How do I get one of those funky heraldic titles?

  • Become a group herald.  Baronial Heralds have special titles they use for their term of office.  Heralds of other groups are titled using their group name.
  • Join Crux’s Staff.  All Crux Staff have office titles, such as Baryl,  Canon and Rocket.  There are a number of others that can be assigned to people working on special projects.  Check to see if one is being advertised in CAMeL and contact Crux to volunteer.
  • Gain the rank of Herald Extraordinary, this conveys the right to register a personal heraldic title which will be yours forever.  This rank is awarded jointly by the Crown and Crux for extraordinary heraldic service.  Currently Lochac has only two – Hund and TBA (Giles Leabrook).