It is strongly preferred that your report be made using the Group Herald Report Form. If you are unable to use the form for technical reasons, then the template below may be used instead.

This report should be sent to Crux Australis and your local seneschal by email once every three months according to the schedule, and you’ve met the basic requirements of the job.

Please send your report in the body of the email, not as an attachment.

If your branch has Colleges attached to it, remember to include reports from their heralds. If your branch is a Barony, remember to include reports from your Cantons’ heralds (if any).

DATE Herald’s Report for BRANCH

To Amanda Martel, Crux Australis Principal Herald, [SCA NAME] [HERALD TITLE] sends greetings.

Since my last report, the following matters of heraldic note have occurred:


Sentence about submissions passed on to Rocket Herald during the last quarter (if known).


Sentence about consultations done, but not yet submitted, during the last quarter (if known).

Kingdom Events

List of Kingdom events held in your group during the last quarter where awards might have been received. This is a verification step so we can be sure Canon Herald has received the details. Details of upcoming Kingdom Events for the next quarter would also be appreciated, including if you have checked the event is published in Pegasus (a requirement for recognition of awards).

Voice Heraldry

Sentence about any voice heraldry done during the last quarter.

Active Heralds

List of all active heralds in the group, including if they are on the Roster of Heralds. If they’re not, encourage them to complete the Roster of Heralds Details Form.

My drop-dead deputy is herald’s name.

Other Heralds’ Activities

Sentence about what other heralds in the group have been up to, if known.

Recommendations for Promotion

Sentence about heraldic promotion recommendations, if any, with reasons.


Sentence about any purchases of books, tabards etc., if needed.

Recommendations for Awards

Sentence about award recommendations, if any, that you think could do with a recommendation from Crux. This would normally only be heralding-related. Remember to also send these to the Crown and/or your Baronage (as appropriate).


Any problems, small or big, that might be worth mentioning earlier rather than later.

Questions and Comments

Questions you have for Crux, or general comments, if needed

Officer Information

My preferred email address for heraldic matters is [email address].

I am / am not subscribed to the Blazons mailing list with the email address [email address].
(You should be – it’s a requirement of the job.)

I am / am not subscribed to OSCAR with a user name of [user name].
(You should be – it’s now a requirement if you ever act as a consulting herald.)

I am / am not subscribed to Lochac Heraldry Chat on Facebook with a Facebook name of [Facebook name].
(You don’t need to be. Facebook will never be compulsory, though it’s certainly worth it if you like keeping in touch and you use Facebook.)

I am scheduled to step down as [HERALD TITLE] on [Date two years after you stepped up or as otherwise negotiated with Crux].

Closing comments