Awards and order of precedence

Canon Lore is the awards database of the Kingdom of Lochac. It is the responsibility of Canon and Mortar Heralds. The current Canon is Lord Þorvaldr inn Suðreyski and he and his team of minions are responsible for inputing data. The code is maintained by Mortar Herald, Lord Paul de la Ville. The main Canon Lore database for the entire Kingdom is HERE.

If for some reason you require it, you can limit the database to only people resident in Australia or New Zealand.

The Canon Lore database does not track temporal precedence (rank conveyed for the duration of an office such as Lochac Seneschal) so when using the data base for determining an OP please keep this in mind.

A guide to determining the order of precedence is available HERE.

A quick reference guide for the awards of Lochac is available HERE.

Reporting of awards

Each sovereign decides if for the duration of their reign they wish to advise the Canon Herald of awards granted directly or for their court heralds to do so.  If their court heralds are requested to do so (and in any case of doubt) they should complete a Court Herald Award Form (CHAF) and obtain the signature of the Crown at an event, before forwarding it as instructed on the form.

Royal Guide : brief guide for Royal heirs concerning reporting of awards. Also may be of some use to court heralds and royal attendants.

The team which brings you Canon Lore

Canon Lore is brought to you by the dedication in computer programming and tech support genius of Mortar Herald, and the data entry and research skills of Canon Herald, and their teams of helpers.  If you would like to join this team please contact Canon or Mortar.