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Crux Australis Principal Herald

William Castille (Steve Maynard)
57 Brandon St, Marsden, QLD 4132
Ph : +61 7 3200 5500
herald at sca dot org dot au

Warmest greetings unto the College of Heralds of the Kingdom of Lochac, and unto any others who may read this missive from William Castille, Crux Australis Principal Herald

From Crux Australis

Greetings all,

Well, here we are with my first CAMeL. There have been a number of changes in the roster both at the Crux level and at the group level. The changes at the Crux level can be found below. The group level changes are on the website. Thanks to Wakeline we now have a new roster site with the facility for people to easily keep their details up to date, so please check out the roster on the site

Speaking of the website, there is now a site for tracking submissions So if you get any queries about where a submission is at, just direct the person to the website.

New Forms

There are new submission forms. These are being phased in over the next few months. The old forms will not accepted after the 27th of October. Any submissions on the old forms will be subject to administrative return. The RTF format forms are editable as long as the underlying structure and layout and not altered.

Submission process.

The submission process within in the Lochac college has been split up. Tamsyn Northover is now Rocket herald responsible for the external component of the submissions process. Once I have the Commentary website working properly I will be re-activating the Ordinnance herald position to take care of the internal component. This position will be responsible for receiving submissions, banking monies, loading submission information to the commentary site, internal letters of return and the production of the C.A.M.e.L.

We now have a commentary website ( and list (the Bonacon). I would encourage everyone to join the list ( and have a go at commenting.


Thanks to Karl Faustus (aka Fruitbat) for getting the CanonLore up and going. He is currently working on getting the editing software written. Once that is working satisfactorily, I will appoint a new Canon herald.


Important Addresses

Crux Australis Principal Herald:

William Castille (Steve Maynard)
57 Brandon St, Marsden, QLD 4132
(07)3200 5500

Email: herald at sca dot org dot au

Baryl Herald:

Massaria da Cortona
PO Box 91, Sandy Bay TAS, 7006
(03) 6225 4334

Email: massaria at hotmail dot com

Bombard Herald (Ceremonies and Protocol):

Giles Leabrooke (Braddon Giles)

Email: bombard at sca dot org dot au

Canon Herald (OP and Gentry list):


Email: canon at sca do org do au

Astrolabe Herald (New Zealand Regional Deputy):

Benedict of Askerigge  (Phil Mason)

Email: astrolabe at sca dot org dot nz

Rocket Herald (External Submissions):

Tamsyn Northover

Email : rocket at sca dot org dot au

Hund Herald (External Commentary):

Thorfinn Hrolfsson (Steven Roylance)
1592 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC 3146.

Email: roylance at corplink dot com dot au

Mortar Herald (CanonLore software)

Karl Faustus von Aachen (Paul Sleigh )
PO Box 1269, Belconnen ACT 2616

Email: mortar at sca dot org dot au

Submission Requirements

Cost: $20 per new submission (name, device or badge). No cost for resubmissions (within the permitted time limit) or branch submissions. Note: a new name and device costs a total of $40. Make cheques or money orders payable to "SCA Inc. College of Heralds". Do not send cash through the post!

Copies required:

NAMES: Two (2) copies of both the form and ALL documentation, including title page of each book NB: The title page is not the same as the book cover! Essays about a submitter's persona may be entertaining, but do NOT constitute documentation. When citing web sites as documentation, you must include a printout of the pages used. Please don't staple your forms, paperclips are fine and loose is ok too.

DEVICES AND BADGES: Four (4) colour copies and one (1) black & white OUTLINE copy. The colour copies should be accurately coloured, preferably in felt tip pen. Colour printers or faint coloured pencil is not acceptable. The colours must be visible across a crowded Herald's meeting. Laurel has requested that gold pen NOT be used, as it deteriorates in files and turns to glue. Please don't staple your forms, assuming that all goes well at kingdom level they are separated and go to four different homes. Paperclips are fine and loose is ok too. 

Please include ALL necessary documentation to support each submission. It is the responsibility of the submitter to present their submission in a way that makes registration easy. Name documentation should be as accurate as possible. Failure to provide sufficient documentation is a cause for return of your submission. If you are having trouble with your documentation then speak to your local herald. If they can't answer your specific question, consider writing to Blazons, or contacting me. If I don't know the answer but I will at least be able to point you in the direction of someone who will.

From Rocket - August Meeting Results

The August meeting was held on Sunday 27th August 2006.

Submissions Forwarded to Laurel

1. Catherine de Boniface

New name , New Device

Or, a fleur-de-lys and a chief wavy azure.

The submitter desires a female name authentic for late 15th –early 16th century France. She cares most about language/culture and will accept all changes.

Catherine is found in “Names from a 1587 tax roll from Provins” and “Feminine Names from Artois, 1601”

de Boniface
This element was submitted as de Bonifacio for which no documentation was provided. We have changed the name to match available documentation.

The use of <de> + <given name> to form patronymic bynames is documentable in French. Boniface is found as a given name in "Names Found in Commercial Documents from Bordeaux, 1470-1520"

( "French Names from Paris, 1421,1423, & 1438"



2. Guilliaume Lavet

New name

The submitter desires a male Flemish name authentic for 1550-1600. He is equally concerned with sound and language/culture, and will accept all changes.

Guilliaume is dated between 1567 and 1585 in “Flemish Given Names from Bruges, 1400-1600”.

Lavet is dated to 1571 in “Flemish Bynames from Bruges, 1400-1600: L-R”

3. Malcom Patersone

New name, New Device

Argent, two dragons sergeant addorsed sable.

The submitter desires a male name suitable for a 16th century Scot. He cares most about language/culture and will accept all changes.

Malcom is dated to 1518 in “Early 16th Century Scottish Lowland Names Men's Given Names – By Instances”

Patersone is dated to 1518 in “Early 16th Century Scottish Lowland Names Surnames - By Instances”

4.Owain Cantor ap Hughe

Change of name

The submitter’s previous name Owen Cantor ap Hughe was registered in September 2004.

He desires a 16th century Welsh name and will NOT accept changes.

The submitter wishes to alter the spelling of the first element of his name. He has provided a copy of an early St Gabriel report, No. 366, in favour of Owain.

“In general, in Welsh spelling, the ‘ei’ spelling [Owein] was just beginning to be replaced by the ‘ai’ spelling in the 14th century – a change that was more characteristic of the 15th-16th century”

5. Peregrine Flamstead

New name ,New device

Per pale vert and argent a vol counterchanged.

The submitter desires a male name suitable for 14th century England. He cares equally about time period and language/culture, and will NOT accept changes

Peregrine is a header form in Withycombe “found, though always rare, as a Christian name from the 13th century”1

Flamstead from OE fl?am-stede ‘refuge, sancturary’ is a place in Hertfordshire. The name is found in Ekwall with the desired spelling dated to 12062, and is also a header form in Mills.

6. Sabine d’Antan

Device resubmission

Vert, a bend sinister cotised between a stag springing and a pheon argent.

The submitter’s name was registered in September 2005.


7.Ulrich z Karlštejn

New name

The submitter desires a male Bohemian(Czech) name suitable for 1420. He cares equally about language/culture and meaning, wishing the name to mean Ulrich from the town Karlstein. He will NOT accept major changes.

Ulrich is found in dated from 1250-1369 in “Medieval German given names from Silesia – men’s names”

http://www/ and in “German names from 1495”

z Karlštejn The submitter claims that z is a “Czech joiner meaning ‘from’ (Czech Dictionary), similar to the German von which was also regularly used”. He has not provided copies.

Numerous copies were provided from history texts documenting the founding of Karlštejn (also referred to as Karlstein) castle in 1348, it’s inclusion within the borders of Bohemia in 1378 and it’s continued existence to this day. It seems likely that the name has been normalised in these citations. The assistance of the College is requested to locate a dated form.


Submissions Returned by Crux

Elizabeth Rose - New Name - Returned for conflict with <Elizabeth de Rose> (reg. 07/2002 via Atenveldt)
Elizabeth Rose - New Device - Azure, on a pile argent, a rose gules - Returned for conflict with <Roseline d'Anjou (reg. 11/1998 via the West), "Azure, on a pile between two fleurs-de-lis argent a rose proper,">
Ulrich z Karl{sv}tejn - New Device - Per fess sable and bendy sable and Or, a demi-lion doubly-queued Or. - Returned for conflict with <Wulfred Hansard of Richmond (reg. 01/2001 via Meridies), "Counter-ermine, a demi-lion maintaining a battle axe Or.">

News from Laurel LoARs

From Laurel's June Letter of Acceptance and Return


Aenghas Graham. Name.

Alesone inghean Torcaill. Name.

Alexandra Hartshorn. Name.

Annabella Debonnaire. Device. Per pale azure and argent estencely azure, a seeblatt per pale argent estencely and azure.

Cairn Fell, Shire of. Branch name and device. Per pale sable and Or, an oak tree eradicated counterchanged and on a point pointed vert a laurel wreath Or.

Crispin Sexi. Device. Sable, a cross engrailed and in canton a roundel argent.

Joan Sutton. Name.

Jocelyn Lockhart. Name.

Jonathon of Loch Swan. Name and Device. Argent, a swan displayed and facing sinister sable, overall a fess counter-compony Or and azure, in chief a label azure.


Ascelin d'Ypres. Device change. Quarterly per fess indented purpure and ermine.

Returned for conflict with Quarterly per fess indented azure and ermine, with a single CD for changing half the tincture.

Torcail MacLeòid. Name.

This name conflicts with Torquil McLeod, registered September 1991. The names are identical in sound and nearly identical in appearance; they are the Gaelic and Anglicized Gaelic versions of the same name.


Crux Seal

William Castille,
Crux Australis Principal Herald