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February 1998

Those wonderful people who helped.

Gruffydd ap Cynan (Garath Hodges) Acting PE for Blessed Herman
Dafydd Wallraven (David Carlisle)
Brand Regenald (Waseem Kamleh)
William Blackwode (Andrew Kenner)
Tovye Woolmongere (Tony Stankiewicz) PE
Armand de Rochefort (Alan Ogden) Acting Frette Rouge Pursiuvant
Katerina da Brescia (Karen Ogden)
Aislinn de Valence (Megan Dansie) Crux

Next meeting

Sunday March 8th , 2pm. Meetings will usually be on the first Sunday of the month at 2pm. Call first if you are bringing a submission to the meeting.

This is your last issue (unless you renew)

Cordon Rouge Pursuivant

Important Addresses

Hund Herald:
þorfinn Hrolfsson. External commentary franchise and heraldic publications. [Steven Roylance] 1592 Malvern Road, Glen Iris VIC 3146. Ph (03) 9885 6348.

Cannon Pursuivant: Haos Windchaser. Precedence and Gentry list. [Danny Bartel] PO Box 1623 Kersbrook SA 5231. Ph (08) 8389 3404.

Baryl Pursuivant: Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale. External commentary. [John Sawyer] Ph (03) 9543 4847.

Bombard Pursuivant: þorfinn Hrolfsson. Ceremonies deputy.

Drop Dead Deputy and Sydney Regional mentor: Giles Leabrook [Braddon Giles] 66/122 Saunders St Pyrmont NSW 2009. Ph (02) 9660 3865

Positions vacant:Field/voice deputy; regional mentors.


C.A.M.(e).L. is available from Crux Australis at $20 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds".

Note that due to lower production costs, the Camel will cost $20 a year from 1st January 1998.

Laurel's Letter of Acceptance and Return is available from the SCA College of Arms, C/O Mistress Sionyn Muirgen niDhomnall, Pelican Queen of Arms, Jackie Watson, 3532 Winding Wind Cove, Bartlett, TN 38135-3044, USA for US$25 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. - College of Arms".

Please note that everything of relevance to Lochac will be published in the CAMeL.

From Crux

Name Sources

Laurel has a list of standard name sources that she recommends. I have some of these in my library. The list is too long to publish here, but it is in appendix H to the Administrative Handbook. This is available through Thorfinn, or the Laurel web page. I recommend that every group herald has a copy of this, and the Rules for Submissions.

Appendix G to the same Handbook contains a list of name sources to be avoided in documentation. The include "Baby Name" books, and several sources that look useful, but are of no assistance in proving the name was used in period.

More of Master Gereint's Lochac Heraldic Policy...

On Badges [September 1988}

Over a period of years it has become obvious to the senior heralds of the West (and others) that a great deal of "heraldic space " is being taken up by registered, but unused badges. And it has become equally obvious that the kinds of badges that people actually use in a period manner (for marking goblets, eating utensils, armour, chairs, favours, small children etc.) are usually too simple to be registered under our current heraldic rules.

However, as the rules for registering badges seem to be getting no looser, we're recommending that people not register their simple 'use badges'.

Those badges that are actually used in the same manner as devices (household banners, war unit shields etc.) tend to be more complex and more widely displayed, and therefore do need the protection of being registered. We trust that any difficulty that arises between the similarity of any "use badge" to a registered item being displayed by its owner in the same immediate area will be resolved in a peaceable manner by those affected. Any badge that will be used on a banner, shield or tabard should still be registered.

Again, this isn't a new policy, but a slightly stronger restatement of an old one.

Household names. (Sept., 1988)

It has long been the policy of the West Kingdom College of Heralds to not register household names. This is because, for the most part, households tend to be rather transient entities, and it isn't fair to tie up a name 'for all time' when it may well be long-unused.

By all means encourage people to form a household, and give it a name. Just advise them if they choose a name that's tasteless, or a bit too close to someone or something famous.

On "Notes for Scribes" (October, 1988)

On the submission forms, there's a spot called 'Notes for Scribes'. This is where you should note any details that are 'significant' to the submittor, but that make no heraldic difference. Examples of useful notes to the scribes might be 'Please make the lion's eyes blue' or 'make sure the unicorn has a twisted horn' or 'I'd like the dragon drawn in the Germanic style' or 'Please use metallic silver' or 'Please use this style of ermine tail'. Another good one is 'I'm not a good artist. Please don't duplicate my drawing exactly'.

When a device or badge is registered, a copy of the drawing is sent to the College of Scribes. If they prepare any scrolls, they'll use your drawing as a guide. Quite often, they'll use their 'artist's license' to make the design as attractive as possible. But if the submittor wants something specific, its up to them to say so - in the spot marked 'Notes to the Scribe'.


Reports due from all groups by 1st April 1998.

Cantons and Colleges should report through their baronial herald.

Heraldic Resources

Master (Thorfinn) þorfinn is the Australian Agent for Free Trumpet Press. As the Australian dollar is plunging in value, I have included a price list. Contact þorfinn directly for the latest prices.

I also recommend that groups acquire some name resources, in particular Reaney, P.H. & Wilson, R.M. A dictionary of English Surnames and Withycombe ,E.G. The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names.

Electronic Resources

The Crux Australis web page at contains useful information for heralds, and links to the SCA Heraldry page, and other general SCA pages. If you have web access, I recommend that you take a look.

Many interesting heraldic links can be found through the SCA Heraldry web page at including the Laurel home page, on-line armorial and ordinary search, and the Academy of St. Gabriel (a heraldic consultation service).

Submission Requirements.

Laurel will be issuing new submission forms soon. I will distribute them when I get them.

Cost: $15 per name, and $15 per device or badge.

No cost for resubmissions.

Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc College of Heralds".

We currently send US$3 (approximately AUS$4.61) to Laurel for each item This will rise as of 1st January 1998 to US$4 (approximately AUS$ 6.15). I will try and absorb the cost increase for as long as possible, but if the Aussie dollar continues to drop, I will have to increase my charges.

Copies required for submissions:
I will reject submissions without a black and white copy as I need to scan it to produce the Letter of Intent for Laurel.

Please check that submitters have ALL documentation. Remember, they have to present their submission in a way that makes registration easy. Name documentation should be as accurate as possible, and copies supplies unless the reference is standard such as Reaney and Withycombe. Even then, the page and edition should be quoted.

I know that some of you have few name resources. There is a lot of help available if you ask for it. I or someone overseas may well be able to help with that tricky name. If you cannot document a name well, you can still submit it, BUT submitters should be made aware that if they check the 'make no changes' box, their name will be returned even if ONE letter is incorrect.


After the March 1998 Laurel meeting we will no longer, barring period evidence to the contrary, register keyholes, nor will we permit voiding in any shapes other than a simple geometric charge, or the charge itself, if the charge is simple enough to void.

Please inform the submitter that Sonia is a masculine name found in Wickenden, p224, date to 1539.

While it is clear Fleurs -de-lys evolved from lilies, the majority of the evidence points to them as being considered difference charge in period. Therefore, we are giving the submitter the benefit of the doubt, and giving a CD between the calla lilies and the fleurs-de-lys.

Submitted as David Kellahan, this is too close to his legal name, David Callahan.

Submissions to Laurel

1. Brand Regenanld

Mundane Name: Waseem Kamleh

Group: Innilgard

Consulting Herald: none given

Change of device: Gules, a roundel per pale embowed counterembowed argent and sable, overall, a sword Or.

Brand's current device is Gules, a roundel per pale embowed counterembowed argent and sable, overall, a sword Or, hilted argent. He wishes to remove the argent hilt. He will release his existing device.

2. Brand Regenanld

Mundane name: Waseem Kamleh

Group: Innilgard

Consulting herald: none given

New badge: Gules, two dragons combatant and a base rayonné Or.

Brand intends to use this as a household badge.

3. Caínnear an Ruad

Mundane name: Suzanne Hanna

Group: Innilgard

Consulting Herald: Katerina da Brescia and self.

New name and device submission: Gules, between two flames proper in chief a pale Or charged with a dragons head couped gules, within a bordure sable.

Caínnear is a variation of the Irish Gaelic name Cainder and is found in O'Corrain & Maguire p43.

The submitter claims that an Ruad is Irish Gaelic meaning "the red haired" and is a descriptive surname. This sounds correct to me. I will leave it up to the College of Arms to confirm this. The submitter speaks Gaelic, and has permitted no changes or corrections to grammar.

4. Dafydd Wallraven

Mundane name: David Carlisle

Group: Innilgard

Consulting heralds Grainne of Starmount (name) and Tovye Woolmongere (device)

New name and device: Per fess argent and purpure masoned argent, in chief a raven sable.

Dafydd is a Welsh name which appears in Morgan p81.Wallraven is in Reaney p369 as John Walraven 1275. The submittor prefers the apparently more modern spelling with double "l", but will accept a change to Walraven if necessary.

The device is a nice piece of canting armoury, that is , the device is a "play" on the name.

5. Giovannino di Vidor

Mundane name: Jon Grotto

Group: Innilgard

Consulting herald: Armand de Rochefort

Name submitted. Resubmission of device to Crux: Argent, three piles inverted cojoined in point purpure, on the centre pile a double bitted axe inverted argent.

6. Sibán nic Ghiolla Phadraig

Mundane name: Fiona Sawyer

Group: Krae Glas

Consulting herald: self

Change of registered name from Marguerite Russell of Paisley.

Sibán "came into favour in the 12th century and was brought into Ireland by the Anglo- Normans" according to O'Corrain & Maguire p165.

Mac Giolla Phádraig is in MacLysaght p110 under Fitzpatrick. Lenition is then applied to give nic Ghiolla Phadraig, that is, the name is converted to the female form, meaning "daughter of "


8. Bryn-a-Mor (Canton)

Group: Bryn-a-Mor

Consulting Herald: Llewelyn de Granville called "Cadno"

New device submission.

This was returned for a couple of reasons. The device submission was not accompanied by a name submission. No device can be registered without a name. Also, the accompanying petition was not adequate. The submission regulations in the Administrative Handbook state at IV.C.5 that there must be evidence of support for the submission on the part of the majority of active members of the branch. The support may be demonstrated by

a) a petition of a majority of the populace and officer or by a petition of the seneschal and at least three-quarters of the other local officers and

b) a statement of support from the ruling noble (baron and baroness).

The canton produced a copy of their petition for branch status. This was not adequate because there was no indication what proportion of active members of officers had signed it. Also, the petition was not one of support for the name and device. The blazon of the device was written on the bottom of the petition under the signatures. It was a poor photocopy, with no indication of the colours in the emblazon. I suggest that a separate petition be done, with the name and device blazon and emblazon at the top, and signers' mundane and SCA names and office held (if any). Some groups have submitted a membership list to prove the proportion of members signing.

The device appears clear of conflict, but the meeting was at a loss to document the name. I look forward to receiving the name submission.


Ó Corráin, Donnchadh & Maguire, Fidelma, Gaelic Personal Names

The following are books that do not require photocopies to Laurel:

MacLysaght, Edward, The Surnames of Ireland

Ó Corráin, Donnchadh & Maguire, Irish Names

Reaney, PH and Wilson, RM, A Dictionary of British Surnames