Quick Link: Pursuivant Readiness Portfolio (form-fill PDF)

There are three levels of personal heraldic rank in Lochac: Macer, Pursuivant and Herald.

The rank of Pursuivant is given to those who have shown basic knowledge and competence in heraldry, while the rank of Herald is given to those of greater expertise. Macer is used to describe those who have not yet qualified for either personal ranking (it replaces the old term “Cornet” which should be avoided). Movement between the various ranks is at the discretion of the Crux Australis Principal Herald.

In the College of Heralds, when Macers demonstrate competence in most areas of heralding they can be promoted to Pursuivant. The really good heralds (small H – macers and pursuivants), who show excellence in one or more areas of the heraldic arts, may be promoted to Herald (capital H).

The Pursuivant Readiness Portfolio has been created as the method Macers can use to demonstrate their competence as a herald. The idea of the portfolio is to use a series of scenarios as case studies to allow heralds to show their understanding of what is required to be a successful herald. The Pursuivant Readiness Portfolio (form-fill PDF) can be found by clicking on the link.

Chaineshot Herald is responsible for managing education and training for the College of Heralds. All portfolios should be emailed to Chaineshot at chaineshot@lochac.sca.org for evaluation. Successful heralds will be announced in the monthly CAMEL, and both successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive feedback from Chaineshot. Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to take the feedback on board and try again.