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August/September 1999
(yes I know it is late, but ....)

Those wonderful people who helped.

Lord Uberto Renaldi, Lord William Forrester de Blacwode and Master Tovye Woolmongere

Next meeting
2pm 3rd October at 36 Rosella Street Payneham SA. Call first if you are bringing a submission to the meeting.

Important Addresses
Hund Herald: þorfinn Hrolfsson. External commentary franchise and heraldic publications. [Steven Roylance] 1592 Malvern Road, Glen Iris VIC 3146. Ph (03) 9885 6348.

Cannon Pursuivant: Jessica St Clair. Precedence and Gentry list. [Kate McIver] 30 William Street, Ringwood VIC 3134. Ph (03) 9879 4412

Baryl Pursuivant: position vacant

Bombard Pursuivant: þorfinn Hrolfsson. Ceremonies deputy.

Drop Dead Deputy and Sydney Regional Mentor: position vacant

Positions vacant:Field/voice deputy; regional mentors.

C.A.M.(e).L. is available from Crux Australis at $20 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds".

Laurel's Letter of Acceptance and Return is available from the SCA College of Arms, C/O Mistress Sionyn Muirgen niDhomnall, Pelican Queen of Arms, Jackie Watson, 3532 Winding Wind Cove, Bartlett, TN 38135-3044, USA for US$25 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. - College of Arms".

Please note that everything of relevance to Lochac will be published in the CAMeL.

From Crux
Sorry this Camel is so late. I have has a busy mundane life recently. One for the pleasant distractions was being matron of honour at the wedding of two Crux staff members, Daffyd and Katerina. Even though the Camel is late, the submissions are still being processed.

New Crux
I am pleased to announce that my successor as Crux is Lord Uberto Renaldi. Uberto may be known to some of you under his former persona of Renee du Bon Bois. Lord Uberto is a former Frette Rouge Pursuivant, and has worked as staff under myself and Gereint Scholar.

I will be officially handing over the position on the 16th October, but please address all correspondence to the new crux in the future. Uberto's address is:
Nigel Castle
GPO Box 2719
Adelaide SA 5001
(08) 8336-6791
I would like to thank you all for your support and help. In particular I would like to thank my most loyal staff members: Master Toyve Woolmongere for scanning and cleaning up artwork on an antique scanner and high speed conflict checking, my protégés Lady Katerina da Brescia and Lord William Forrester de Blacwode for endless attendance at meetings and for learning stuff from me when I didn't know I was teaching, Daffyd Walraven for conflict checking and turning into a herald despite himself, my web master Jan of Ghent for thinking of thing the website needed that I never would have, and various Innilgarders who came to meetings and generally put up with me.

And lastly , but pehaps most importantly, Master Gereint Scholar who made me a herald.

What will I do now? I intend to stay active in voice heraldry at least. I will finish that trice d**ned PE test. I may even consider Lord Uberto's offer of a titled job. And I will sew. Lots. And I have 3 parts in a production of "Wyrd Sisters" and I'm off to the Gold Coast on Friday...

I will be offering whatever support Uberto needs for the hand over. And I will keep reading the Camel, so I look forward to seeing lots of reports and submissions. I took on this job with certain goals in mind. I think that I have achieved most of them (except that blasted PE test).

Master Tovye says that an officer should expect to change only one thing during their term in officer. With your help I have implemented new forms, made the Camel more varied and (mostly) monthly, gained a more accessible website, achieved a higher level of reporting, and cleared out a backlog of old files. Thanks.

Are due two weeks before November Coronet
Heraldic Resources
Master (Thorfinn) þorfinn is the person to talk to about heraldic publications. þorfinn stocks the following items:
Heraldic Pictorial Dictionary for the SCA
You can order directly from the USA via Free Trumpet Press. Details of their web site are below (they now take credit cards). I also recommend that groups acquire some name resources, in particular Reaney, P.H. & Wilson, R.M. A Dictionary of English Surnames and Withycombe ,E.G. The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names.
Electronic Resources
The Crux Australis web page at contains useful information for heralds, and links to the SCA Heraldry page, and other general SCA pages. If you have web access, I recommend that you take a look. Many interesting heraldic links can be found through the SCA Heraldry web page at including the Laurel home page, on-line armorial and ordinary search, and the Academy of St. Gabriel (an heraldic consultation service). The Free Trumpet Press West web page is or email
Submission Requirements.
Cost: $20 per name, and $20 per device or badge. No cost for resubmissions. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc College of Heralds". Copies required for submissions:
I will reject submissions without a black and white copy as I need to scan it to produce the Letter of Intent for Laurel. Do not give me a Black and White photocopy of a coloured device. The only black parts should be the outline, and the sable parts (if any).

The LoI I send to Laurel must contain a mini-emblazon. This is used in commentary meetings in other kingdoms, and is often coloured in to assist the meeting. That is why the B&W version must be in outline.

Please check that submitters have ALL documentation. Remember, they have to present their submission in a way that makes registration easy. Name documentation should be as accurate as possible, and copies supplies unless the reference is standard such as Reaney and Withycombe. Even then, the page and edition should be quoted.

I know that some of you have few name resources. There is a lot of help available if you ask for it. I or someone overseas may well be able to help with that tricky name. If you cannot document a name well, you can still submit it, BUT submitters should be made aware that if they check the 'make no changes' box, their name will be returned even if ONE letter is incorrect.
Submissions to Laurel (August)
1. Eoghann MacAindreis
Mundane name: David Anderson
Group: Stormhold
Consulting herald: Eleanora

New name and device

Vert a pall inverted between three yew trees eradicated argent.

appears in Black p 245 as a surname, but appears to derive from the personal name Iogenanus. Eoghan is in O' Corrian and Maguire pp87-88 as an early Irish personal name. The extra "n" appears to be the Scots gaelic spelling. The submittor will accept minor changes. The most important element is language/culture.

2. St Crispin, College of

Consulting herald: Gilchrist Morgan
Group: Mordenvale

New name. St Crispin was a martyr. A church in his honour was founded in Soissons France in the sixth century (Attwater, p94).

3. Uberto Renaldi
Mundane name: Nigel Castle
Consulting herald: self
Group: Innilgard

Change of registered device. Change of name from Rene du Bon Bois submitted July 1999.

He will release his previous device ( Azure, an anulet Or, on a chief invected argent, a fluer-de-lys gules. March 1990) if this is registered.

Gules three bells Or, a chief paly azure and Or.

He has been asked to draw the chief a little narrower.


Attwater, D., The Pengiun Dictionary of Saints, Great Britain, 1965
Black, George F., The Surnames of Scotland
O'Corrain, d. and Maguire, F, Gaelic Personal Names
Returns (August)
1. Vindr Halda, Shire of

Consulting herald: Dirk Schmitt

The shire states the name means Wind Hold in Old Norse. Unfortunately, I have had to return this as their documentation does not convince me that Vindr Halda follows Old Norse placenaming practice.
The documentation they give is E.V. Gordon, An introduction to Old Norse. Vindr is wind. Halda is "to Hold". The phrase appears to mean something like "to hold wind". This does not appear to be a plausible placename. This also ignores that Old Norse is a declined language, that is, the nouns change form with the case used.

Dictionary lists are fine, but don't help much with grammar. If they want something that means "windy hold", they will have to provide more documentation, including compatibility with Norse placename practices, or rethink the name.

The following being notes from Crux Australis Herald's monthly meeting held 5 September 1999. Present were Crux Australis designate, Lord Uberto Renaldi; acting Frette Rouge Pursuivant, Lord William Forester of Blackwode and cornets Lady Katherine Parry and Lord Alcuin Adelhard.
Submissions to Laurel (September)
1. Idris Blaidd

Legal name: Daniel Mitchell
Group: College of Saint Monica
Consulting herald: self

New name (see RETURNS for device)

The submittor wants a male Welsh name meaning "Idris the Wolf". He will not accept major changes.

Both elements are documented from Jones: "Idris" on page 31 and "Blaidd", which is presumably Welsh for wolf, on page 33.

Jones states that "Given names are taken from either Bartrum's Early Welsh Genealogical Tracts or from dated citations in Gruffudd's Welsh Names for Children. Spelling has occasionally been regularized. Bynames are taken from a variety of period legal documents and genealogies."

2. Kassandra Gatto Ammiratore
Legal name: Elizabeth Klingeleffer
Consulting herald: Ciaran Faolchara
Group: Schoental

Device resubmission to Laurel.

Argent a cat statant tail erect within a bordure sable

Previous submission of Argent a cat statant tail erect sable was returned in Feb 1999 by Laurel for conflict and for a redraw of the cat's head. Adding a bordure sable to the device appears to free it of any further conflicts.

3. Parvus Portus, Canton of
Ipswich, QLD
Consulting herald: Wilfrid de Ackelonde

New badge

Fieldless a tower sable masoned argent within and conjoined to a laurel wreath gules

This was submitted as Fieldless a tower sable within a laurel wreath gules. The requirement for fieldless armoury is that it must form a self-contained design, with all its elements conjoined (RfS VIII.5). The emblazon clearly shows the tower and the wreath in contact at the four "corners" of the tower so the blazon has been changed to reflect this. Also the white spaces between the tower's bricks are prominent enough to justify the addition of "masoned argent" to the blazon.

An appropriate petition was provided.

4. Vèra Lupo

Legal name: Cleane Johnston
Group: Stormhold
Consulting Herald: Pedair

New name (see RETURNS for device)

The submittor wants a female Italian name meaning "true she-wolf".

The spelling of neither name element of the name originally submitted, "Vira Lupa", is supported by the documentation provided. De Felice gives, on page 351, "Vèra" or Véra" (derived from verissimo), with several variants of which none are "Vira". Fucilla states on page 137 that "Lupo" (meaning "wolf") is one of many names drawn from European wild animals. Again, the submittors choice of "Lupa" (the feminine form of the noun) is not listed, and no evidence was provided to show that Italian bynames follow the gender of given names.

My personal (unlearned) opinion is that the plural was employed which may give "Luppi" (listed as a Genoese variant by Fucilla). As the submittor has not disallowed any changes then the documented name elements that come closest to the elements originally submitted have been used.
Returns (September)
1. Idris Blaidd

New Device

Purpure a heart gules on a flame Or

The device conflicts with (Fieldless) on a flame Or a heart Azure [Badge, Wolfram Flammenherz, March 1999]. Furthermore, the flame is not drawn in period style, as per covering letter of LoAR April 1995. Charging a flame also does not appear to be good period practice (LoAR June 1993). If the intention is to have a "heart enflamed" then this should be drawn as a heart with spurts of flame issuing from several points, rather than a heart completely surrounded by flames or fire. Possible suggestions for a more period-style device are:
Purpure a heart <OR x hearts> enflamed Or
Per fess rayonny purpure and Or, a heart <OR x hearts> counterchanged

(where x is any number from 2 to 6), or even
Purpure a flame within an orle of hearts Or.

Note that these suggestions have not been checked for conflict and are by no means not the only options available (I just made these up on the spot; given a couple of hours I could probably think up at least a dozen variations using combinations of purpure, Or, hearts and flames!)

2. Vèra Lupo

New device

Azure a winged wolf segreant argent breathing fire proper within a bordure argent

This is in conflict with Azure, a winged wolf rampant to sinister, wings addorsed, argent, the head environed of a nimbus Or, within a bordure argent [Thomas Wakefield, August 1984]. We can count one CVD for changing the orientation of the wolf from "rampant to sinister" to "segreant [to dexter]", but cannot grant another CVD for the change in wing position. The "nimbus Or" and fiery breath are not prominent enough to count for any difference.

The submittor should be made aware that the fire being breathed is not drawn in an heraldic fashion, and that the way the wings and tail have been drawn obscure the tail and make the outline of the charge unclear. If redrawn, there may be a slight possibility of getting another CVD for the change in wing position (but I wouldn't put money on it!)


De Felice, Emidio, 'dizionario dei nomi italiani', Arnoldo Mondadori, 1986
Fucilla, Joseph G., 'Our Italian Surnames'
Jones, Heather R., 'The Compleat Anachronist #66: A Welsh Miscellany'
From Laurel's June LOAR

Ulfrikr inn Hrafn. Name.
William the Black. Name.


Kassandra Gatto Ammiratore. Name. According to the LoI "Gatto Ammiratore is, we hope, Italian for Cat lover/admirer." Unfortunately, the LoI was wrong. It is not clear that the name would mean anything, but if it did, it would mean An admirer who was a cat. Furthermore, the LoI did not provide any documentation for a name of that form being used as a period byname. Therefore, we are returning this for incorrect construction and lack of documentation.
From Laurel's July LOAR

Aneala, Barony of. Order Name Order of the Golden Swan of Aneala (see RETURNS for badge). Submitted as Order of the Golden Swans of Aneala, there is no evidence of plural nouns used in order names in period, with the exception of the word "knights." They have permission to conflict with the Order of the Golden Calon Swan, registered to the Kingdom of Calontir.

Alycie Stirling. Name.

Eleanor de Valence. Device. Per chevron inverted argent and Or, a chevron inverted sable, overall a rose gules seeded Or.

Eleanor Flambard FitzWilliam of Winson. Device. Per chevron gules and sable, three cats sejant guardant argent.

Katya Ivanova. Name.

Maidi{u'} Ruadh. Device. Gules mulletty, a lymphad argent. Nice armory!

Marion de Gael. Name and device. Argent ermined vert, a rose proper and a chief vert. Submitted as Mariana de Gael, she asked for an authentically French form. The most authentic French form of the Spanish name Mariana is Marion.

Rowena of Seventowers. Name (see RETURNS for device). The name was submitted as Rowena of the Seven Towers. We dropped the article from the byname and combining the name to better follow documented forms. Rowena is SCA compatible.


Aneala, Barony of. Badge. (Fieldless) A bezant voided of a two headed swan displayed heads respectant. The voiding here is essentially an attempt to use a tinctureless (or rather, omni-tinctured) tertiary charge. Such have been disallowed for some time. In returning A cross pierced of a mullet Da'ud ibn Auda wrote, as Laurel: "It is true that we have registered fieldless badges consisting of a charge which has been pierced or voided, but in these cases the piercing/voiding was part of the definition of the charge (e.g., a mascle, a rustre) and can hardly be considered as being in the same category as 'cross pierced of an (omni-tinctured) mullet.'" (January 1996, pg. 27 (Anlon MacMatha, Calontir))
In addition, this badge uses a plain line charged roundel on a fieldless badge, a practice that has been disallowed since Baldwin of Erebor's tenure as Laurel.

Lyssandre le T{e'}m{e'}raire. Change of device. Ermine, on a chief embattled sable three fleurs-de-lys Or. The device conflicts with Brianna Laurina de Winton, Erminois, on a chief dovetailed sable, three fleur-de-lys Or. There is a CD for the change to the field but nothing for dovetailed vs. embattled.

Rowena of Seventowers. Device. Per chevron gules and purpure, an ankh Or. The device conflicts with Mary the Melodious Lady of Flanders, Gyronny ermine and vert, a crux ansata Or. There is only one CD, for the changes to the field.