The College of Heralds is headed by Crux Australis, Principal Herald. Crux cannot do the job alone and so relies on a collection of deputies who assist with specific aspects of the work of the College. If you need assistance, please contact the Deputy first – and then Crux if you don’t get a suitable reply or if what you need doesn’t seem to fit any particular Deputy’s role.

Crux Australis Principal Herald: (Email)(Details)

Crux Australis is the head of the College of Heralds in the Kingdom of Lochac. Crux (for short) has responsibilities including overseeing all operations of the College of Heralds; appointing Deputies, Baronial Heralds and Shire Pursuivants; reporting to Lochac Seneschal and Laurel Sovereign of Arms on the activities of the College; ensuring that Crown Tournaments and Coronations are conducted according to the protocols; and encouraging heralding and heraldry in the Kingdom.

Coffyn (Deputy) Herald: (Email)(Details)

Coffyn is the emergency (“drop dead”) backup for Crux, and is also responsible for overseeing any special projects.

Astrolabe (Eastern) Herald: (Email)(Details) & Baryl (Western) Herald: (Email)(Details)

Crux Australis is not all-knowing. Astrolabe and Baryl assist by being closer to the Eastern and Western (respectively) groups that are not near Crux and keep an eye and ear out for news or issues that Crux needs to be aware of. Astrolabe and Baryl will be Baronial Heralds in their own right who agree to take on this small additional supervisory role. Former Cruxes and/or Crux Deputies might also be considered due to the expertise earned from those roles.

Canon (Precedence) Herald: (Email)(Details)

Canon Herald manages awards, reigns, and order of precedence records for the Kingdom. Court Heralds record the awards given by the Crown and these are passed to Canon who enters them into Canon Lore.

Rocket (Submissions) Herald: (Email)(Details)

Rocket Herald manages the name and armorial submissions process for the Kingdom. This includes ensuring that submissions are completed properly, and then shepherding the submissions through the Society-wide consultation and registration mechanism. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Bombarde (Ceremonies) Herald: (Email)(Details)

Responsible for ensuring that Court ceremonies are up-to-date and reflect the will of the Kingdom; also provides advice on protocol and ceremony more generally.

Chaineshot (Education) Herald: (Email)(Details)

Responsible for ensuring that members of the Kingdom who wish to learn can be educated in matters of heralding and heraldry. Also responsible for recommending to Crux which Macers should be promoted to Pursuivant based on the College’s rules of progression.

Quarrel (Armorial) Herald: (Email)(Details)

Responsible for managing the Lochac Roll of Arms.

Mangonel (Sign) Herald: (Email)(Details)

Responsible for developing the use of signing interpreter at Court for the benefit of the hearing impaired.

Mortar (Webminister) Herald: (Email)(Details)

Responsible for managing the software and IT specifically used by the College of Heralds.

Powder Horn (Records) Herald: (Email)(Details)

Works with Canon Herald and Rocket Herald to ensure all data on awards and registrations is stored accurately and properly.