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April 1998

Those wonderful people who helped.

Dafydd Wallraven (David Carlisle), William Blackwode (Andrew Kenner), Tovye Woolmongere (Tony Stankiewicz) PE, Armand de Rochefort (Alan Ogden) Acting Frette Rouge Pursiuvant, Katerina da Brescia (Karen Ogden) Osgot of Corfe (David Carter) , and Aislinn de Valence (Megan Dansie) Crux
Next meeting
Sunday 3rd May, 2pm. Meetings will usually be on the first Sunday of the month at 2pm. Call first if you are bringing a submission to the meeting.
This is your last issue (unless you renew)
St Ursula
Important Addresses
Hund Herald: þorfinn Hrolfsson. External commentary franchise and heraldic publications. [Steven Roylance] 1592 Malvern Road, Glen Iris VIC 3146. Ph (03) 9885 6348.

Cannon Pursuivant: Hoas Windchaser. Precedence and Gentry list. [Danny Bartel] PO Box 1623 Kersbrook SA 5231. Ph (08) 8389 3404.

Baryl Pursuivant: Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale. External commentary. [John Sawyer] Ph (03) 9543 4847.

Bombard Pursuivant: þorfinn Hrolfsson. Ceremonies deputy.

Drop Dead Deputy: Giles Leabrook [Braddon Giles] 58/122 Saunders St Pyrmont NSW 2009. Ph (02) 9660 3865

Positions vacant:Field/voice deputy; regional mentors.
C.A.M.(e).L. is available from Crux Australis at $20 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds".

Note that due to lower production costs, the Camel will cost $20 a year from 1st January 1998.

Laurel's Letter of Acceptance and Return is available from the SCA College of Arms, C/O Mistress Sionyn Muirgen niDhomnall, Pelican Queen of Arms, Jackie Watson, 3532 Winding Wind Cove, Bartlett, TN 38135-3044, USA for US$25 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. - College of Arms".

Please note that everything of relevance to Lochac will be published in the CAMeL.
From Crux
I had two Camels returned to me last month because the labels fell off. Please let me know if you missed the March issue.

This month, more from Master Gereint's Heraldic Policy, with updates by me.

Some Jargon Explained
Over the years, some standard jargon and abbreviations have come into common use among heralds. Many of them are only used in LOCs and COCs among the CoA and by Laurel on her LoARs, but the CoH often sees in the Camels the ones that I put in the LoIs. A short "field guide" follows:

[Title] PH:"PH" simply stands for "Principal Herald". Each kingdom has one. Each kingdom also has a ..

CoH: A "CoH" is a "College of Heralds" and each kingdom has one that acts relatively independently. Each kingdom determines who can be a member of their CoH, but the West Kingdom College of Heralds consists of the Vesper PH, the staff heralds, the Principality Heralds, all territorial heralds and the rostered "at large" Pursuivants and Pursuivants Extraordinary. In each kingdom, some subset of the CoH processes submissions on (ideally) a monthly basis and a designated herald then writes up a LoI to send out to the CoA for comment.

CoA: The "College of Arms consists of the Laurel and Pelican Sovereigns of Arms, the warranted heralds on Laurel staff, the PH of each kingdom, and such other persons as Laurel may deem to be of assistance. CoA members of the West include Vesper, Bratchet and Hund Heralds, all of whom comment on LoIs.

LoI: If you are a regular reader of the Camel, you'll know that every month I include minutes of my meetings. Every month the "submitted" section is slightly rewritten and becomes a letter sent to Lady Laurel and the CoA. It starts with the words, "It is the intent of the Lochac CoH to register the following...". It is called therefore, a "Letter of Intent". (The "returns" part of the minutes stays within Lochac). Copies of the LoI are sent to Laurel and the rest of the CoA- about 55 people. At the moment, we save on postage, as Lady Laurel kindly accepts an electronic version, and copies and posts them for me, so I only have to pay internal US mailing rates for most of them, not Australian airmail postage.
I have received reports for the March quarter from the following groups:

Stormhold: Acting Gouty d'Eau Pursuivant that the barony has been quiet. The cantons of Krae Glas and Brin-a-Mor have both had some activity. The latter's name and device submission is in this Camel.

He asks if I could change my reporting to half yearly, as some groups, in particular the colleges , find quarterly reports a strain. I decided to ask for quarterly reports as there are some groups that have not reported for a long time. If a group misses a half-yearly report, the information I have about the group may be over a year old. Reporting is a requirements of all offices, and I simply want to hear, in writing, how the group is going, who is doing good work, and if there are any problems I can help with. I will not be changing my reporting requirements while there are problems with the timing and contents of reports from several groups. Sub groups should report through the barony. If the colleges have not given you a written report, I rely on you to ask for one, or at least to obtain and write down an oral report.

I am glad to hear the colleges will give me midyear reports.

Ynys Fawr: Acting Dromaond Pursuivant has been steadily submitting . The incipient canton of Hunter's Isle and the college of St Gildas the Wise have both changes heralds. I welcome Lord Darius of Drogheda and Ysoldte la Rouge to the CoH. Don't forget they need to write to me personally to be rostered.

River Haven: Aquarius Pursuivant has given a comprehensive report. She produces an excellent newsletter for the heralds in her barony.

Agaricus: Lysander has just taken on the job, but is working on several device submissions. The incipient college of St Malachy has an enthusiastic herald (who has not written to me to be rostered ..hint..). Lysander has found the Internet has many valuable heraldic resources. He has used it to get comments on proposed devices from heralds around the world. He asked which online resources are considered adequate name resources. I do not know of any that have been give the status of ,say, Reany. Any online site should be treated like a print book. Include the usual number of copies of the page, and include the main home page if that will assist in showing the site is authoritative. A web address alone is not sufficient.

Innilgard: Another comprehensive report from the Acting Fret Rouge Pursuivant. There are several new heralds in training. I welcome Tanya of Shoreham to the CoA as the new PE for Foxwood (formerly Armandie). She and another trainee have enrolled in an adult education course in voice production. I commend this, and suggest that anyone with projection difficulties look for a similar local course.

Aneala: the outgoing Blackwing Pursuivant sent me a comprehensive report. I thank him for his service, and welcome Viscount Kane Greymane to the office. Please note that I do not roster cornets unless they are group heralds. Cornet is a term for any non rostered herald doing a heraldic duty at the time. If you have active cornets , you may wish to consider if they are ready to be rostered as PEs, and let me know.

No reports received this quarter from: Amesbury*, Dismal Fogs, Mordenvale, Politarchopolis, Rowany*, St Florians*, St Ursula, St Bartholomew, St Cecelia, St Moncia, Stahlburg*, Torlyon. Those groups with a * did not report in the last round of reports either. If I do not receive a report from those groups next round, I will be removing people from the roster.

The next reports are due one month before July Coronet. The exact date will be in the next Camel.
Heraldic Resources
Master (Thorfinn) þorfinn is the Australian Agent for Free Trumpet Press. He carries the Ordinary and Armorial, and other useful publications. Contact þorfinn directly for the latest prices.

I also recommend that groups acquire some name resources, in particular Reaney, P.H. & Wilson, R.M. A dictionary of English Surnames and Withycombe ,E.G. The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names.
Electronic Resources
The Crux Australis web page at contains useful information for heralds, and links to the SCA Heraldry page, and other general SCA pages. If you have web access, I recommend that you take a look.

Many interesting heraldic links can be found through the SCA Heraldry web page at including the Laurel home page, on-line armorial and ordinary search, and the Academy of St. Gabriel (a heraldic consultation service).
Submission Requirements.
Cost: $15 per name, and $15 per device or badge. No cost for resubmissions. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc College of Heralds".

We currently send US$3 (approximately AUS$4.50) to Laurel for each item This will rise as of 1st January 1998 to US$4 (approximately AUS$ 5.90). I will try and absorb the cost increase form as long as possible, but if the Aussie dollar continues to drop, I will have to increase my charges.

Copies required for submissions:
I will reject submissions without a black and white copy as I need to scan it to produce the Letter of Intent for Laurel.

Please check that submitters have ALL documentation. Remember, they have to present their submission in a way that makes registration easy. Name documentation should be as accurate as possible, and copies supplies unless the reference is standard such as Reaney and Withycombe. Even then, the page and edition should be quoted.

I know that some of you have few name resources. There is a lot of help available if you ask for it. I or someone overseas may well be able to help with that tricky name. If you cannot document a name well, you can still submit it, BUT submitters should be made aware that if they check the 'make no changes' box, their name will be returned even if ONE letter is incorrect.

Most submissions I have seen are of an excellent quality. However, it saddens me to return a good submission just because the artwork or documentation is incomplete.
Submissions to Laurel
1. André Davignon

Mundane name: Michael James Kenner

Group: Innilgard

Consulting Herald: William Forrester de Blacwode

New Name

André appears in Withycombe p23 and "Dictionnaire étymologique des noms de famille et prénoms de France" , Albert Dauzat (1951) at p9. It is the French form of Andrew. Davignon is a variation on the locative d'Avignon., Dauzart p18 gives this variation. References in another book by Dauzart , "Les Noms de Famille de France" , p130, p136, 306&266 supports this spelling. However, it does not make it clear whether this is a period variant. Remember, it is not enough to show the name appeared in a particular language, it must be provably period also. We believe that the pronunciation is sufficiently different to clear it from Ambré d'Avignon (registered May 86).

The submitter will accept Andre, without the accent, and the spelling d'Avignon as second preferences. He will also accept minor changes to grammar and spelling.

2. André the Rorqual

Mundane name: Andrew Serpell

Group: Stormhold

Consulting herald: Drogo von Konigsberg

New Name see Returns for Device

André appears in Withycombe p23 and "Dictionnaire étymologique des noms de famille et prénoms de France" , Albert Dauzat (1951) at p9. It is the French form of Andrew. Rorqual is the French zoological term for whale or finback. Cassells French-English, English-French Dictionary 8th ed pp447,659,75. A dictionary is not sufficient documentation or name usage. The documentation did not show that the grammar or usage was correct. The name would be improved by being changed to André le Rorqual as that would put all parts of the name in the one language. The submitter will allow minor changes to grammar or spelling, and will accept the alternative André le Rorqual.

3. Bryn-a-Môr, Canton of

Consulting Herald: Cadno

New Name and Device

Per fess wavy Or and barry wavy azure and Or, in chief three arrows inverted palewise surmounted by a bow fesswise and in base a laurel wreath vert.

The submission includes a petition of support from the populace and officers, and a letter of support from the Baron and Baroness. The submitters claim the name is Welsh for Hill and Sea. Unfortunately Crux does not have a Welsh dictionary, and I hope that the College can assist in confirming this. I sent this up with some misgivings, as I am fairly sure that the form is not a usual one for a Welsh place name. Putting a name together from words in a dictionary does not ensure grammatical correctness, or that the result is in period style.

4. Raffaella de Monza

Mundane name: Kaye Kieni

Group: St Bartholomew

Consulting herald: Drogo von Kongisberg

New Name and Device

Per chevron sable and azure in chief two roses and in base a rabbit sejant erect argent.

Raffaella is the feminine of the Italian name Raffaello, as in the painter, Rafaello Sanzio, 1483-1520. de Monza is a locative . Monza is an Italian village dating back to the 9th Century. Britannia vol 8p298.Please do not supply web pages (or any documentation) in a language other than English without a translation. Web pages should have some indication given of their origin/home page. The submitter allows corrections of grammar and spelling to make it correct Italian. We believe the device should be clear of Gwenedd Rose Fitzgerald Per chevron sable and azure two chevronels surmounted by a sword palewise transfixing five rabbits and in chief two roses argent. We count one CD for the chevronels, and one for the sword with the dead bunnies. We say the roses make a separate charge group.

5. Saint Malachy, College of

Consulting heralds: Lysander le Mechant and Caswallon

New Name and Device

Argent, within a laurel wreath vert in pale two hammers in saltire above an anvil sable, on a chief wavy vert an open book argent.

The submission is accompanied by the appropriate petition.. Saint Malachy is in Britanica Vol7 p721, and the Catholic Encyclopaedia p101. Please include a copy of the frontispiece of each book you use as documentation. He was canonised in 1199. The College will accept minor changes in spelling.

The hammers originally blazoned as armourers hammers. The Pic Dic calls the hammers in the emblazon war hammers.

6. Wilfred de Ackelonde

Mundane name: James Agland

Group: St Florians

Consulting herald: Catrin of Kilkenny

New Name see Returns for device

Wilfred is in Withycombe p293, a bishop by that name lived 634-709. The submitter has produced secondary documentation from Heraldic Design in England dating a Robert de Acland to 1257 and Richard Ackelonde to 1327 from subsidy rolls. This appeared to be from some sort of family history company, and did not appear to me to be reliable. The submitter appears to claim it is a form of his mundane surname of Agland. He will accept dropping the "de" and minor changes to grammar and spelling.

7. William Forester de Blacwode

Mundane Name: Andrew Kenner

Group: Innilgard

Consulting herald: himself

Resubmission of Name and Device. Returned in March 1998.

Argent, a tree sable within an orle azure.

The Submitter's original name of William Blacwode was returned for conflict with William Blackwood.. The addition of an occupational byname, and conversion of Blacwode to a locative should clear the conflict. William is in Withycombe p293, dated to 1067. Forester is in Reaney p174.(John Forester 1183). de Blacwode is in Reaney p37( William de Blacwode 1327) and Ekwall (le Blacwode 1308).

We count at least two CDs from Brandy of Mirkwood ,Azure a tree issuant from base sable Note that colour on colour is no longer allowable. This device dates to 1971!

8. Ysabeau de Vézelay

Mundane name: Anne Serpell

Group: Stormhold

Consulting herald: Drogo von Konigsberg

New Name see Returns for device

Ysabeau is a French form of Isabeau. Ysabeau de Baveie was Queen to Charles VI of France. This spelling appears in a French web site, Vézelay is located in Burgundy and was the starting point of the Second Crusade. Britannia Vol 12 p 341.and Chronicles of the Crusades, author unknown, 1996ed.

9. Ysabella de Montrose

Mundane name: Fiona Cook

Group: Hunters Isle

Consulting herald: Francis of Hexham

New device, Name submitted March 1998.

Quarterly Or and sable in dexter chief a rose proper.


1. André the Rorqual

Device see Submissions for name

Argent, a whale azure.

While this device appears free of conflict based on the blazon, we could not send it up to Laurel because of the emblazon (picture). The whale as depicted was not recognisable as a whale. There does not appear to be a default species of whale, and we could find no documentation of the depiction as a period heraldic practice. The device will be returned to the submitter for a redraw, or proof that this is a period heraldic depiction. There is no default position for a whale. The default position for a fish is naiant, and this whale appears to be naiant also.

2. Wilfred de Ackelonde

Device, see submissions for name

Chequy argent and sable on a bend gules three oak proper. This should be blazoned Chequy sable and argent on a bend gules three oak trees palewise proper. Unfortunately, the proper trees, being brown and green, cannot be placed upon a gules bend. You cannot use proper to escape the rules of tincture. The RfS VIII.2. state that all armory must have sufficient contrast to allow each element to be clearly identifiable at a distance. Good contrast exists between a colour and a charge, blazoned as proper, that is predominantly light (rfs VIII.2.a.iii). Here, the trees are predominantly dark. The device therefore is returned for a redesign.

Incidentally, I reblazoned the field as sable and argent, as the tincture in the dexter chief (top left )corner is given first in such cases. The trees are palewise, as if no position is given, they follow the direction of the bend, ie lean at 45 degrees.

2. Ysabeau de Vézelay

Device, see submissions for name

Purpure a monkey passant Or. This device appears free of conflicts. Unfortunately, the monkey was coloured orange, not yellow on the submission forms. Laurel; has recently refused to accept orange as a substitute for Or. The device is returned to have the forms recoloured.


Chronicles of the Crusades, author unknown, 1996ed.

Cassells French-English, English-French Dictionary 8th ed

Catholic Encyclopaedia

Dictionnaire étymologique des noms de famille et prénoms de France, Albert Dauzat (1951)

Les Noms de Famille de France, Albert Dauzat

Ekwall Eilert, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names. 4th ed. p47

New Encyclopaedia Britannia 15th Ed.

Reaney P.H., 'A Dictionary of British Surnames', Routledge & Kegan Paul London, 1979.

Withycombe E.G., The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, Oxford University Press, UK, 1979
From Laurel's March Letter of Acceptances and Returns


Guy le Bastard. Name.

Maidiú Ruadh. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Meriel of Dunheved. Name and device. Argent, a griffin segreant on a chief vert, three roses argent.

Nathan Blacktower. Name and device. Vert, on a bend sinister cotised Or, a tower palewise sable, and in canton a broadarrow inverted Or.

Tanya of Shoreham. Device. Or, on a lozenge purpure, a lightning bolt Or, a bordure embattled purpure.

Returned for further work

Edward the Unshaven. Name. This is being returned for incorrect construction. The byname uses a past participle verb, an extremely rare practice in period and has been banned several times in the past. Period bynames referring to the lack of a beard include Berdles, and Scauwel.

Gruffydd ap Cynan. Name and device. Sable, two serpents interwined and respecting each other argent and Or, an orle of gouts of flames proper. The name conflicts with Gruffudd ap Cynan, one of the better-known medieval Welsh kings (largely due to the survival of a biography of him, written shortly after his death -- the only known secular biography in Medieval Welsh). The armory is being returned for a redraw. These are not proper flames, but rather flames Or charged with a flames gules.

Maidiu Ruadh. Device. Gules, a lymphad, sail furled in base five mullets in chevron inverted and on a chief wavy argent, two broad arrows inverted gules. An "arch" of stars (inverted or not) has been disallowed in armory for some years now. "The design, although pretty, is not heraldic. A circle of stars may surround an entire charge or group of charges, but stars surrounding only part of a charge is fantasy art." (Baldwin of Erebor, LoAR 28 September 1984, p. 14) "It has been ruled that an arch of charges is not period heraldic style. The ruling was originally for an arch of stars: 'Stars surrounding only part of a charge is fantasy art.' [BoE, 28 Sept 84] It has since been extended to any charges 'in arch'." (Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, LoAR October 1992, p. 30). Additionally, the chief should have deeper waves and the mullets should be drawn larger.

William Blacwode. Name and device. Azure, on a pale argent three trees in pale sable. The name conflicts with William Blackwood, a Scottish publisher from the early 19th century. He has his own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica, and therefore is important enough to protect. The armory conflicts with Corrmacc na Connacht (Azure on a pale argent, a sword inverted gules), Barony of Illiton (Azure on a pale argent a mermaid erect affronty proper, scaled Or, crined vert maintaining in her right hand a trident bendwise sinister and in her left and upraised hand a grey granite tower proper, and in base a laurel wreath vert), and Guatemala (Azure, on a pale argent a wreath vert surmounted by two rifles bayonets fixed surmounted in base by two sabres in saltire proper all surmounted by an open scroll palewise argent charged with the words LIBERTAD 15 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 1821 Or and perched thereon a quetzal bird vert bellied gules). In each case there is just the single CD for changes to the tertiaries.

Further points for interest from Laurel's letter

Hakon Gordon. Device. Per pale sable and Or, a reremouse displayed head to dexter, tail elongated to base between three points pointed counterchanged. "Although all three 'points' are mentioned in heraldic tracts, in practice only the base one appears to have been used; and even in the tracts, the dexter and sinister points are described as abatements of honor, to be used separately, and not in conjunction." (Da'ud ibn Auda, LoAR April 1992, p. 19). Furthermore, the combination of the points, the reremouse, and the counterchanging, make this into "op art" and not heraldry.

Jasper Murtagh. Device. Chevronelly inverted argent and gules, a dragon sejant erect maintaining a sword palewise purpure. This conflicts with Giesele Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon Argent, a lion-tailed, fire-breathing sea dragon erect purpure., with one CD for the difference in field. Even if there was no conflict, this would have had to have been returned for the use of hot pink for purple. Thorvald Ingvarsson. Badge. (Fieldless) A brown oak leaf bendwise sinister proper. This is an unwarranted extension of the concept of "brown [charges] proper". This usage applies to charges which, in their natural state, would reasonably be assumed to be brown. These include objects made of leather or wood. Most animals are included as well, unless there is some obvious other natural coloration. The question is not whether the charge could reasonably be found in nature as brown, nor if it is the only possible color. The criterion is whether, absent any further information, brown is the obvious choice. This is consistent with period heraldry's use of brown animals and inanimate objects. The word "brown" is often included in the blazon, but this is merely for clarity's sake and does not seem to be a feature of period blazons. A good test is if it is actually necessary for an accurate reproduction. A leaf does not fall within this criterion. A reader would most likely interpret "a leaf proper" as being green. The inclusion of "brown" in the blazon is necessary for the emblazon. In the absence of any specific documentation of brown leaves in period heraldry, this must be returned.

Position Openings - Laurel and Pelican Sovereign of Arms

The Laurel Sovereign of Arms (Laurel) is the principal heraldic officer of the Society and the head of the College of Arms. Laurel is responsible for fostering the study and practice of heraldry, processing submissions, and overseeing the heraldic activities of the Known World. The Pelican Sovereign of Arms (Pelican) is a major deputy of Laurel. Because the duties required to operate the College of Arms and process submissions are so great, this position was split in two several years ago. Previous incarnations of Laurel and Pelican have split the job into names, and devices & administration. The current split is for submissions and administration. Applicants may use either of these configurations, or a new one which better fit the applicant's skills. The Board will accept applications from an individual or a team to perform the duties of these offices; however, they will not accept applications where only part of these duties will be assumed. Laurel and Pelican are unpaid positions. Laurel currently requires approximately 20 hours a week (primarily submissions processing) plus about 10-20 hours a week for Laurel staff. Also required is office space sufficient for 18 filing cabinets, 27 boxes of "to be archived" submissions files, five boxes of "currently in process" submissions, five boxes of binders with "archive" copies of armory, and about 20 more boxes of assorted books, etc.), plus the computers, computer programs and documentation, backup tapes and disks, printer, photocopier, and flatbed color scanner. The position requires tact and patience, local staff to assist in the weekly filing (an average of 3 people at least once a week), armory and onomastic knowledge, bureaucratic ability, the ability to meet tight deadlines and produce a Laurel letter of Acceptance and Return monthly, computer literacy and word processing skills, e-mail access, and time and ability to travel. Resumes should be made in writing to the SCA office, at Box 360789, Milpitas, CA 95036. If anyone has any questions regarding the workload or the job function, feel free to contact the current Laurel (Judy Gerjuoy, (202) 726-4396, ( They forgot to include a deadline for resumes; they will be following it up with the amendment below.

The Directors continue to accept resumes for the positions of Treasurer and Laurel Sovereign of Arms. Please send resumes to The SCA, Box 360789, Milpitas CA 95036, Attn: Resumes. The last day for acceptance is July 1. It is our understanding that at the July 1998 Board meeting the Board will decide on who the next Laurel and Pelican will be. Sionyn and I will be reapplying for our jobs.

Russian Titles

After reviewing the commentary on the Russian titles, we have decided to adopt the proposed new title set. Below you will see the revised list:
King Tsar, Queen Tsaritsa
Prince Tsarevich, Princess Tsarevna
Duke Kniaz, Duchess Kniaginia
Count Kniaz, Countess Kniaginia
Viscount Kniaz, Viscountess Kniaginia
Master Master, Mistress Master
Knight Rytsar, Sir --
Baron Posadnik/Voevoda, Baroness Posadnitsa/Voevoda
Lord Pomestnik, Lady Pomestnitsa