Lochac College of Heralds

Names and Armory for the SCA in Australia and New Zealand

This is the site of the College of Heralds for the Kingdom of Lochac. The Lochac College is part of the wider College of Arms in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Here we provide information on the activities of heralds in the Kingdom of Lochac which spans the mundane nations of Australia and New Zealand. The SCA in Australia and New Zealand is governed by separated but affiliated corporations called SCA Ltd (in Australia) and SCANZ Inc.

The College is headed by Baron Sorle Maknicoll, Crux Australis Principal Herald. Sorle is aided by several Kingdom-Level deputies: Baryl Herald, Rocket Herald, Mortar Herald, Canon Herald, Coffyn Herald and Bombarde Herald. Master Thorfinn, Hund Herald also resides in Lochac and is a past Crux Australis Herald. Further details on the deputies can be found in the Roster.

The Lochac College of Heralds is responsible for acting as the voice of the crown and landed nobility, registering names and devices with the College of Arms, devising ceremonies and consulting on awards and other heraldic matters for the Crown of Lochac.

Current members of the College are listed in the Roster. To join the College please contact Crux.

Are you here because you want to submit a name or device, and are looking for forms and where to send them? Head over to the submissions page.

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