• Standard ceremonies for all Lochac awards.
  • Alternative ceremonies. Personalised peerage ceremonies, and oaths in languages other than English.

Other useful things

  • Basic Report Template
  • Privy Posters education campaign
  • Lochac Awards. A quick-reference guide for the awards of the Kingdom of Lochac.
  • Kingdom consulting library:  A full list of the library held by Rocket Herald can by found on LibraryThing.  If you do not otherwise have access to these texts, Rocket can be contacted to look up references, or request copies for documentation.
  • (Last updated Jan 2013) Royal Guide : brief guide for Royal heirs concerning reporting of awards.
  • (Last updated Jan 2017) Court Herald’s Award Form (CHAF): Form for reporting awards to Canon Herald.  To be completed by Court heralds and signed by the Crown.
  • A Notice concerning the Festival Tavern.