Canon (Precedence) Herald: Amos Ironbeard (Email)

Canon Herald serves as a Deputy to Crux Australis for maintaining the Lochac Order of Precedence, which is managed in Canon Lore. Canon Herald works with Court Heralds and the Crown to ensure the accurate reporting and recording of awards is maintained. In addition, Canon Herald liaises with Order of Precedence Heralds of other Kingdoms to ensure awards given to Lochac citizens by other Kingdoms and residents of Lochac from other Kingdoms have accurate entries in Canon Lore.

Canon Lore is required to follow Lochac Law, specifically:

VI.1.ii Publication of Awards
All bestowals of Awards shall be proclaimed in Court, or in some other public place at an event published in advance in Pegasus, to the Kingdom of Lochac at large. It is the responsibility of the Crown giving Arms or other awards, to notify both the Crux Australis Herald and the Chronicler of the award, the date given, and the full name of the recipient within three months. The Officers will then ensure the information is added to the Order of Precedence and published in Pegasus.

If awards were given at an event not listed in Pegasus, they can be ‘re-confirmed’ at a later event that was published in Pegasus.

Roster of Canon Heralds (under construction):

Amos Ironbeard
Þorvaldr inn Suðreyski
Gunther Boese
Sorle Maknicoll
Teffania de Tuckerton