The below is a rough guide to what should be included in your regular reports to Crux as a group herald. If you have not had activity in a particular area since your last report, saying ‘nothing has happened’ is perfectly alright. However, a series of reports with ‘nothing has happened’ in multiple areas may cause Crux to question your ability to fulfill the duties of your office. Is it genuinely the case that there has been no heraldic activity whatsoever in the past reporting period? If so, perhaps it’s time you scheduled a consultation day, pageantry competition, or other activity. Promoting heraldry is part of the job youvolunteered for. So get to it!

Basic Report Template

Subject : [ Month and Year ] herald’s report for [ Group name ]

Greetings from [Your name, and title ] (optional: to Crux Australis, local Seneschal, etc. etc. and some form of extended greeting).

In the past three/six (Barony/Shire) months the following matters of heraldic note have occurred:

[ Sentence about submissions, if any ]
[ Sentence about consultations, if any ]
[ Sentence about Kingdom awards received by the local populace of your group, if any ]
[ Sentence about any voice heraldry you’ve done during the last month, if any ]
[List of all active heralds in the group]
[ Sentence about what other heralds in the group are up to]
[ Sentence about heraldic promotion recommendations, if any ]
[ Sentence about any purchases of books, tabards etc., if needed ]
[ Sentence about award recommendations, if any ]
[ Questions you have for Crux, or general comments, if needed ]

[ Closing ]


Based on Lady Athenais Bryennissa’s article The Basics of Reporting (no longer available online at original source).