This is the roster of active heralds in the Kingdom of Lochac. Active, in this sense, means they have completed the last Herald Census or have subsequently completed the Roster Details Form. The last Census was held in May AS54 (May 2019). Clicking on the image will email that officer. Names that are links will take you to the person’s Canon Lore entry, clicking on the  image next to a name will take you to their Roll of Arms entry. Explanation of rank and skills found after the roster.

If you wish to be added to the roster, please complete the Roster Details Form. Please see Lochac Heraldic Policy for the requirements to be a rostered herald. If you believe you are worthy of the rank of Pursuivant, please considered completing the Pursuivant Readiness Portfolio.

Note: the roster, as described above, is currently undergoing repair, so at this time only the heraldic officers of the Kingdom are displayed via the Regnumator. Please be patient as this technical glitch is worked out.

  Office Office Holder Since
Crux Australis Principal Herald Mistress Isabella de Bordeaux (she/her) September 2023
  Canon Herald Canon Lore link The Honourable Lady Arabella d'Aubigny (she/her) December 2020
  Quarrel Herald Canon Lore link Mistress Glynyhvar of River Haven (she/her) December 2023
Aneala Herald Armiger Alde of Maghas (She/They) October 2022
Blessed Herman the Cripple Herald Canon Lore link Ciarán Gray (they/he) June 2022
Ildhafn Blue Lymphad Herald Canon Lore link Lady Etain ingen Choilien (she/her) April 2022
Innilgard Frette Rouge Herald Canon Lore link Lady Ari Egillsdóttir March 2023
Krae Glas Herald Canon Lore link Lady Mærwynn of Legeceasterscire January 2023
Mordenvale Alefounder Herald Canon Lore link Baron Gilchrist Morgan (he/him) October 2023
Politarchopolis Cordon Rouge Heralt Canon Lore link Lord Eilífr Lukasson (he/him) November 2022
River Haven Herald Canon Lore link Mistress Glynyhvar of River Haven (she/her) March 2023
Rowany Cinquefoil Herald Canon Lore link THL Baroness Medb ingen ind Iasachta August 2021
Southron Gaard Herald Canon Lore link Lady Magdalena de Narbonne (they/them) December 2022
St Christina the Astonishing Herald Canon Lore link Lady Waḫrii̯a of St Christina (she/her) April 2023
St Florian de la Riviere Herald Canon Lore link Baroness Grete Engelhardtz (she/her) November 2022
St Monica Herald Yong Ching Lav (he/him) May 2023
Stormhold Goutte d'Eau Canon Lore link Lady Lann Screchoc ingen Briain (they/them) January 2024
Ynys Fawr Dromond herald Lady Arianwen verch Anerain October 2023


There are three levels of personal heraldic rank in Lochac: Macer, Pursuivant and Herald.

The rank of Pursuivant is given to those who have shown basic knowledge and competence in heraldry, while the rank of Herald is given to those of greater expertise. Macer is used to describe those who have not yet qualified for either personal ranking (it replaces the old term “Cornet” which should be avoided). Movement between the various ranks is at the discretion of the Crux Australis Principal Herald.

Heralds who currently hold an office (the so called “in-ordinary” heralds) take a title that depends on their position. Baronial heralds and heralds on Crux’s staff may style themselves as “X Herald” for the duration of their office, where X is the appropriate heraldic title. Group heralds for other groups (Shires, Cantons and Colleges) should describe themselves as “Group-name Pursuivant” for the duration of their warrant. All other Pursuivants and Heralds are listed as “extra-ordinary” (literally “out of ordinary”, meaning holding no official post).

May be able to help with

The skills columns in the general roster indicates self-identified experience in the various areas of heralding: voice (general announcements, can shout a bit); court (knows about ceremonies, has spoken for the Crown before); field (has announced bouts at tournaments); names (has been consulted on registering a name with the College of Arms to some extent); and armory (has been consulted on designing and registering a device to some extent). Levels of experience may vary, but it’s a place to start for help.

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