Investitures, Oaths and Litanies for other Ceremonies can be found here.

Set Ceremonies


Company of the Pride of Lochac Household/War Unit/etc.
Mouse Guard Service, aged 4-12
Order of Taillefer Entertainment
Order of the Cross of Lochac Service from a foreigner
Order of the Rowan Courtesy
Order of the Silver Helm Field Appearance
Please Note:

  • the Augmentation of Arms is to found with the ‘Moveable Ceremonies’
  • there is no specific ceremony for the giving of Royal Cyphers;
  • the Ladies of the Rose are responsible for inducting a new Rose, and they determine what form of ceremony is used.
  • as there are currently no Principalities in Lochac, there can be no new recipients of the Coronaria.

Award of Arms

Award of Arms
Court Barony Personal service to the Crown*
Lochac Order of Grace Courtesy
Order of Hector Equestrian
Order of Prometheus Teaching
Order of the Golden Poyntel Scribal Arts
Order of the Golden Sword Armoured Combat
Order of the Golden Tear Service
Order of the Miles Regni War Service – combat & support
Order of the Nock Archery
Order of the Rapier Rapier Combat
Order of the Star and Lily Arts & Sciences
* if giving a Court Barony to a Landed Baron or Baroness on stepping down, please see “Recognition of Outgoing Baron and Baroness – Court Barony and/or Grant of Arms” in the Baronial Investiture/Changeover section.

Grant of Arms

Grant of Arms
Lochac Company of Archers Archery
Order of the Cockatrice Arts & Sciences
Order of the Red Wyvern Martial – all fields
Order of the Silver Pegasus Service
Please note:

Moveable Ceremonies & Guidelines:

A ‘Moveable Ceremony’ is one that should be re-written and/or personalised every time. These are ceremonies where any recipients of awards, titles, etc, will (and should) know in advance that they are to be recognised, and they should be part of the preparations and planning. While there are basic ‘template’ ceremonies which can be used, the ceremonies are long and complicated, with a number of people and variables involved, thus even these should be personalised and reprinted if possible, rather than trying to use them as-is. Some may wish to have completely original, customised ceremonies instead – a list of essential requirements for a ceremony is thus provided as well. It is expected that the Crown, the Court Herald, the Candidate/Recipient/Crown Prince/ss, Crux Herald and/or Bombarde Herald will work together to create a suitable ceremony. Whilst it is not essential that Crux and Bombarde are involved, it is suggested that they are at least consulted, to ensure that all requirements of the ceremony are met, and it is requested that Bombarde Herald be provided with a copy of each personalised/customised ceremony for the records of the College of Heralds and for the history of the Kingdom.


Augmentation of Arms Exceptional Long-term Service

Patent of Arms (Peerages)

Order of Chivalry – Knighthood Armoured/Heavy Combat
Order of Chivalry – Master/Mistress of Arms Armoured/Heavy Combat
Essential Elements of Ceremony – Order of Chivalry
Order of the Laurel Arts & Sciences
Essential Elements of Ceremony – Order of the Laurel
Order of the Pelican Service
Essential Elements of Ceremony – Order of the Pelican
Order of Defense Rapier Combat
Essential Elements of Ceremony – Order of Defense
County Served as Crown Once
Duchy Served as Crown Twice
Essential Elements of Ceremony – Royal Peerage
Please note:

  • as Lochac currently has no Principalities, there is no ceremony for the Royal Peerage of Viscounty.
  • there is no set litany for the ceremony to induct a Countess (or Count if he has been Royal Consort) into the Order of the Rose – the Ladies (Members) of the Rose present in Court welcome her/him into their Order with such ceremony as they determine.