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"The CAMeL"
May 2001 (Anno Societatis XXXVI)

Unto the College of Heralds of the Principality of Lochac, and all others who may read this missive, from Baron Uberto Renaldi, Crux Australis Herald, greetings!

In this issue…..

The Lochac Heralds' Handbook | Reflections on performing a Principality court | Reports

Roster changes | Important addresses | Subscriptions and Resources | Submission requirements

Meeting schedule | Recent submissions | News of previous submissions


Introductory blurb

Congratulations to Viscount Alfar of Attica, who won the May Coronet Tourney fighting for the honour of Liadan (the rest of whose name I have not been given). Alfar and Liadan will be invested as the 35th Prince and Princess of Lochac in July.

You will no doubt have heard that the Board of Directors have approved Lochac’s request to be a Kingdom. This means we must now pull out all the stops: the Heralds’ Handbook, awards, ceremonies and regalia must all be ready by July 2002, and much of it needs to be completed before the first Crown Tourney in April or May. If you wish to assist or offer suggestions (polite ones, of course) then contact either me or Master Stephen (Deputy Seneschal for Kingdom Advancement) whose address is in Pegasus.

Your servant,

Baron Uberto Renaldi,
Crux Australis Herald

The Lochac Heralds’ Handbook

I am still waiting for the flood of suggestions and offers to help with this worthy tome. If I have to write the majority of the thing myself then it won’t get done and we won’t have a Lochac-specific handbook which all heralds, new and experienced, can turn to for assisting them in their duties.

Please consider volunteering your time, your knowledge and/or your ideas.

Reflections on performing a Principality court

[The following are some observations made by Claire Marie Alderton, Acting Black Wing Pursuivant, after she performed her first Principality Court. They have been published here (after some editing by me) with her kind permission. My heartfelt thanks to Claire for sharing these observations with us. If you would also like to contribute your ideas or experiences on any heraldry-related topic then I am more than happy to publish it here]

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The deadline for end-of-reign reports is 16th June 2001.

Please don’t be late with your report!

Roster changes

Much to my astonishment I discovered that Viscountess Alisaundre de Kilmaron was not a Pursuivant Extraordinary despite having been Frette Rouge Pursuivant a few years ago and quite competent in her knowledge of book heraldry. This situation has now been rectified.

Important addresses

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Subscriptions and Resources

"The CAMeL" is available from Crux Australis at $20 per year. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds".

Laurel's Letter of Acceptance and Return is available from the SCA College of Arms. Send a cheque for $US25 made out to "SCA Inc. — College of Arms" to Bruce R. Nevins, 2527 E. 3rd Street, Tucson AZ, 85716-4114, USA. As usual, everything of relevance to Lochac will be published in "The CAMeL".

The Armorial and Ordinary, as well as updates to them, are available from ‘SCA Inc. - Free Trumpet Press West’ in the USA. Their address is ‘1613 N. School St., Normal IL 61761-1240’. They also sell the ‘Heraldic Pictorial Dictionary for the SCA’, proceedings of Known World Heraldic Symposia and Compilations of Precedents by past Laurel Sovereigns of Arms. Contact me or see details of their web site below.

I also recommend that groups acquire some name resources, in particular P.H. Reaney & R.M. Wilson’s ‘A Dictionary of English Surnames’ and E.G. Withycombe’s ‘The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names’. Any decent bookstore should be able to order them for you.

Useful or interesting links:
The SCA Heraldry web page - including the Laurel home page and on-line armorial and ordinary search.
The Academy of St. Gabriel (an heraldic consultation service) -
West Kingdom Heralds' Handbook -
Free Trumpet Press West (SCA heraldic publications) -
Parker’s Glossary of Heraldry -

If you can think of any other links or resources that should be listed here, please let me know.

Submission Requirements

Cost: $20 per new submission (name, device or badge). Note: a new name and device costs a total of $40. No cost for resubmissions or branch submissions. Make cheques payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds".

Copies required:

Please include ALL necessary documentation to support each submission. It is the responsibility of the submittor to present their submission in a way that makes registration easy. Name documentation should be as accurate as possible: remember to include photocopies of the title page as well as the relevent page(s) of any source used.

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Meeting schedule

Crux Australis submission meetings are held once a month, usually at 36 Rosella Street, Payneham SA, starting at 2pm. Please call beforehand if you intend to bring submissions for processing. The next meeting is scheduled for the 17th June 2001 and the one after that is scheduled for the 8th July.

Recent submissions

Present at the Crux Australis Submissions Meeting held on Sunday 13th May 2001 at 36 Rosella Street, Payneham SA were: Baron Uberto Renaldi, Crux Australis Herald, and Viscountess Alisaundre de Kilmaron, Pursuivant Extraordinary At-Large.

The following submissions were FORWARDED to the College of Arms for registration:

  1. Benedick von Greifwsald
    Group: Aneala
    Consulting herald: Kane Greymane
  2. Device Rsubmission to Crux Australis
    Vert, two griffins couchant to sinister Or.

    The submittor’s name was registered in September 2000.

    His previous submission, returned by me in May 2000, was identical except that the bottom two-thirds of each griffin’s wings were argent. As there was no way to accurately blazon this I was forced to return it. With this submission, the wings are the same tincture throughout.


  3. Kassandra Cattani
    Group: Ynys Fawr
    Consulting herald: none listed
  4. Name Resubmission to Laurel (see RETURNS for Device)

    The submittor would like a female name, does not seem to care about meaning, sound or culture (but presumably wants an Italian name and/or something associated with cats) and will accept major changes. The submittor’s previous name submission, ‘Kassandra Gatto Ammiratore’, was returned by Laurel in June 1999 for lack of documentation.

    ‘Cassandra’ is found in Withycombe under its own heading, with this spelling dated to the 13th and early 14th centuries. In The Iliad, Cassandra is the daughter of Priam and Hecuba. Withycombe states that "the Trojan war was a favourite theme of medieval poets...Cassandra, like Hector, [was] a common christian name in the 13th and 14th C."

    No real evidence was provided for the client’s preferred spelling of the given name with a ‘K’ [see below], nor the use of this name in Italy, for which I have no resources to check. However, with The Iliad (or at least some derivative of it) being familiar Europe-wide during our period I would be surprised if it was not used in some form or other in the Italian states. I have asked the commenting members of the College of Arms for assistance in confirming this.

    The byname ‘Cattani’ is from the Online Catasto of 1427 which is itself compiled from David Herlihy and Christiane Klapisch-Zuber’s Census and Property Survey of Florentine Domains in the Province of Tuscany, 1427-1480.

    [Note: documentation (of sorts) was provided for the spelling of ‘Kassandra’ with a ‘K", but it was not acceptable. It consisted of the acknowledgements made by Marion Zimmer Bradley for her novel The Firebrand, which is presumably based around the siege of Troy and what may have occurred afterwards. No matter how well documented the names in a story about Ancient Greece may appear to be, this does not make this work of modern fiction acceptable as a source for medieval names! End of rant.]


The following submissions were RETURNED for further work:

  1. Emma de Lastone
    Group: Kraé Glas
    Consulting herald: Cormac Lenehan
  2. New Device
    Azure, a fess argent fretty vert between three mullets pierced argent.

    I feel a bit guilty returning this submission, as the two problems with it are relatively minor.

    The first is that the holes in the mullets are too large – far larger than any examples in any of my books on armory, to the extent that they more resemble roundels placed on the mullets than holes pierced in them. The second is that although the outline copy clearly shows which slats overlap which in the fretty, the coloured versions do not, and there is a significant amount of it to be almost mistaken for 'a fess vert lozengy argent'.

    Neither of these problems on their own would have been cause for return, but the two of them together pushed the device over the edge. Fortunately they can both be easily fixed with a redraw and the result will be a rather elegant device.


  3. Kassandra Cattani
    Group: Ynys Fawr
    Consulting herald: none listed
  4. Device Resubmission to Laurel
    Argent, a cat statant between three mullets of seven points sable.

    This is being returned for a redraw. There is too much "white space" in this design. All the charges need to be drawn larger, especially the mullets which should also have points of equal size. The cat needs to be longer to fill more of the width of the shield.

    I cannot resist getting on my soapbox here and stating my personal opinion that the medieval heraldic version of the cat was the lion and that what we should be encouraging people to use instead of domestic cats. I’m not against cats, just against their use in SCA heraldry when there is a perfectly good medieval alternative. Now back to our regular programme...


The following submission was PENDED until the Crux Australis submissions meeting in July 2001:

  1. Jan Antheunis van Ghent
    Group: Saint Malachy
    Consulting herald: the submittor
  2. New Badge
    (Fieldless) A pomegranate argent slipped, leaved and seeded Or

    This is probably in conflict with (Fieldless) A pomegranate slipped and leaved Or [badge, Allaine de Beaumont of Glastonbury, June 1995] and (Fieldless) A pomegranate sable slipped, leaved, and seeded Or [badge, Cathlin Sommerfield, Sept 1999] OR Per bend sinister rompu argent and gules, in sinister base a pomegranate slipped and leaved argent, seeded gules [device, Katherine Lynten of CaerLeon, Aug 1987], depending on how the pomegranate is drawn.

    In each case, there is automatically one CD for ‘fieldlessness’ versus any other armory (including ‘Fieldless’), but the second CD can only be granted if (and I quote RfS X.4.d) ‘the tincture of at least half the charges in a group’ is changed. This means that to avoid conflict with Allaine’s and Cathlin’s badges, Jan’s pomegranate must be drawn so that the argent portions (mainly the outer skin of the fruit) visually comprises more than half of the badge. However, this would then probably bring it into conflict with Katherine’s device, in which the sole charge is presumably mostly argent.

    The only thing that would save it would be if the stem, leaves and seeds of Katherine’s pomegranate account for more than 50% of the charge (as Jan’s currently does), whilst the same elements account for less than 50% of Allaine and Cathlin’s badges and Jan was to draw his pomegranate ‘just right’ so as to be able to use X.4.d to get a second CD in each case.

    Therefore, I have decided to pend this submission to allow the submittor (with my assistance) to obtain copies of the aforementioned gentles’ armory so as to ascertain if an avoidance of conflict is within the bounds of actuality.

News of previous submissions

None. I have not yet received Laurel’s Letter of Acceptances and Returns for April 2001.

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