Letter of Intent
March 1997

Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale (John Sawyer)
1/13 Stockdale Ave
Clayton North, VIC 3168

March 13, 1997

Unto Mistress Jaelle of Armida, Laurel Queen of Arms, Mistress Sionyn Muirgen ní Dhomnall and the other members of the College of Arms does Lord Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale on behalf of the College of Heralds in Lochac send greetings.

It is the intent of the College of Heralds in Lochac for the following to be registered...

1. Jock Mactavish
New Name and Device. Sable, and eagle striking and on a chief engrailed argent a lightening bolt fesswise sable.

Language: Scottish

Reaney[5] has the section heading Mactavish with no dates. Black p566[3] has the Mactavishes of Stratheric as a sept of the Frasers. Various spellings of this surname exist from 1355. The better-documented spelling of McTawisch is dated 1480.

Withycombe p179[6] cites Jock as a nickname, undated. Under "Jack", Withycombe p169 [6] notes that the evolution of Jack (and similarly Jock) was complete by the begining of the fourteenth century. We appeal to the college for some better documentation for Jock.

The device should be clear of Sable, a falcon striking, and on a chief indented argent two arrows in saltire sable. (SCA, Cairbre MacAmargein 9/89).


2. Raven Whitelock
Device Resubmission to Kingdom. Per Chevron argent and or ermined gules in chief two roses gules slipped and leaved vert.

This submittors name was registered in June 1995. His previous device submission was returned by the West Kingdom in March 1995 for conflict. Whilst the roses are drawn as garden roses the precident set by Da'ud was to register them but blazon them just as roses.


3. Sigmund Spelmann
New Name. German.

Sigmund: Bahlow[2] p474. Under Siegmund cites Sigmund dated 1357.
Spelmann: Bahlow[2] p482 undated.


4. Sybille la Chatte
New Name. French

It was thought by those at the meeting that the first name is a possible version of the following two names. Sibille Fourteenth Century Baptismal Name p551[1]. "Sybilla .. From Middle Ages." p105 [4].

Modern French has "la Chatte" as the femine of "le Chat" meaning "the Cat".


5. Timotheos Vlastaris
New Name and Device. Azure fretty semé of crosses clency or.

Language: Greek

Timotheos: Sixth Century Byzantine Name. Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium O.U.P. 1991 p 2087.

Vlastaris: Surname of a fourteenth Century canonist and theologian. ibid. This name is spelt in Greek.
Apparently the "Bl" to "Vl" change in greek is no matter.

The semé in the device is not really standard however it still appears legal.


6. Tomas de Valle de Bravo
New Device. Per Saltire vert and argent a gurges counter-changed within a bordure or.

This device was pended a month so that I could have a little time to research the style of the device. The name is on last month's letter. It arrived just as I was starting the letter so I was not being tardy in processing. It seems bad style but it is not returnable, so here it is.



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