Chaine Shot (Education) Herald: Padraig Lowther (Email)

Chaine Shot Herald is the Crux Deputy in charge of education and training. The office holder should be knowledgeable about everything that the College of Heralds and the College of Arms does, but you don’t have to be encyclopedic from day one; asking questions so that everyone can learn is a great method of education.

What you need to be able to do is answer peoples’ questions intelligently and confidently, while helping to improve the general standard of heraldic education within the kingdom. This can be done by running consultation sessions, training new heralds via skype chats, running heraldry-themed A&S classes or whatever else makes sense. Additionally, Chaine Shot need not do all of this themselves; delegation is a wonderful thing, and giving the author/presenter/originator another set of eyes for proof-reading and some official approval are both fine things.

If you’re interested in the sort of things that Chaine Shot needs to know, a look through the SCA heralds’ web page on “rules” would be a good place to start. You should be familiar enough with SENA, OSCAR, the submissions process and field/court heraldry that you can give intelligent answers, giving examples or citations if necessary.

The inaugural Chaine Shot is Master Padraig Lowther; if you have any questions for him, please feel free to reach out.