These are the outdated ceremonies for the Kingdom of Lochac, waiting to be archived as historical.

star_bullet(Almost) All Ceremonies star_bulletCheat sheet for opening and closing Court
star_bulletCross of Lochac star_bulletSilver Helm star_bulletRowan
star_bulletTaillefer (new ceremony TBP) star_bulletCompany of the Pride of Lochac star_bulletMouse Guard of Lochac *
star_bulletAugmentation of Arms star_bulletRenewal of Fealty star_bulletPopulace Homage
AoA Level
star_bulletAward of Arms star_bulletCourt Barony star_bulletStar and Lily
star_bulletGolden Sword star_bulletGolden Tear star_bulletRapier *
star_bulletNock star_bulletMiles Regni* star_bulletLochac Order of Grace
star_bulletPrometheus star_bulletHector
GoA Level
star_bulletSilver Pegasus star_bulletCockatrice star_bulletRed Wyvern
star_bulletGrant of Arms star_bulletLochac Company of Archers star_bulletWhite Scarf
star_bulletChivalry star_bulletLaurel star_bulletPelican
Royal Peers
star_bulletCount star_bulletCount & Patent star_bulletCountess
star_bulletCountess & Patent star_bulletDuchess star_bulletDuke
Crown Tournaments
star_bulletCrown Tourney Final star_bulletCrown Tourney – Large star_bulletCrown Tourney – Small
star_bulletHeirs’ Invest – Court star_bulletHeirs’ Invest – Field star_bulletWreaths
star_bulletCoronation star_bulletFinal Court star_bulletFirst Court
star_bulletLochac Champion star_bulletQueens Champion star_bulletQueens Guard
Landed Baronies
star_bulletBarony Changeover star_bulletBarony Confirmation star_bulletBarony Creation

* The names of these awards are unregistered, and will change.

Award tokens are administered by the Keeper of Regalia.  Images of many can be found on their webpage.