Alternative Ceremonies


Knighting (14th century)




Viking Peerage Ceremony (10th Century)
Russian-style Laurel, Scroll 
Laurel, Trimarian list of Peer qualities


For Greater Officers unable to swear oaths : During the Coronation ceremony delete from standard fealty the words “Here do I swear, by mouth and hands, fealty and service …” and replace them with “Here do I affirm, by mouth and hands, a contract of service …”

A personal fealty oath in German by Sir Wolfram Flammenherz

Standard Fealty in Scots English by Domhnall na Moicheighe

Celtic Bard style Laurel oath, scroll
Non-English Fealty Oaths: SCA style in other languages, with pronounciation guides
Fealty Oath, based on the Oath of the Lieutenant and Standard bearer of Queen Elizabeth I, 1601
Oath and Oration, based on Articles of the Weavers’ Craft 1492