The order of precedence of the Kingdom of Lochac is determined by Kingdom Law is as follows:

  1. The Crown of Lochac
  2. The Royal Heirs of Lochac
  3. Current Territorial Barons and Baronesses, according to the date of creation of the Barony:
    • Rowany
    • Innilgard
    • River Haven
    • Aneala
    • Stormhold
    • Ynys Fawr
    • Politarchopolis
    • Southron Gaard
    • Saint-Florian-de-la-riviere
    • Ildhafn
    • Mordenvale
    • Krae Glas
  4. Greater Kingdom Officers of State, in the following order:
    • Seneschal
    • Crux Australis Herald
    • Earl Marshal
    • Minister of Arts and Sciences
    • Chancellor of the Exchequer
    • Chronicler
    • Chirurgeon
    • Constable
  5. Dukes & Duchesses, in order of creation
  6. Counts & Countesses, in order of creation
  7. Viscounts & Viscountess, in order of creation
  8. Peers of the Realm (being Companions of the Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, and Defense), in order of creation
  9. Companions of the Order of the White Scarf and Lochac Company of Archers, in order of creation
  10. Companions of the Orders of Distinction, conferring a Grant of Arms, and those bearers of a Grant of Arms without membership in an Order of Distinction, in order of creation
  11. Court Barons and Baronesses, in order of creation
  12. Members of the armigerous Orders of Achievement, in order of creation
  13. Those members of the populance holding an Award of Arms, in order of creation

To determine precedent, please use Canon Lore, the Lochac’s database of awards and precedence. The first four of these categories are for temporal precedence, which is for holders of positions which will change periodically. Canon Lore does not track temporal precedence so please keep this in mind. Details on what rank awards have can be found on the Reference Guide.