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August 1998
New submission forms with this CAMeL

Those wonderful people who helped.

Tovye Woolmongere (who single handedly checked 8 devices which arrived after my first meeting, but before my advertised one, which I had had to cancel), Armand de Rochfort, Katerina da Brescia, Margaret of Troubridge, William Forrester de Blacwode
Next meeting
6th September, 2pm. Meetings will usually be on the first Sunday of the month at 2pm. Call first if you are bringing a submission to the meeting.
Important Addresses
Hund Herald: þorfinn Hrolfsson. External commentary franchise and heraldic publications. [Steven Roylance] 1592 Malvern Road, Glen Iris VIC 3146. Ph (03) 9885 6348.

Cannon Pursuivant: Haos Windchaser. Precedence and Gentry list. [Danny Bartel] PO Box 1623 Kersbrook SA 5231. Ph (08) 8389 3404.

Baryl Pursuivant: position vacant

Bombard Pursuivant: þorfinn Hrolfsson. Ceremonies deputy.

Drop Dead Deputy: Giles Leabrook [Braddon Giles] 58/122 Saunders St Pyrmont NSW 2009. Ph (02) 9660 3865

Positions vacant:Field/voice deputy; regional mentors.
C.A.M.(e).L. is available from Crux Australis at $20 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds". Laurel's Letter of Acceptance and Return is available from the SCA College of Arms, C/O Mistress Sionyn Muirgen niDhomnall, Pelican Queen of Arms, Jackie Watson, 3532 Winding Wind Cove, Bartlett, TN 38135-3044, USA for US$25 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. - College of Arms".

Please note that everything of relevance to Lochac will be published in the CAMeL.
From Crux
Submission Price Rise
I have just completed my financial report for the last year, and it is obvious that the fall in the Australian dollar is causing a financial loss for the Crux office. There were 41 new items submitted last financial year, bringing in $615 in fees. The submission fees to Laurel were $396.70, postage and copying of the copies of the LOI was $259.51. This does not include the last quarter's fees, which will appear in the next year's statement. On top for that is Scribes tax of $2 per submission, postage for letters to submitters, reports, and extra costs for resubmissions.. Also, sealing wax for scrolls and keeping the Crux library up to date. I am not willing to have the Camel subscriptions subsidise the rest of the office, so I have to raise the submission fee, effective from 1st September, to $20 per item.

Black and White Copies
I need a Black and white outline drawing of each device, not a gray scale rendering of the colour version. This is mainly a problem with computer drawn submissions. The outline is scanned and used to form a mini- emblazon for the LoI. Commenters from around the Known World often colour in the outlines at their meetings, which is impossible with a gray image. While on the subject of computer artwork, a couple more points. Remember the colours must be bold and true. The shield shape must not be distorted. Laurel has rules about the size and shape of the shield. This is particularly important as all registered devices are being archived electronically. I will not accept distorted shields on the new forms.

Position Vacant
Lord Thomas has retired as Baryl Pursuivant. My thanks to him for his service to the College as Baryl and Crux. If anyone would like to take on the position of my deputy for external commentary, please contact me for more details of the job.

November Coronet
I will be holding a heralds meeting during the weekend of November Coronet in Innilgard. All heralds are welcome, group heralds in particular.

Please note that it is not necessary for people resubmitting or changing names or devices to send me copies of their previous paperwork. I have very comprehensive files with records of everyone's submission history. Extra copies cost in copying, postage, and just go in the bin when I get them.
Quarterly reports are due from all groups on the 14th of October (one month before Coronet).

Please date all reports and other correspondence.

Reports received this month from:

Welcome to the College to Aldric Greybeard, the new herald for the proposed canton of Drakkers Ford, in River Haven and Fergus of Falkirk, the new Mordenvale herald.
Heraldic Resources
Master (Thorfinn) þorfinn is the Australian Agent for Free Trumpet Press. As the Australian dollar is plunging in value, I have not included a price list as it will already be out of date. Contact þorfinn directly for the latest prices.

I also recommend that groups acquire some name resources, in particular Reaney, P.H. & Wilson, R.M. A dictionary of English Surnames and Withycombe ,E.G. The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names.
Electronic Resources
The Crux Australis web page at contains useful information for heralds, and links to the SCA Heraldry page, and other general SCA pages. If you have web access, I recommend that you take a look.

Many interesting heraldic links can be found through the SCA Heraldry web page at including the Laurel home page, on-line armorial and ordinary search, and the Academy of St. Gabriel (an heraldic consultation service).
Submission Requirements.
Cost: $20 per name, and $20 per device or badge. No cost for resubmissions. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc College of Heralds".

Use the new submission forms. Throw out your old forms! No submissions accepted on the old forms after 1st December.

Copies required for submissions:
I will reject submissions without a black and white copy as I need to scan it to produce the Letter of Intent for Laurel.

Please check that submitters have ALL documentation. Remember, they have to present their submission in a way that makes registration easy. Name documentation should be as accurate as possible, and copies supplies unless the reference is standard such as Reaney and Withycombe. Even then, the page and edition should be quoted.

I know that some of you have few name resources. There is a lot of help available if you ask for it. I or someone overseas may well be able to help with that tricky name. If you cannot document a name well, you can still submit it, BUT submitters should be made aware that if they check the 'make no changes' box, their name will be returned even if ONE letter is incorrect.

Lost Souls?
I have a number of submissions in my cabinet that were returned a long time ago, and there have been no further submissions. These gentles have already paid for their submission. I will list them in the next few Camels. If the person is in your group, please remind them that their submission is still pending, and see if you can help them to resubmit. Some people may have given up after several attempts. Some returns were for minor things, like a redraw. Some may have a better chance of getting their device registered since the 'modest proposal' was implemented and mundane conflicts greatly reduced. Some people just need a bit more help with name documentation. Some devices are just waiting on an acceptable name. We cannot force people to resubmit, but we should encourage them. Please note I have only included the items from this decade!

Name, Group, Date returned, Item returned
Sine the Shameless Politarchopolis ?June 94 badge
Eleanor of Merioneth Aneala Dec 93 device
Drew Steele Stormhold Nov 93 device
Susannah of Nottingham Rowany July 94 Device
House Shadowfall Mordenvale Dec 95 name and device
Madeleine de Chaeval Entraineur Parvus Portus April 94 name and device
Lucynda Mack Carrum Stormhold Feb 95 name and device
Krista al Kamil River Haven Aug 94 name
Kelly of Cornwall Politarchopolis May 94 device
Jonathon de Hadeleigh Aneala Feb 95 device
Jean-Claude de la Rive Gauche Politarchopolis Jan 94 device
James of Redfern River Haven July 93 device
Emrys Cynwydd Castellum Mont. Sept 93 device
Andrew Fletcher St Barts Jan 90 Name and device
Bartolomew Kidwelly Parvis Portus Nov 91 device
Caitlin de Fernon Stormhold Dec 92 device
Daniel the Willing River Haven April91 device
Dougal Dragonseeker River Haven Dec 91 device
Fiawin O'Murchain Aneala ? no name submission to go with device
Iain Mac Ian Galloglass Stormhold June 93 device
Soggy Bogs household June 93 name and device
James the Unknown Stormhold Feb 90 device
John Blackwood River Haven April 91 name
Julian du Bois Ynys Fawr Feb 91 device
Kaspar von Tirols Parvus Portus June 94 device
Marko Alighieri Ynys Fawr March 90 device
Melitius Zoltov Fedr syn Velikij Ynys Fawr August 92 name
Mercurio d'Alien Politarchopolis March90 name/ pended device
Mohamed ibn Kurry Rowany Dec 90 name and device
Morgan Greyson Rowany July 91 name
Morphia de Bohun Aneala Feb 91 name
Murgatroyd MacCarrum Stormhold Oct 93 name and device
Owen ap Cennydd ? July 91 device
Serena of the Loin's Paw River Haven Nov 93 device
Tristram Telfor Stormhold Sept 93 device
Slaine MacKeelta Aneala Oct 90 device
Thorgrimr Gautson St Ursula Jan 93 device
Tristram Broderson Ynys Fawr Aug 91 device
Turgar the Pathfinder Rowany Jan 91 device
Wilhelm Federwerfer St Barts May 91 device
Submissions to Laurel
1. Andre de MontsÉgur

Mundane Name: Andrew Leitch

Group: Aneala

Consulting herald: Kane Greymane

New name and device. Or a double headed eagle counterchanged per pale sable and gules, maintaining a goblet gules and a broken sword sable, within a bordure counterchanged per pale sable and gules.

The name is French. Andre appears in Withycombe p23 and "Dictionnaire Étymologique des noms de famille et prÉnoms de France", Albert Dauzat (1951) at p9. It is the French form of Andrew. MontsÉgur is the site of a seige in 1243. (Oldenburg, Zoe "Massacre at MonsÉgur" p? )
There was no title page provided for this book. Laurel requires a copy of all title pages.

The device was originally blazoned Or, a double headed eagle within a border pale maintaining a goblet and a broken sword, sable and gules counterchanged. This did not make it clear that the sable half of the eagle is holding a gules goblet. The device appears free of conflict. However I am not sure if the counterchanging of the maintained objects is good period style.

2. Eleanor de Valence

Mundane Name: Eleanor Stankiewicz

Group: Innilgard

Consulting herald: Tovye Woolmongere

New name and device. Per chevron argent and Or a pall sable and overall a rose gules seeded Or .
Eleanor is in Withycombe p96. It is the submitter's mundane name. The submitter is the daughter of Aislinn de Valence. de Valence is in Reaney p361 dated to 1303. I normally would not encourage a child under say 12 to submit a device, as tastes change. However, I know my daughter, and she has wanted this device ,which she designed herself, for about a year. She specifically wants the rose slipped gules, not proper (slipped vert).

3. Gabrielle of Swimbridge

Mundane name: Deidre Yeo

Group: Torlyon

Consulting herald: Alethea of Shrewsbury

New name: See RETURNS for device
Gabrielle appears in Withycombe as a modern French feminine version of Gabriel . Gabriel was the version used for both sexes in the Middle Ages. The rest of the name is English. The submitter claims that Swimbridge is a small hamlet in England prior to 1560, but offers no other documentation. The name is in Ekwall p456 spelt Swimbrige in 1225. The more modern spelling is likely to be within period. The submitter will accept minor changes.

4. Jarek the Trumpeter

Mundane name: Alan Horsman

Group: Torlyon

Consulting herald: Alethea of Shrewsbury

New name and device: Per fess gules and Or three trumpets issuant from base counterchanged. Jarek is a variant of the Russian name Iarek. Paul Goldschmidts Dictionary of Period Russian Names . the Trumpeter is an English byname. The submitter will permit minor changes, and says the sound is the most important element. If that was not the case, I would suggest that the byname be translated into Russian to make the name linguistically consistent. We can use an English byname with a Russian personal name because of the exception made for English to the rule that names be from linguistically related cultures. We were not sure if the lower centre trumpet is poor style, but feel it is merely artistic license.

5. Madeline de Torlyon

Mundane name: Christine Howard

Group: guess!

Consulting herald: Alethea of Shrewsbury

New name and device. Per chevron argent and purpure in chief two martlets gules and in base a fleur-de-lis argent. The submitter will accept minor changes to spelling and grammar. Madeleine is a French form of Magdalen which appears in Withycombe at p 202. Withycombe implies that it was in use in England prior to the 17th Century. The submitter cites various other forms in Fause Losenge Herald Extraordinary's web page"Feminine Given Names in DES: Madeline". This spelling seems like a reasonable, and supportable variation of Madeline. The Shire of Torlyon is the submitter's home group.

6. Marion de Pax Ford

Mundane name: Sue Laing

Group: St Florians

Consulting herald: Academy of St Gabriel

Change of Name. Her previous name Marion atte Broken Towre was registered in June 1996. The submitter will accept minor changes. Marion is in Withycombe p209, dated at 1379. de Paxford is in Reaney p342 , dating to 1210. de Pax Ford appears to be a reasonable variant. I was reluctant to change it to de Paxford just to make it look "better", as we should register the submittor's first choice if possible

7. Meave of Bydowne

Mundane name: Gwen Yeo

Group: Torlyon

Consulting herald: Alethea of Shrewsbury

New name and device: Azure a pall between a cinquefoil pierced and two goats clymant respectant argent. The personal name was spelt Meave on the name submission form and Maeve on the device submission form. Withycome p 216 gives Meave as the English form of the Irish Meadhbh. As the submitter permits minor changes, I will submit the documented spelling. The submitter offer no documentation for Bydowne, other than saying it is still on the map. I could not find it. However, Ekwall has several By- place names (p79&80) including Byfield, Byfleet, and Byford. at p 149&150 Ekwall gives several examples of Down as a place name element from the Old English Dun (hill). These include Downton, Downwood, Downham. Bydowne seems to be a plausible construction.

8. Michael of Caernarfon

Mundane Name: Gene Pears

Group: Politarchopolis

Consulting Herald: Sigmund Spelmann

New name and device. Sable two bendlets embattled between two unicorn heads erased Or. Michael is in Withycombe p219, dated from 1196. Caernarfon is a Welsh castle built by Edward I of England in the 1280s. It is acceptable to mix English and Welsh (unlike some other languages).

The bendlets embattled looked a lot like a square linked chain to us, so we checked conflict on that also.

9. William of Torlyon

Mundane name: William Mitchell

Group: Torlyon

Consulting herald: Alethea of Shrewsbury New name and device. Azure a cogwheel on a chief Or three martlets azure. William is a *name that needs no documentation* but appears in Withycombe p293. The submission came in without a second name. I checked with the consulting herald who informed me that the submitter would accept of Torlyon . All personal names must have a personal name and at least one byname RfS III.2.a.

I hope that the cogwheel is a period charge.

1. Gabrielle of Swimbridge

Mundane name: Deidre Yeo
Group: Torlyon

Consulting herald: Alethea of Shrewsbury

Device: see Acceptances for name. Argent, on a lozenge ploye throughout vert a cinquefoil pierced argent. Firstly, the cinquefoil; needs to be drawn larger. The device appears to conflict with the badge of Rowan Perigrynne Vert a cinquefoil within a bordure argent. (May 83). This is particularly so because the submitter wants the device drawn on a lozenge, where it will look like a bordure argent embowed. Theoretically this is clear, as there is a complete difference of charge , but visually, it will scream "Rowan" when it is on a lozenge. The submitter could ask Viscountess Rowan for permission to conflict.

2. Jili Cano

Mundane name: David Lundquest

Group: Politarchopolis

Consulting herald: Sigmund Spelmann

New name and device: Per fess rayonny sable and gules in chief a mullet of seven points between the horns of a crescent argent. The submitter has not indicated he will accept any changes to his name. He documents Jili (and all of his name) from the Encyclopaedia Britannica CD 98. Al-Jili was a contraction for "Abd al-Karim Qutb ad-Din ibn Ibrahim al-Jili, a philosopher born in 1365. al-Jili is a name element, meaning the Jili (whatever Jili means). We could not document Jili as a personal name. Cano is a Spanish surname, as in Alonso Cano born 1601 and Melchor Cano born 1509. The name is returned for documentation of Jili as a personal Arabic name. The submitter has not indicated that he will accept any changes, so I have to return the name.

I cannot pass up the device without a name. The device needs to have the mullet drawn larger. The meeting was concerned that the line of division was drawn too small, and that, combined with the lack of contrast between the two halves of the field, made the complex line unrecognisable.

3. Morgan of Harlech

Mundane name: Megan Yip

Group: Torlyon

Consulting herald: none given

New name and device. Name pended, Device returned. Quarterly argent fretty sable and argent a plate charged with a triscallion.
The submitter documented Morgan from Morgan le Fay, who is a mythical figure. Withycombe states that Morgan is a male name from early times. As I am returning the device, I will pend the name for a month to check if the submitter knows that the name is male, and wants it anyway. Harlech is a well known Welsh town with a castle built by Edward I of England. I am returning the device as the plate (argent roundel) does not have sufficient contrast with the field, i.e. metal on metal.

4. Sigmund Spelmann

Mundane name: Christopher Struz

Group: Politarchopolis

Consulting herald: Self

New device: Sable three braziers Or enflamed gules. this was submitted as Sable three braziers Or. This device is simple and very nice, and appears free of conflict. The Pic Dic says that braziers are usually blazoned as enflamed even though they would not be braziers without the flames. However, the emblazon has some problems. The flames are not drawn in the usual manner, but are purely gules. Flames proper should be drawn alternately red and yellow or yellow and red, and when drawn correctly have a neutral tincture. If he wants purely red flames he has a contrast (colour on colour) problem with the field. This device is returned for a redraw of the flames.


Les Noms de Famille de France, Albert Dauzat

Ekwall Eilert, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names. 4th ed. p47

Encyclopaedia Britannia CD Rom, 1998

Hanks, Patrick and Hodges, Flavia: Dictionary of Surnames

Oldenburg, Zoe "Massacre at MonsÉgur"

New Encyclopaedia Britannia 15th Ed.

Reaney P.H., 'A Dictionary of British Surnames', Routledge & Kegan Paul London, 1979.

Withycombe E.G., The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, Oxford University Press, UK, 1979
From Laurel's July Letter of Acceptances and Returns
Names and Devices for Incipient Principalities

III.C.5 of the Administrative Handbook currently reads:
Evidence of Support of Submissions involving the name or arms of an active branch must include evidence of support for the action on the part of a majority of the active members of the branch. In the case of branches with no ruling noble, this support may be demonstrated by a petition of a majority of the populace and officers or by a petition of the seneschal and at least three-quarters of the other local officers. In the case of branches with ruling nobles, such petitions must also include a statement of support from the ruling noble. If a submission would result in the registration or modification of the Branch Name or Branch Arms of a kingdom, principality or equivalent branch, support must be demonstrated by the results of a poll conducted in the relevant official newsletter and certified by the seneschal of the appropriate branch. Branch badge(s), order or award names, and other Branch names (such as names for guilds, Herald's Titles in the case of Kingdom, etc.) do not require support at the Laurel level. Kingdom may require it if they so desire, for their internal procedures.
However, this does not cover the situation for groups that wish to become principalities, since Corpora says the groups have to have a passed name and device, and we don't normally register names and devices for groups of that level until they become official. Therefore, we are planning to add the following to the above to handle those situations:
If, in the opinion of the Crown of the Kingdom, the Kingdom Seneschal and the Society Seneschal a group is making progress towards becoming a principality and has a proven track record, the kingdom may submit a name and device for the group, subject to the requirements above. If the group is not approved by the BoD as an official principality within two years of registration, unless a request is made from the Society Seneschal asking for a one year extension, the name and device will be released.

The format on the LoI would therefore read like this: Lower NorthSouth, Kingdom of. Name and device for Incipient Principality. Principality of Lower Pismire. Gules, an aardvark gorged of a crown between three Laurel wreaths Or.

Please send any comments or concerns to me no later than October 1, 1998. This is a short turnaround, but this the Board wishes to approve this at the October Board meeting.

Courtesy Titles

At the April 1998 the Board of Directors upheld my ruling on courtesy titles. Except for people who already have them, and are therefore grandfathered, they will no longer be used in the SCA.


It is a false and scurrilous rumor that members of the College [of Arms] are required to make puns at every opportunity. A proper College member does this automatically and needs no encouragement. (HB, Spring 1970 [4], p. 16)


Axel Reebocjager. Name and device. Gules on a pale engrailed argent between two lions heads erased respectant Or a Maltese cross sable. Submitted as Axel Jager van die Reebok , the correct form of Axel Rosebuck Hunter, according to Schwartzdrachen, who is a native Dutch speaker, is Axel Reebocjager .

Leif Magnússon. Name and device. Vert, a goat rampant to sinister argent. This device conflicts with the badge of Pendar the Bard (Fieldless) A musimon rampant contourny argent armed Or maintaining a lyre sable , registered on this LoAR. However, he has kindly provided a letter of permission to conflict.
Note: by Laurel policy put in place under direction of the Board of Directors, if two submissions that are being judged in the same month conflict, if one person is a paid member and the other is not, the paid member's submission will be registered. If however both submissions are for people with the same membership status, it reverts to Laurel office policy, which gives priority to the letter with the earlier date. Since they both have the same membership status, but Pendar's submission was on an earlier letter, he got the registration.

Malachi von Riga. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and gules, in bend sinister a chain throughout fracted sable between a Latin cross patonce gules and a standing balance argent.

Schoental, Canton of. Device. Per chevron azure and vert, a horse passant and in base a laurel wreath Or. Please instruct the group on how to properly draw a per chevron line of division.

Ysabella de Montrose. Name.


Gwalchmai ap Llywellyn Llanfyllin. Device. Argent, a bend sinister wreathed sable and gules. This is being returned for running afoul of our contrast requirements. We require that charges which are "wreathed" to have good contrast between their parts. "A wreathed ordinary must be of two tinctures with good contrast." (Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, LoAR September 1992, p. 43) "The basis for the limitation on wreathing of two tinctures of the same category is the reduction of identifiability that ensues." (Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane, LoAR August 1988, p. 17).