If you need assistance with a name or armory submission and have no local herald you have several options. You might:

  • Join the Blazons mailing list and request feedback on your name or design idea there.
  • Choose any herald marked Book [Bk] on the Roster and contact them directly.  Accepting heraldic advice from persons not listed on the Roster of Active heralds is not recommended.
  • If you’re on Facebook, have a look at the Lochac Heraldry Chat group.  You have to request membership and be approved, but any member can approve you so that’s not arduous.  Then you can ask your questions and get answers.  But be aware: there are no guarantees! You may find a herald who believes in adding bordures to avoid armorial conflict, or one who thinks that Gaelic names are formed by throwing consonant magnets at a fridge door and registering whatever sticks, or one who goes into paroxysms of rage whenever anyone suggests using purple in their arms… but those are risks you take in real life too, and at least this way there’s a good chance of the worst personal foibles being tempered by the other people in the group.

Crux and Rocket are always available to answer general questions, and can advise which consulting herald might best suit assist with the specific language or culture you are interested in.