he is not interested in taking on the job for any period of time should this sort of thing happen so I really would like to find a sucessor to take over anytime between now and December 1997.

One small procedural thing that has come up this month is that I really do need a black and white outline of you device so that I can scan them. This is so that the LoI can be transmitted electronically to Laurel for publication. This month I had to trace two submissions for the LoI; this is not ideal and will not be done in future! (I don't have time!)

Your servant,
Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale
Crux Australis Herald.

C.A.M.(e).L. is available from Crux Australis at $25.00 per year. Make cheques and money orders out to "S.C.A. Inc. College of Heralds".


Those nice people who came and helped!

Master Thorfinn Hrolfsson, (Hund Herald),
Master Pedair MacFarland of Cluan Bige (Gouté d'Eau Pursuivant),
Mistress Adrienne Fieldyng de Faux (St Bartholomew's P.E.),
Lady Marared Coed Radnor (Cornet),
my wife Lady Marguerite Russell of Paisley (Cornet),
and of course, myself.

Future meetings will generally be held on the second Sunday of the month at my place starting about 2pm. Please call ahead as it is somewhat variable and occasionally the meetings go "on tour".


1 SCA Name: Albrechtus Vagus
Mundane Name: Peter A Salu
Group: Stormhold

New Name and Device. Per pall arrondy sable, argent and azure.

Language: Latin/Germanic

Albrechtus is found in Bahlow[2] p 34 and Vagus means "wandering" according to my Latin dictionary. This name is intended to means "Albrechtus the Wanderer" in Latin. According to the Latin expert at my meeting this name is grammatically correct.

Consulting Herald: Pedair McPhárlaine na Cluaine Bige and Adrienne Fieldyng de Faux


2 SCA Name: Jean Pierre de Sabre
Mundane Name: Steven Evans
Group: Aneala

New Name (see returns for Device). French.

Jean is on p343 of Dauzat[1] Pierre is also found on p482 of Dauzat. Jeanpierre is found on p343 of Dauzat but it was thought that two distinct names was closer to what the submitter wanted. Sabre is found on p533 of the same and was a fifedom in France.

This name was submitted as Jean-Pierre de Sabre however no evidence of hyphenated French names could be found. The submitter allowed for corrections to the name to allow it to be correct for the indicated language and as a result this name was changed to Jean Pierre de Sabre. There are unfortunately no dates on any of these names.

Consulting Herald: Alan Turlap and Peter de Gaunt Noir


3 SCA Name: Heth McKay
Mundane Name: Gary Green
Group: Aneala

New Name and Device. Argent three cross crosslets sable with a bordure per saltire gules and counter-ermine

Language: Scottish

Heth is found on p357 of Black[4] dated to 1157 as Malcolm mac Heth. It can also be found under the root form of Aed on p9. Ibid. Due to the fact that this citation has a small "m" in the "mac" it is our opinion that is is just like "son of" and not a surname. This means that Heth should be a first name too. It seems to be the Scots version of the Welsh, Hedd found on p196 of Bartrum[3].

MacKay can be found as Mackay dated to 1408 on p522 of [4]. The capitalization of the "K" is reasonably easy to believe given the earlier example of McAy dated 1329. Other forms are McCay dated 1509 and M'Ay dated 1326.

Consulting Herald: Kane Graymane, Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada and Thorfinn


4. Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada
Mundane Name: Jo-Anne Colyer
Group: Aneala

Change of Device. Sable, a demi-unicorn rampant or crined and horned argent

This is a change from her current arms of Or a demi unicorn rampant to sinister sable, crined argent, registered on the 17th October 1993. She submitted this particular device in May 1992 but it was in conflict with the arms of Von Berwang, Sable a demi-unicorn rampant or; these arms are no longer considered significant enough to protect any more under the new rules. She requests her current device become her badge.

Consulting Herald: Self



Jean Pierre De Sabre
Mundane Name: Steven Evans
Group: Aneala

New Name and Device. Or a Flying fish sable.

This fish looks more like a south-east Asian aquarium fish than anything known in period. It also lacks a lot in identifiability so it is being returned at this point. Parker has a period device with a heraldic flying fish on it and it is described as a herring with the wings of a bird. We suggest the submitter tries this or a more European shaped fish.

This device did not come with a black and white out line, which in future will be cause for return because without it I can not publish the LoI as I need to scan an outline drawing. Please do this in future.

Consulting Herald: None listed


William Castile
Mundane Name: Steven Maynard
Group: River Haven

New badge. (Fieldless) A mascle conjoined to a bordure in chief and base argent.

This badge submission is not registerable as blazoned because it is not legal to have an ordinary (such as a bordure, fess or chevron) which is terminated by the edge of the field in fieldless badge. Fortunately what was drawn on the submission forms could be reblazoned as (Fieldless) A mascle within and conjoined to an annulet in chief and base argent. This is however unfortunately in conflict with the device of Perigrine Mellyrn of the Last Mountain, to wit:Azure a mascle with in an annulet argent, there being only one difference for the field.

Consulting Herald: The submitter



Dauzat A. Noms, et Prénoms. Larousse, Paris, 1989.

H. Bahlow. Deutches Namenlexikon. Gondrom, Hamburg, 1992.

P.C. Bartrum. Early Welsh Genealogical Tracts. University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 1966.

GF Black. The Surnames Names of Scotland. Birlinn Ltd., Edinburgh, 1993.