This is Scropes, the heraldic equivalent of Snopes: the Urban Legend Reference Pages.  In an effort to do for SCA heraldry what has done for popular culture, we’re gathering every urban legend we can find and rating them:

thumbs_up True: for legends that are, for the most part at least, correct and accurate.

thumbs_down False: for legends that are complete and utter piffle.

broken_heart Unknown: for legends that contain a bit of truth and a bit of falsehood but are ultimately not enough of either to make a judgement.

If you have a suggestion, either a legend or an explanation, post it in the comments section below and a Staff member will make a new page here.

Please also see this long list of misconceptions about SCA heraldry, compiled and refuted by Baron Modar.


thumbs_down Those who are elevated to an Order of Peerage, using a particular moniker, are then allowed to register that name.

thumbs_down Heralds play trumpets.

thumbs_down Heraldry cannot be displayed until registered.

thumbs_down All the devices with Unicorns/Lions/Swords are already taken.

thumbs_down Medieval people didn’t have proper spelling, so you can spell your name anyway you like.

thumbs_down I don’t need to register a name, it’s already on my membership card.

thumbs_down The populace badge for a group is the same as the group’s arms minus the laurel wreath or crown.