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"The CAMeL"
August 2000 (A.S. XXXV)

Unto the College of Heralds of the Principality of Lochac, and all others who may read this missive, from Baron Uberto Renaldi, Crux Australis Herald, greetings!

In this issue…..

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Roster changes | Important addresses | Subscriptions and Resources

Submission requirements | Meeting schedule | Recent submissions | News of previous submissions


Kingdom Device update

The team to design the arms to be borne by the King of Lochac consists of Master orfinn Hrolfsson, Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale, William Forester de Blacwode, Morag Freyser, Jan Antheunis van Ghent and myself. There is still time to volunteer if you wish to be involved, but you’d better be quick!

I have received 46 questionnaires. Just over half of the respondents would like like to see us retain our current device if possible. If not, the four stars were clearly the most popular element to be kept, whilst blue, white and red were (somewhat predictably) the most preferred colours. If you want exact numbers feel free to contact me.

As the number of responses corresponds to only 10% of the sustaining membership, and probably under 5% of the total active participants, it indicates that the issue is not one that the populace are passionate about. This does not gives us carte blanche to do what we like, but does allow us a little more room for experimentation.

Whilst there is every likelihood that a proposed change to the Administrative Handbook will be accepted which would allow us to retain our current device as a Kingdom, this does not necessarily mean that we should - this is up to the populace to decide, and it is our duty to present them with an alternative(s) should they wish a change.

The team has a deadline of the 10th October in order to get the final design(s) into November’s Pegasus. Another update will be in next month’s CAMeL, by which time I hope much progress to have been made.

Your servant,

Baron Uberto Renaldi,

Crux Australis Herald


The next quarterly reports are due by Saturday 2 September 2000. Remember that Baronial and Shire heralds report directly to me, Canton heralds report to their Baronial or Shire herald and College heralds can do either. In all cases the group’s Seneschal should get a copy of the report.

If not reporting directly to me you should get your report in at least a week before the due date, so as to give the recipient time to summarise it in their report to me.

Parker’s Glossary online

You may wish to visit the fully searchable online version of James Parker’s ‘A Glossary of Terms used in Heraldry’, complete with illustrations. Be warned that the pages may take some time to load with a low-speed connection!

Position soon to be vacant

Lady Jessica St Clair has informed me that she will soon be stepping down from the office of Canon Pursuivant.

If you have access to a computer and printer and are familiar with Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and have some experience with databases then maintaining the Gentry List and Order of Precedence for Lochac may be the job for you!

Applications must be in writing and must reach me by the end of September.

Roster changes

Michaelin of the Artes Gentill [Kim Stanley-Eyles] has volunteered to be the herald for the incipient Canton of Forester’s Reach, based in Ballarat VIC. She has been rostered as Acting Pursuivant Extraordinary for the group.

Important addresses

Subscriptions and Resources

"The CAMeL" is available from Crux Australis at $20 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds".

Laurel's Letter of Acceptance and Return is available from the SCA College of Arms. Send a cheque for $US25 made out to "SCA Inc. — College of Arms" to Bruce R. Nevins, 2527 E. 3rd Street, Tucson AZ, 85716-4114, USA. As usual, everything of relevance to Lochac will be published in "The CAMeL".

Master Thorfinn is the person to talk to about heraldic publications. Possibly the most useful item that he stocks is the ‘Heraldic Pictorial Dictionary for the SCA’ (affectionately known as the PicDic), which will cost you $A8.50 for the first edition or $A12.50 for the second edition. Alternatively, order it directly from the USA via Free Trumpet Press for $US15 (details of their web site are below — and they now take credit cards).

I also recommend that groups acquire some name resources, in particular P.H. Reaney & R.M. Wilson’s ‘A Dictionary of English Surnames’ and E.G. Withycombe’s ‘The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names’.

Many interesting heraldic links can be found through the SCA Heraldry web page at including the Laurel home page, on-line armorial and ordinary search, and the Academy of St. Gabriel (an heraldic consultation service). The Free Trumpet Press West web page is

Submission Requirements

Cost: $20 per new submission (name, device or badge). No cost for resubmissions or branch submissions. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc College of Heralds".

Copies required:

  • Names: two (2) copies of both the form and ALL documentation, including title page of each book.
  • Devices and Badges: four (4) colour copies and one (1) black & white OUTLINE copy. The colour copies should be accurately coloured, preferably in felt tip pen (eg Crayola Classic Colours). Faint colour printers or faint coloured pencil is not acceptable. The colours must be visible across a crowded Herald's meeting.

Please include ALL necessary documentation to support each submission. It is the responsibility of the submittor to present their submission in a way that makes registration easy. Name documentation should be as accurate as possible: remember to include photocopies of the title page as well as the relevent page(s) of any source used.

Meeting schedule

Crux Australis meetings are held once a month, usually at 36 Rosella Street, Payneham SA, starting at 2pm. Please call beforehand if you intend to bring submissions for processing. The next meeting is scheduled for the 17th September and the one after that will probably be on the 15th October.

If you can’t make it to the meetings but would like to participate in commentary via email, drop me a line and I will add you to the ‘blazons’ mailing list.

Recent submissions

Present at the Crux Australis meeting held on Sunday 16th July 2000 was Baron Uberto Renaldi, Crux Australis Herald, Lord William Forester de Blacwode, Frette Rouge Pursuivant; Lady Michaelin of the Artes Gentill, Acting PE for Forester’s Reach; Cornets Lady Nicolette de Colours (with baby, whose name escapes me) and Lady Katherine Parry, and onlookers Lord Brand Der Stentorious and a lady called Kim whose SCA name I cannot remember (sorry).

The following item was SUBMITTED to Laurel Queen of Arms for registering:

  1. Douglas Hathaway

  2. Group: Innilgard
    Consulting herald: William Forester de Blacwode

    New Name

    The submittor desires a male name, presumably English, and will not accept major changes.

    ‘Douglas’ is mentioned by Withycombe (pp. 88-89) as coming into use as a given name in the late 16th century.

    ‘Hathaway’ is listed by Reaney (p. 168) in various spellings, the closest being ‘Hathewy’ from 1178 and 1294 (the latter as ‘de Hathewy’), and ‘Hatheweye’ from 1380.


The following item was RETURNED for further work:

  1. Caterina Ruzzini

  2. Consulting herald: the submittor

    Change of Device
    Paly Or and gules, a bend sinister sable.

    This strikingly simple device must unfortunately be returned as it conflicts with ‘Per bend sinister argent and gules, a bend sinister sable’, a device registered to Medve Arszlan in 1996 by the Kingdom of the Middle.

    Although there are two changes made to field (tincture and line of division), under the Rules for Submissions only one CD can be counted for any changes to the field unless comparing "field-primary" armoury, where neither piece of armoury has charges or each has the same uncharged perihperal ordinary as the only charge. See RfS X.4.a for clarification.



Reaney, P.H. and Wilson, R.M. ‘A Dictionary of English Surnames’. revised 3rd edition, Routledge London 1997.
Withycombe, E.G. ‘The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names’. 2nd edition, Oxford University Press, 1959.

News of previous submissions

From Laurel Queen of Arms’ June 2000 Letter of Acceptances and Returns:

Adelin Siwella. Name.
Agaricus, Shire of. Device change. Sable, a phoenix argent rising from flames proper within a laurel wreath Or all between four mushrooms two and two argent.
Their current device, Sable, a laurel wreath Or between five mushrooms, two, two, and one, argent, is released.
Aldwin Seguin. Name.
Cainnear Rúad. Device. Gules, on a pale between in chief two flames Or a dragon's head couped gules.
Dougal of Landewednak. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Giovannino da Vidor. Device. Per chevron argent and purpure, two double bitted axes and a double bitted axe inverted counterchanged.
Gwir ferch Madog. Name.
Gwyneth of Aneala. Holding name and device. Vert, an acorn Or in chief three mullets argent.
Submitted under the name Gwyneth ferch Aeddan, the name was submitted with the 1 January 2000 LoI from Lochac. That letter, however, was never sent to the College for commentary and thus has been postponed. Because the letter has not been sent out as of this writing, we cannot simply pend the device as it will be over four months before the name is ruled upon. We can, however, form a holding name, as Laurel has the forms that both allow the formation of a holding and indicate what it could be.
Lyssandre le Téméraire. Device change. Sable, three fleurs-de-lys Or, a bordure compony azure and Or.
His current device, Sable crusilly argent, a horned demon's head, in chief three fleurs-de-lys Or, a bordure ermine, is released.
Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield. Release of old device. Gyronny vert and gules, a boar statant guardant within a bordure Or.
When his device was changed, no mention was made of the fate of his former device. Upon looking at the forms, it appears that the correct thing to do is release them.
William of Lochac. Holding name and device. Gules, on a fess ermine three compass roses gules.
This was returned last month because the name was never submitted to the College of Arms; it was placed on the Lochac letter of intent dated January 1 which was never sent to the College of Arms. Since the May LoAR, however, the problem with the letter has been fixed (it will go out as a July letter) and we felt it was inappropriate to punish the submitter for a problem that was not his fault. As he will take a holding name, we are new registering the device under a holding name until his name is considered in November.

Conan MacAindreis. Device. Gules, a sword quillioned of balance pans argent, a bordure argent ermined gules.
Although the sword in this submission is more recognizable as a sword than that of the previous submission, returned for the same reason, it does not remove the inherent problem that the sword appears to be part of a balance. This blurs the distinction between the two charges, making it unregisterable.
Dougal of Landewednak. Device. Vert, a wyvern contourny and a bend sinister enhanced argent.
The bend sinister is far too enhanced to be registerable, barring evidence of the use of this motif in period armory. This motif has been reason for return for many years, for example see September 1992 LoAR (p. 37, s.n. Keridwen of Caermarthen).
Johan d'Avignon. Name.
This conflicts with Jehanne d'Avignon, registered in September 1989.

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