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January 2000 (A.S. XXXIV)

Unto the College of Heralds of the Principality of Lochac, and all others who may read this missive, from Lord Uberto Renaldi, Crux Australis Herald, greetings!


In this issue…

Twelfth Night | Award forms | How to close Court | Reports | Roster changes

Commentors sought | Important addresses | Subscriptions and Resources | Submission requirements

Meeting schedule | Recent submissions | Returns | News of previous submissions



Twelfth Night is over, and the Kingdom Poll has been launched. Regardless of your preference in this matter, I would ask that you think about the implications of a “yes” result to the College of Heralds, and what you think needs to be done to prepare the College so that, should Lochac become a Kingdom, it may be ready to serve it.

Even if this change does not happen, at least some ideas may arise that will still be of use in improving the service we provide to the populace of Lochac and to each other. Send your ideas to me and I will publish them here, in full or a summary.

For the record, I am personally undecided on the issue. I can see the pros and cons of both cases and have yet to hear a totally convincing argument for either. Enough said.

Your servant,


Uberto Renaldi


Twelfth Night

A big thank you to all who assisted, especially Lord Yassim Habib, Master Gwynfor Lwyd, Lord Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale, Cormac and Cian (sorry, I didn't get their full names) and anyone else I've missed. Brownie points go to Lord dward StadfÊst for heralding Cornelius and Morwynna's first court after stepping down as Prince!

The herald's meeting had a small but select attendance, so was kept rather informal (ie I didn't bother to take minutes) but the following points were discussed:


Court Herald's Award Forms

A reminder that if you herald any court where Kingdom or Principality awards are given out you must complete one of these forms, have it signed by the royalty and forward copies to the addresses listed at the bottom of the form. Their Highnesses have requested that, during their reign, they also receive a copy.

Both the latest version of the form and instructions for its use are available from this site. Please note that Bombard Pursuivant no longer requires a copy.


How to close Court

His Highness has informed me that during the current reign, the standard closing for court shall be:

Long live the King! [echoed by populace]

Long live the Queen! [echoed by populace]

Long live the Prince and Princess! [hip hip, etc (standard three cheers)]

unless it is a Baronial court, in which case the above is echoed by the populace, and court is ended with

Long live the Baron and Baroness! [hip hip, etc (standard three cheers)]

or whatever regional variation is custom.

Essentially, the cheers come after the last royalty or royal representatives mentioned. You will notice that neither “of the West” nor “of Lochac” are included. They are superfluous – what other royalty would we be cheering?

As this way of closing court is, in my mind, the shortest and most theatrical, it not only holds for this reign, but is now Policy (with a capital “P”), and will be the standard closing for Courts unless otherwise directed by the Crown, the Coronet or a subsequent Crux Australis. Aaah, the power......



Due date for the next Quarterly reports is 6 May 2000, two weeks before May Coronet. I will be at Rowany Festival and will happily accept them there.


Roster changes

Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale has been itching to get back into commenting, so he has taken his old title of Baryl Pursuivant, whose job it is to comment on other Kingdoms' Letters of Intent.

Yassim Habib has been doing the job of Goutty d'Eau Pursuivant in Stormhold for the past 9 months despite the Roster saying it has still been Drogo, his predecessor. This has been amended.

In Aneala, Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada, Peter du Gant Noir and Muirghein ni Ghrainne have been hard at work and so, on the recommendation of Blackwing Pursuivant, they have been promoted to personal ranks of Pursuivant. In the same barony, Isobelle Nichola de Leon has shown herself worthy of being rostered as a Pursuivant Extraordinary At Large. Well done, all!

Finally, Thomas of Abraxa has, with his blessing, been removed from the roster as the College of Saint Bartholomew is now defunct.


Commentors sought

As mentioned above, Lord Thomas will soon be commenting on Letters of Intent from other Kingdoms. However, this enjoyable pastime is not restricted to Baryl Pursuivant – anyone with the desire to do likewise is encouraged to contact me for further details.

Please note that Thomas will not be collating comments from commentors around Lochac, just doing his own commenting. It is my hope that sometime in the next couple of years, the job of Baryl Pursuivant will involve the administration of all Lochac commenting on external LoIs, but for the moment it remains a courtesy title for Lochac's principal commentor.


Important addresses


Subscriptions and Resources

"The CAMeL" is available from Crux Australis at $20 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds". Alternatively, get it for free from

Laurel's Letter of Acceptance and Return is available from the SCA College of Arms. Send a cheque for $US25 made out to “SCA Inc. – College of Arms” to Bruce R. Nevins, 2527 E. 3rd Street, Tucson AZ, 85716-4114, USA. As usual, everything of relevance to Lochac will be published in “The CAMeL”.

Master Thorfinn is the person to talk to about heraldic publications. Possibly the most useful item that he stocks is the Heraldic Pictorial Dictionary for the SCA (affectionately known as the PicDic), which will cost you $A8.50 for the first edition or $A12.50 for the second edition. Alternatively, order it directly from the USA via Free Trumpet Press for $US15 (details of their web site are below – and they now take credit cards).

I also recommend that groups acquire some name resources, in particular P.H. Reaney & R.M. Wilson's A Dictionary of English Surnames and E.G. Withycombe's The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names.

Many interesting heraldic links can be found through the SCA Heraldry web page at including the Laurel home page, on-line armorial and ordinary search, and the Academy of St. Gabriel (an heraldic consultation service). The Free Trumpet Press West web page is or email


Submission Requirements

Cost: $20 per new submission (name, device or badge). No cost for resubmissions or branch submissions. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc College of Heralds".

Copies required:

Please check that submittors have ALL necessary documentation to support each submission. It is up to the submittor to present their submission in a way that makes registration easy. Name documentation should be as accurate as possible, and photocopies supplied unless the reference is a standard one such as Reaney or Withycombe. Even then, the page number(s) and edition should be quoted.


Meeting schedule

Crux Australis Herald holds a meeting at least once a month to consider submissions, which are then either forwarded to the College of Arms for commentary (and hopefully registration), or returned if we find a conflict or a stylistic problem, or occasionally pended awaiting clarification from the submittor. If we have the time and enthusiasm, we may also look at and comment on submissions from other Kingdoms.

Crux meetings are usually held at 36 Rosella Street, Payneham SA, starting at 2pm. Please call (08) 8336 6791 or Email me beforehand if you intend to bring submissions for processing. The next meetings are scheduled for Sunday 20 February 2000 and Sunday 19 March 2000 .

Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Hund Herald, also holds regular commentary meetings in Melbourne. Please call him for details on (03) 9885 6348.


Recent submissions

Present at the Crux Australis meeting held on Sunday 19th December 1999 was Lord Uberto Renaldi, Crux Australis Herald, and cornets Lord Alcuin Adelhard and Lady Katherine Parry.

The following items were SUBMITTED to Laurel Queen of Arms for registering:

1. Artemisia da Quieto d'Arzenta
Group: Agaricus
Consulting herald: Lyssandre le Téméraire (alias Jan van Ghent)

New Name (see RETURNS for Device)

The submittor desires a 16th century female Italian name, and cares most about the language and/or culture. She will not accept major changes.

Documentation has been supplied via the Academy of Saint Gabriel, showing “Artemisia” and “da Quieto d'Arzenta” as elements of real names in 16th century Italy.


2. Sabine de Bourbonnais
Group: Saint Florian-de-la-Riviere
Consulting herald: self

Resubmission of Name and Device to Crux Australis

Or, a fess of three fusils azure, each charged with a bee Or, a chief and a base azure.

This gentle's name was returned by me last month as the documentation supplied only supported the spelling “Sabina” and the submittor had checked the “I will not accept minor changes” box on the form. There are now no boxes ticked, allowing me to forward this to the College of Arms where hopefully someone can verify “Sabine” as a period French given name. Dunkling and Gosling (p 247) and Withycombe (p 248 on the photocopy but p 260 in my edition) both cite “Sabina” as a Roman name, and the latter also gives the male name “Sabin” used in England from the 12th century. “Bourbonnais” is shown in Holmes (p.161) as an area of France near Burgundy in 1154.

The device was also returned last month for a redraw, as it was originally drawn and blazoned as Azure, on a fess Or three lozenges conjoined azure each charged with a bee volant Or, which violated the three-layer limit. Although there should still be a larger gap between the fess of three fusils and both the chief and the base, this is now acceptable for submitting to Laurel.


3. Sanchia de la Tourre

Release of Name and Device
Argent, a comet bendwise sinister and a bordure gules.

This gentle is no longer active in the Society and has requested that these items registered to her be released.


4. William the Admirer
Group: Saint Florian-de-la-Riviere
Consulting herald: Sabine de Bourbonnais

Device resubmission to Crux Australis (Name submitted last month).
Gules, on a fess ermine three compass roses gules.

This gentle's previous device submission, Gules, on a fess ermine three compass roses Or, was returned last month for poor contrast (the compass roses Or on the fess ermine). By changing the compass roses to gules, the problem has been avoided and the number of tinctures also reduced (always a good thing). It appears free of conflict.


The following item has been RETURNED for further work:


5. Artemisia da Quieto d'Arzenta

New Device. Gyronny of eight purpure and sable, a pithon displayed to sinister argent.

This violates rule VIII.2.b.iv: “Elements evenly divided into multiple parts [ie more than four] of two different tinctures must have good contrast between their parts”. In other words, you can have a field per pale, per fess, per bend, per saltire or quarterly purpure and sable, but not barry, paly, bendy, checky, lozengy or gyronny in those tinctures (or any other two colours or two metals).



**Note** OUP = Oxford University Press.

Dunkling, L. and Gosling, W., `Everyman's Dictionary of First Names'

Holmes, George (editor), `The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval Europe', Oxford University Press, 1988.

Withycombe, E.G., `The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names', 2nd edition, OUP, 1959.


News of previous submissions

The following items were REGISTERED at Laurel Queen of Arm's November 1999 meeting:

Bartolomeo Giancristoforo Agazzari. Name and device.

Sable, a pomegranate slipped and leaved Or seeded gules, on a chief Or three cinquefoils gules.

Katya Ivanova. Device.

Per pale purpure and vert, a spider argent, a chief ermine.

Rathnait inghean ui Chaireall·in. Device.

Azure, a pair of shears and on a chief Or three bobbins sable.

Saint Malachy, College of. Device.

Argent, a tower sable within a laurel wreath, on a chief wavy vert an open book argent bound Or.

Uberto Renaldi. Name change from RenÈ du Bon Bois.

His current name is released.

From the same meeting, the following items were RETURNED for further work:

Jan van Ghent. Name change from Lyssandre le TÈmÈraire.

This conflicts with John of Gaunt, father of Henry IV of England, listed in the Encyclopedia Britannica Online. There is little difference in the sound of the two names.

Michael of Caernarfon. Device.

Sable, two bendlets embattled counter-embattled between two unicorn's heads erased Or.

The bendlets are not bendlets embattled counter-embattled, nor could anyone come up with a blazon for them. In the words of Clarion herald:

This is one of those artistic design problems that are hard to describe in words and easy to say in pictures, but basically a bendlet embattled counterembattled doesn't squiggle back and forth – if you draw a line down the middle of a bendlet embattled counterembattled, it doesn't ever touch the field. If you draw a line down the middle of one of these charges, it touches the field about 1/3 to 1/2 the time. This kind of square zigzag does seem to be used as part of a lightning flash, or the lightning flash part of a lightning bolt, which is where the confusion might arise.


The following items were REGISTERED at Laurel Queen of Arm's December 1999 meeting:

Eoghann MacAindreis. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Saint Crispin, College of. Name.

Submitted as St. Crispin, we do not register scribal abbreviations.

Uberto Renaldi. Device change.

Gules, three bells Or, a chief paly azure and Or.

His current device, Azure, an annulet Or, on a chief invected argent, a fleur-de-lys gules, is released.

From the same meeting, the following item was RETURNED for further work:

Eoghann MacAindreis. Device.

Vert, a pall inverted between three yew trees eradicated argent.

Conflict with Eric von Charlottenburg, Vert, a pall inverted between three mullets of four points argent. There is only one CD for the change in type to the secondaries.