Below are the articles on Voice Heraldry — that is, the types of heraldry dealing with announcements, tournaments, courts, and other such spoken things.

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Court in the Act by Lady Amanda Martel.
In 2012, the (then newly) ex-Cordon Rouge Herald wrote a missive to her successor on how to ‘do’ Court. Reproduced with the kind permission of the author.

Who runs the Courts? Heralds! or: Court Heralding 101 by Baron Sorle Maknicoll, Crux Australis Principal Herald.
In the second year of his term as Crux, Baron Sorle produced this handout for a class at Rowany Festival in 2018. It covers his ideas for ‘best practice’ as a Court Herald, focusing on the fact that actually heralding Court is just one small part of the role.