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Lochac arms CoH Arms

Crux Australis Principal Herald

Lady Sabine du Bourbonnais
7 Cumbria Court Belmont Qld 4153
phone: +61 7 3890 7717 or 0419 667 244

Unto the College of Heralds of the Kingdom of Lochac, and all others who may read this missive, does Lady Sabine du Bourbonnais; Crux Australis Principal Herald, send greetings!

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Meeting Schedule

The May meeting was held on Sunday 2nd May 2004, at my home 7 Cumbria Court Belmont Qld 4153, and was attended, by myself, Giles Leabrook, William Addemere, William Castille, Gryffyd Rhuddlan and Wilfrid de Ackelonde. The next meeting will be on Sunday, 6th of June.

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Branch/Group Reports - due 10th of June 2004.

If you are new to reporting read on - As the local herald for an SCA group, you must provide a written report four times a year. They are due around the 10th of every third month. (i.e. March, June, September and October). If you want to email your report, please send it in a Word document. Ideally, your report should include as much information as possible. If nothing much has happened, you can just write and say "nothing much has happened". Don't do this too often. Include:

List the heraldic submissions you've sent since your previous report.

This gives us a cross reference to make sure nothing has been lost in transit. Include information relating to whether people with returned submissions are working on a resubmission.

Mention the events at which any Court, Field or Duty heraldry was done.

Basically - Who did, Which court, When.

List all the awards that were granted to people from your group.

Include the date of the award and the names of the Royalty who gave it. This is a useful cross-check of my and Canon's files, especially if the recipients haven't registered their names

Mention each of the "Extraordinary" heralds in your group.

List of all those rostered freelance heralds. Let us know what they're doing, and whether you think they need training or promoting.

Remember to date your report (and everything else you send, for that matter), and include your mundane name, address, phone and email details.

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Positions Vacant/Appointments

Crux Australis. Principal Herald.

The updated duties and position description is available on the Lochac College of Heralds website. Having decided not to apply myself, I anticipate handing over the position at Midwinter. Should you be interested in applying, please contact me as soon as possible, applications close 30th May 2004. For further information on the role, it's joys and pitfalls please contact

Rocket Herald - Deputy in charge of special projects - PE test

I wish to call for expressions of interest for the deputy position of Rocket Herald, with a view to revisiting and correcting the Pursuivants Extraordinary (PE) test. It has been bought to our attention that there are a number of problems with the test that need to be addressed. The successful applicant will need to be a knowledgeable and motivated herald, prepared to complete the job as soon as is practical. Please send written expressions of interest to 30th June 2004.

Bombard Herald - Deputy in charge of Ceremonies and Protocol

The position of Bombard Herald is being advertised with a view to updating and refining the Kingdom ceremonies. The successful applicant will have the ability to head up a committee of heralds and others interested in the development and improvement of Lochac ceremonies. Knowledge of period ceremonies, court heraldry, drama and public speaking an advantage. Please send written expressions of interest to June 30th 2004, with a view to appointment occurring around Midwinter.

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MAY 2004 Submissions Forwarded to Laurel

1. Conrad de Burnet

New name and device submission

Per chevron dovetailed argent and azure, three triquetras counter-changed.

Submitter desires a masculine name and is unconcerned with time/culture, has also allowed for changes. Conrad is cited from Withycombe pg 72, and Burnet from Reaney and Wilson dated to 1219.

Conrad de Burnet's device

2. Damiana Hernandez

New name submission

Submitter desires a 16th C. Spanish feminine name, and will allow changes. Submitter notes Damiana from 16C. Spanish Women's Names:, and the masculine name Hernandez from 16th C. Spanish Men's Names:

3. Kitan von Falkenburg

New name and device submission.

Argent semy de lys sable, on a pale vert a falcon statant wings adorsed, perched on a sword argent.

Submitter desires a German/Swiss 14-15th C masculine name and will allow changes. Kitan is cited from "Medieval German Given Names From Silesia 1342": Documentation provided for Falkenburg is from "Rulers of Cleeves": website

Kitan von Falkenburg's device

4. Maud le Leitiere

New name and device submission

Per pale purpure and vert, a water bouget and a chief argent.

Submitter desires a 13th C. Anglo-French name, cares particularly for the meaning, and has allowed changes. Maud is cited from "Feminine Given Names in A dictionary of English Surnames": Le Letiere is listed from "Occupational By-Names in the 1929 Tax Role of Paris":

Maud le Leitiere's device

5. Owen Cantor ap Hughe

New name and device submission

Per pale azure and argent, a water bouget counterchanged.

Submitter15-16th C Welsh masculine name and has allowed for changes. Owen and Hugh are cited from "A Simple Guide to Constructing 16th C. Welsh Names (in English Contexts): Cantor meaning 'the singer' is cited from "Constructing 13th C. Welsh Names" under Occupational Bynames:

Owen Cantor ap Hughe's device

6. Ysambart Courtin

New name submission

Submitter desires a 15thC. French Masculine name and will allow for minor changes only. Both Ysambart and Courtin are quoted from "French Names from Paris, 1421,1423 &1438":

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Submissions Returned by Crux

1. Bernard Stirling

New device submission

Name registered September 2003 via Caid

Gules billety, a bear rampant argent.

This device is being returned for conflict with Lachlan Bradoc - Per pale gules and vert, a bear rampant guardant argent. Registered 1986 via the West.

Bernard Stirling's device

2. Nicodemus Novello

Name and device submission

Per bend sinister, azure and azure a semy of caltraps argent, a bend sinister embattled argent, and three cogwheels Or.

The name submission is returned for not having any documentation attached or noted on the form. The device is being returned for in violating RfS 8.1b which states that 'Armory must arrange all elements coherently in a balanced design'. Also, RfS8.2.a.ii on Good Contrast - 'An element equally divided of a colour and a metal, and any other element as long as identifiability is maintained' This field is azure, and azure a semy of caltraps, in which good contrast is not maintained.

Nicodemus Novello's device

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Submissions Pended by Crux

William de Wyke

New device submission

Per pale, argent and sable, a bend cotised counterchanged.

This name was returned in March 2004 by Crux for being in conflict with William the Wicked (registered Nov 2001 via Calontir).

The beautiful device is on hold, pending further information from submitter relating to his name.

William  de Wyke's device

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Submission Requirements

Cost: $20 per new submission (name, device or badge). No cost for resubmissions (within the permitted time limit) or branch submissions. Note: a new name and device costs a total of $40. Make cheques or money orders payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds". Do not send cash through the post!

Copies required: -

NAMES - two (2) copies of both the form and ALL documentation, including title page of each book. Essays about a submitter's persona does NOT constitute documentation. - NO STAPLES! When citing websites as documentation, you must include a printout of the pages used.

DEVICES AND BADGES - four(4) colour copies and one (1) black & white OUTLINE copy. The colour copies should be accurately coloured, preferably in felt tip pen (eg Crayola Classic Colours). Colour printers or faint coloured pencil is not acceptable. The colours must be visible across a crowded Herald's meeting. Laurel has requested that gold pen NOT be used, as it deteriorates in files and turns to glue

Please include ALL necessary documentation to support each submission. It is the responsibility of the submitter to present their submission in a way that makes registration easy. Name documentation should be as accurate as possible: remember to include photocopies of the title page as well as the relevant page(s) of any source used.

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From The Crux

Congratulations to the Crown Prince and Princess of Lochac, their Highnesses, Lord Draco of Jorvik and Lady Serina of the Black Ness. May Crown was a lovely event, thanks to everyone who performed heraldic duties over the weekend, particularly Master Hrothgar and Lady Amelot - well done.

The position of Canon Herald was handed over to Karl Faustus von Aachen at the event. Morag Fraser and her team, have the heartfelt thanks of the College for their service to the Kingdom. There is a new Court Herald Award Form (CHAF), which will be available soon, and some changes to the CHAF handling system. The CHAFs will still need to be filled out each court, and signed by the court herald and their Majesties. Two copies will still need to be mailed off, one to Canon, and one to the office of the Crux (for cross-reference). The Canon will be adding these awards immediately to the database. Once a month, Canon will submit a letter/article to the Pegasus publishing the new additions. This system has been implemented in order to avoid the necessity of waiting on an external party, (ie: Chronicler), to meet the College's responsibility of maintaining the OP etc. We anticipate this will speed up the process of awards being 'official'.

Blazons List - it has never been implicitly stated, but subscription to the Blazons List needs to be compulsory for all group heralds. The List is the most expedient way to disseminate information from this office, and will hopefully alleviate the situation where we have heralds working in isolation. Should you know of any group herald who is absent from the List, could you please contact them and urge them to subscribe. Whilst on the topic of the List: There is occasionally a noticeable and disturbing lack of courtesy displayed in some postings. So much so, that newcomers to the List feel intimidated, even fearful of joining discussions. We need to remember that everyone's opinion is valid and not everyone participating on the list is expert in all areas. Expressing yourself in email can be tricky, trying to compose your thoughts quickly can come across as abrupt and often rude. The Blazons list is an excellent teaching tool, and should be used as such, so lets all try a little harder to exercise courtesy.

Crux SealSabine's Signature

Sabine du Bourbonnais,
Crux Australis Principal Herald

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Important addresses

Crux Australis Principal Herald:

Sabine du Bourbonnais(Robyn Boyer)
7 Cumbria Court Belmont QLD, 4030


Canon Herald (OP and Gentry list):

Karl Faustus von Aachen (Paul Sleigh )

(02) 6271-1534 0407-468-244.

PO Box 1269, Belconnen ACT 2616

Hund Herald (External Commentary);

Thorfinn Hrolfsson (Steven Roylance)
1592 Malvern Road,Glen Iris, VIC,3146.
Email: roylance at corplink dot com dot au

Rocket Herald : (Special Projects/PE Test) see positions advertised

Baryl Herald (External commentary):

Giles de Roet (Mark Calderwood)
PO Box 247

Jesmond NSW 2299)

Bombard Herald (Ceremonies and Protocol) see positions advertised

Mortar Pursuivant

(Training and Education)

Astrolabe Herald:

Alys de Wilton (Jennifer Geard)
Email: geard at verso dot org