Rocket (Submissions) Herald: Ollivier Le Floch (Email)

Postal address:
Available on application.

Rocket Herald is the submissions herald for the Kingdom of Lochac. They receive submissions either via email or normal mail from consulting heralds on behalf of their clients. Once a month Rocket processes these submissions and publishes them on OSCAR in the Kingdom Letter of Intent. The letter is open for comment for a month and then processed again. Rocket has the power to return submissions that have clear issues, and that is normally done at this point although sometimes it is done earlier.

The remaining submissions are published again on OSCAR in an External Letter of Intent. Experienced heralds with special access from around the “Known World” then comment on this letter. Eventually Laurel makes a decision and publishes the Letter of Acceptance and Returns. It is then Rocket’s job to ensure all clients are contacted and given the results.

Crux Australis may call on Rocket to register submissions for the Kingdom of Lochac. Rocket is also often the point of contact for other kingdoms chasing a permission to conflict.

The publishing of the letters happens once a month and can take up to 10 hours depending on the amount of submissions. This work can be spread out over the month as submissions come in.