The Crux Australis Herald is the Principal Herald for the Kingdom of Lochac. The Kingdom Principal Herald is responsible for the administration & co-ordination of all heraldic activities within the Kingdom. Crux Australis can be contacted by emailing herald AT lochac DOT sca DOT org.

The current Crux Australis is Baroness Annys Blodwell.

Roll of the Office of Crux Australis Herald

Created October 2006 by Baronessa Massaria da Cortona, Baryl Herald.
Last updated November 2020 by Amanda Martel.
Name Tenure Blazon
Annys Blodwell Nov ’20 – Present Azure, in pale a vegetable lamb issuant from a pearled coronet argent.
Amanda Martel Nov ’18 – Nov ’20 Gules, in pale three mascles between two pallets argent.
Sorle Maknicoll Nov ’16 – Nov ’18 Or, a hawk’s head erased and on a chief wavy gules a bar wavy Or.
Domhnall na Moicheirghe Nov ’14 – Nov ’16 Azure, two bendlets lozengy conjoined at the points argent.
Karl Faustus von Aachen May ’12 – Nov ’14 Per pale gules and azure, a bordure Or.
Tamsyn Northover Feb ’10 – May ’12 Per fess indented flory at the points azure and ermine.
Eleyne de Comnocke * Nov ’09 – Feb ’10 Purpure, a rose and a chief ermine.
Massaria da Cortona Nov ’08 – Nov ’09 Sable, mulletty argent, a continental panther rampant to sinister Or vomiting flames gules.
William Castille Jul ’06 – Nov ’08 Gules, a griffin segreant and a chief Or.
Wakeline de Foxley Aug ’04 – Jul ’06 Per pale azure and gules, three foxes rampant Or.
Sabine du Bourbonnais* Mar ’04 – Jul ’04 Azure, three bees in pale Or marked sable between flaunches Or ermined azure.
Giles Leabrook Jul ’02 – Feb ’04 Quarterly gules and sable, a dragon’s head couped contourny argent.
Uberto Renaldi Oct ’99 – Jul ’02 Gules, three bells Or, a chief paly azure and Or.
Aislinn de Valence Oct ’97 – Oct ’99 Barry indented azure and argent, a mascle Or.
Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale Dec ’95 – Oct ’97 Azure, a fess between three martlets argent.
Tancred Enrico di Castrogiovanni Jan ’95 – Dec ’95 Sable,three chevrons braced and on a chief embattled Or, three caltrops gules.
Peter the Uncertain Jan ’93 -Jan ’95 Per chevron sable and argent, three goblets inverted, one and two, Or, in base a torteau.
Decion ap Dyfrwr Trefriw Jan ’91 – Jan ’93 Argent, a phoenix and a chief wavy gules.
Gereint Scholar Apr ’88 – Jan ’91 Per saltire argent and sable, a saltire counterchanged between in cross four ermine spots counterchanged gules and argent.
Thorfinn Hrolfsson Jul ’84 – Apr ’88 Gyronny of six argent and azure, a tricorporate lion gules.
Hrolf Herjolfssen Jan ’83 – Jul ’84 Quarterly sable and Or, a sun, cardinal points throughout, within an orle of roundels counterchanged.
 * Interim Crux