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Crux Australis Principal Herald

Wakeline de Foxley
PO Box 91 Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7006
phone: +61 3 6225 4334
herald at sca dot org dot au

Warmest greetings unto the College of Heralds of the Kingdom of Lochac, and unto any others who may read this missive from Wakeline de Foxley, Crux Australis Principal Herald

From Crux Australis

Colour printers

It has for some time been the policy of this office to accept emblazons produced by colour printers on a case by case basis. I am considering strengthening this to a complete ban on colour printers. There is really no way to tell which inks will fade over time or melt in transit. An additional benefit of such a ban would be that it would discourage submitters from filling out the forms with a computer. This would be a very good thing. Feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


My thanks to Massaria da Cortona for her assistance with production of this letter.

Reminder - Baronial herald's Reports due 15th of November 2004.

Just a quick reminder that reports from Baronial heralds are due on the 15th of November. Emailed reports are fine and may be in word, text, pdf or postscript formats (if you have some other preference let me know). Ideally, your report should include as much information as possible. If nothing much has happened, you can just write and say "nothing much has happened". Don't do this too often.
Don't forget to include your mailing address!
Some of you didn't report last time. Missing two in a row would be a really bad idea... You know who you are.

List the heraldic submissions you've sent since your previous report.

This gives us a cross reference to make sure nothing has been lost in transit. Include information relating to whether people with returned submissions are working on a resubmission.

Mention the events at which any Court, Field or Duty heraldry was done.

Basically - Who did what, when and how well?

List all the awards that were granted to people from your group.

Include the date of the award and the names of the Royalty who gave it. This is a useful cross-check of both the Crux and Canon files. Please be sure to include the legal names of recipients if at all possible.

Mention each of the "Extraordinary" heralds in your group.

List of all those rostered freelance heralds. Let us know what they're doing, and whether you think they need training or promoting.

Brilliant Ideas

Please include your brilliant ideas on how we can improve heraldry in Lochac.

Remember to date your report (and everything else you send, for that matter), and include your mundane name, address, phone and email details.

Roster Changes

Important Addresses

Crux Australis Principal Herald:

Wakeline de Foxley
PO Box 91, Sandy Bay TAS, 7006
(03) 6225 4334

Email: herald at sca dot org dot au

Baryl Herald:

Massaria da Cortona
PO Box 91, Sandy Bay TAS, 7006
(03) 6225 4334

Email: massaria at hotmail dot com

Bombard Herald (Ceremonies and Protocol):

Uberto Renaldi

Email: bombard at sca dot org dot au

Canon Herald (OP and Gentry list):

Karl Faustus von Aachen (Paul Sleigh )
PO Box 1269, Belconnen ACT 2616
(02) 6271-1534 0407-468-244.

Email: canon at sca do org do au

Astrolabe Herald (New Zealand Regional Deputy):

Alys de Wilton (Jennifer Geard)

Email: geard at verso dot org

Rocket Pursuivant (Special Projects):

Giles de Roet (Mark Calderwood)
PO Box 247
Jesmond NSW 2299

Hund Herald (External Commentary):

Thorfinn Hrolfsson (Steven Roylance)
1592 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC 3146.

Email: roylance at corplink dot com dot au

Mortar Pursuivant


Submission Requirements

Cost: $20 per new submission (name, device or badge). No cost for resubmissions (within the permitted time limit) or branch submissions. Note: a new name and device costs a total of $40. Make cheques or money orders payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds". Do not send cash through the post!

Copies required:

NAMES: Two (2) copies of both the form and ALL documentation, including title page of each book NB: The title page is not the same as the book cover! Essays about a submitter's persona may be entertaining, but do NOT constitute documentation. When citing web sites as documentation, you must include a printout of the pages used. Please don't staple your forms, paperclips are fine and loose is ok too.

DEVICES AND BADGES: Four (4) colour copies and one (1) black & white OUTLINE copy. The colour copies should be accurately coloured, preferably in felt tip pen. Colour printers or faint coloured pencil is not acceptable. The colours must be visible across a crowded Herald's meeting. Laurel has requested that gold pen NOT be used, as it deteriorates in files and turns to glue. Please don't staple your forms, assuming that all goes well at kingdom level they are separated and go to four different homes. Paperclips are fine and loose is ok too. 

Please include ALL necessary documentation to support each submission. It is the responsibility of the submitter to present their submission in a way that makes registration easy. Name documentation should be as accurate as possible. Failure to provide sufficient documentation is a cause for return of your submission. If you are having trouble with your documentation then speak to your local herald. If they can't answer your specific question, consider writing to Blazons, or contacting me. If I don't know the answer but I will at least be able to point you in the direction of someone who will.

Meeting Schedule

The October meeting was held on Tuesday 12th October 2004. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 9th of November.
Commentary on October submissions presented here was received from the following people Massaria Baryl; Uberto Bombard; Alys Astrolabe; Aryanhwy Boke; Kazimira; Giles; Pedair; Thomasina; and William. Present at the meeting were Wakeline de Foxley, Crux Australis Herald; Massaria da Cortona, Baryl Herald; Francis of Hexham, Dromond Herald, rostered Heralds Declan ap Drogheda and Hrolf Hrolfsson and Rhodri ap Tewdwr Awenydd, herald in training. Thank you all for your time and efforts.

Submissions Forwarded to Laurel

1. Bartholomew Baskin

New device

Argent, a lion dormant and in chief rayonny gules.

The submitter's name was forwarded to Laurel on the Lochac March 2004 LoI. The submitter sent me a new version of the emblazon after internal commentary. The new version featured a larger chief with fewer, larger rays and a larger lion.

Bartholomew's device

2. Gillian Brampton

New name (See Returns for device)

The submitter seeks a late 16th century feminine name. She wishes it to be temporally authentic and will allow any changes. She cares most about language, although she doesn't specify one.

Withycombe has Gillian as a header spelling, declaring it to be "the popular English form of Julian(a) very common in the Middle Ages...".

Gillian is also included in the list of women's given names in Chris Laning's "Faire Names for English Folk: Late Sixteenth Century English Names" 3rd edition August 2000 []. Brampton is listed as a surname in the same article.

Brampton is discussed as a place name in both Ekwall and Mills. Ekwall (4e, p 60), lists Brampton as place names in 1252 and 1283. Mills describes Brampton as "a fairly common [place-]name" and dates a Brampton to 1169 and Bramptone to 1275. The use of a place name as an unmarked locative is unremarkable for a 16th century English name.

3. Leoflæeda Ælfwynn

New name (see Returns for device)

The submitter wants a 10th to 11th century feminine Saxon name. She will allow minor changes and cares most about culture. The name was submitted as Leoflaeda Ælfwynn . The submitter has made an additional note on the form, stating "If is necessary to change the second name to Ælfwynnsdohtir or similar, I would accept that, although I'd rather not" .

Ælfwynn Ælfwinna c910 may be found on page 29 of Searle's "Ononmasticon Anglo-Saxonicum" . Page 327 of the same source lists a number of instances of Leofflæd occurring in 965, c975, 1026, two in c1030 and 1056. It also contains an entry that reads "Leofflæd Lefflet Lefled Lefleda nomen mulieris. Ellis BC".

In her article "Anglo-Saxon Women's Names from Royal Charters" [, accessed 20/10/04] Marieke van de Dal lists the spellings: Leofflæda, Leoflæde, Leofled and Leofleda .

We could find no documented form of Leoflaeda (with the "ae" spelling, and are therefore forced to change the spelling to Leoflæda .

Furthermore, we could find no examples of an unmarked metronymic in an Old English name. We have therefore appended "dohter" to the name.

4. Tamsyn Northover

New name and device

Per fess indented of three points flory, azure and ermine

. The submitter would like a feminine name suitable for post 14th century England. Both time and language are important to her. She will allow minor changes and in the event of a change cares most about sound. The submitter will only allow changes to a form of the first name that is spelt with a "y".

The submitter states that Tamsyn is a variant of Thomasina, which is found commonly in period England. The submitter has provided two Saint Gabriel pages to support the period use of Thomasina. "Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames" [, accessed 15/08/01] shows Thomasina being used in 1346, while Pre-1600 English Brass Inscriptions - Women's names Sorted by Frequency", [, accessed 13/06/03] shows three instances of Thomasine.

While the submitter was unable to document the desired spelling of the given name, she cites François la Flamme (Nov 2001 LoAR), who says "Tamsin is found as a feminine given name in a burial record in 1601 in "Transcript from the Buckfastleigh Registers" ( Bardsley dates the feminine given names Tamson to 1573 & 1574 (s.n. Tamplin), and Tomasyn to 1557 (s.n. Inkley). Given these examples, the submitted Tamsyn seems to be a plausible variant of Tamsin. [Tamsyn Seamarke, 11/01, A-Outlands]"

Northover is listed in Ekwall (4e p344) with the spellings Nordoure (1180) and Northovere (1242). The name means "Northern bank", an allusion to the fact that the town Northover lies on the northern bank of the Yeo. Cottle in "The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames" confirms the Ekwall information and adds that Northover is in Somerset.

Device: An example of the double treatment of the line of division may be found in Parker for the arms of Woodmerton (Parker p 268 in the section on fleur-de-lis.) Per fesse dancetté argent and sable, each point ending in a fleur-de-lis. The submitter provided an updated emblazon after internal commenting (shown here). The only change in the new emblazon was to move the line of division down somewhat.

Tamsyn's device

5. Ysabeau de Challon

New name and device submission

Or, on a fess sable five fleur-de-lys Or

The submitter wants a feminine name. She cares equally about sound and language (but does not specify the desired language). There is no specific request for authenticity. She will however allow any changes.

Ysabeau is found in Given names from Brittany, 1384-1600 [, accessed 12/08/04] under the heading Isabelle. The spelling Ysabeau is listed as having occurred in 1537.

"de Challon" may be found on "Sixteenth Century Norman Names" [, accessed 12/08/04].

Ysabeau's device

Submissions Returned by Crux

1. Gillian Brampton

Device submission

Per bend sinister gules and vert, two trefoils Or

This device is being returned for a redraw. The submitter has been asked to make the trefoils considerably larger. In addition it has been suggested that the trefoils could be drawn in a more standard heraldic form with points on each leaf.

Gillian's device

2. Leoflaeda Ælfwynn

Device submission

Purpure chapé ployé argent ermined purpure a unicorn passant argent

The submitted device is in conflict with Selena of Dragon's Bay, "vert a dapple grey unicorn statant". There is a single CD for the cumulative changes to the field. Selena's unicorn must be a light grey to have contrast with the vert field, so there is not a CD for change in unicorn tincture.

The submission has been advised of a couple of stylistic points to consider in a resubmission.

  • The chapé ployé division should be drawn to come further down the field and should be less steep in the centre of the field. If the field division were drawn this way then the unicorn would probably not need to be enlarged.
  • Slightly more ermine spots are required to make the chapé portion of the field "argent ermined purpure" rather than "argent six ermine spots purpure". The change may seem trivial but charges may not be placed on the chapé portion of a field.

Leoflaeda's device

3. Iseabail inghean Mharton mhrc Donnchurdh

Device submission (see Pends for Name submission)

This device is being returned for multiple conflicts with Richard Wymarc, "Sable, a shakefork gules fimbriated argent" and Bertrand de Flammepoing, "Sable, a pall Or fimbriated of flame proper" In each case there is only a single CD for changing the tincture of the primary charge.

Iseabail's device

1. Isabella Rossini

New device submission

This submitted device satisfies VIII.2.b.i which says "The field must have good contrast with every charge placed directly on it and with charges placed overall." (emphasis mine). However, the fireball is "barely overall", a problem which, has previously led to numerous returns from Laurel.

This device was pended last month awaiting a set of revised forms featuring a more substantial fireball. As said forms never arrived I have now returned the device.

Isabella's device

Submissions Pended by Crux

1. Iseabail inghean Mhartainn mhic Dhonnchurdh

New name (see Returns for device)

The submitter seeks a 1560+ Scottish (Gaidhlig) feminine name and wishes it to be authentic for both time and language. She will allow minor changes, and in the event of said changes cares most about language.

St. Gabriel's report 2354 says that Isabael is a modern Scottish gaelic spelling of a name that has been in use in Scotland since at latest the mid 15th century. The spelling of the name at that time is said to be uncertain and may have been Iosbail or Iosbal. St Gabriel's report 965 says that Isabel is an English or Scots name adopted into Gaelic as Iosobail or Iosobel.

My most heartfelt thanks to Aryanhwy Boke and Giles Leabrook for assistance with the grammar of the name!

The name has been pended to give the submitter a chance to consider which form of the given name she would prefer.

News from Laurel LoARs

No news this month.

Crux Seal Wakeline's Signature

Wakeline de Foxley,
Crux Australis Principal Herald