Rocket Herald is the Submissions Herald of Lochac, responsible for accepting name, device, and other heraldic submissions from submitters and consulting heralds, entering them into OSCAR, and shepherding them through to eventual registration in the Society College of Arms, or return for rework and resubmission.

Rocket Herald is where submissions are sent, who will then enter them into OSCAR for the Kingdom Letter of Intent. There they will be commented on, and either returned there or passed on to Laurel commentary, where heralds from across the Known World will make commentary on various aspects of their suitability. Then they will be decided upon by the Sovereigns of Arms, and they will produce a Letter of Acceptance and Return, whose results must be communicated back to the submitter.

Rocket does not do this alone: there is a deputy who helps with the final communications, and others help with the commentary and decisions.

Rocket requires a good internet connection, and between five to fifteen hours of work a month, depending on the number of submissions. A basic working knowledge of graphics programs like Gimp and Inkscape are a bonus (to massage submissions into the right file format). Most submissions will be received by email, but there will still be some on paper through the post, which will need a scanner as well. A good working knowledge of SENA and the College of Heralds Administrative Handbook is important; and a knowledge of device heraldry, names and onomastics are useful; but all can be learned on the job. Again: you won’t be alone. The previous Rocket is willing to walk you though the process and give advice at any time, and will also still be on OSCAR commenting.

If you are interested in assisting this role, you can contact for more information.