We’re working right now on a page for this website that will allow you to do the whole submissions process in one go, but for now we’re in experimental mode, and you will need to follow some steps carefully. Beware: if you mess the steps up, we won’t fix it for you, we’ll just send everything back and let you try again. So pay attention!

The most important rule is that electronic submissions must come via a rostered consulting herald. Don’t send it directly; ask your consulting herald to forward it all to Rocket Herald at rocket@lochac.sca.org. Have the herald include their own contact details, including their OSCAR login ID, the email address they use to subscribe to the Blazons mailing list, and (optionally) the name they use to subscribe to the Facebook group, Lochac Heraldry Chat.  Any emailed submissions that don’t come from a herald who has an OSCAR account and a Blazons subscription will be returned. Why? Because rostered heralds are expected to keep in touch, and if they don’t they won’t be much use to us. Heraldry changes fast, and outdated knowledge is worse than no knowledge at all.

For names: download this image, which is a JPG at 300 dots per inch. Using the paint software of your choice, fill in the details. Save the result, and email it to your consulting herald. In the email, include all the information you put into the form, so that Rocket Herald won’t have to retype everything. If you have documentation for your name, include copies of that, in JPG format at 300dpi. Give the file to your herald.

For devices and badges: download this image for devices or this one for badges, both of which are JPGs at 300 dots per inch. Using the paint software of your choice, fill in the details. Carefully draw your emblazon in black outline in the space provided — or, if you already have it, fit it properly into the space. Do not overwrite the shield or badge shapes with your own shapes! Make your drawing fit. Then, when you’ve got the outline version drawn and saved, colour it in and save it separately. That’s right, there will be two files: one outline, one colour. Give the file to your herald.

Yes, we realise 300dpi JPGs are a silly format.  For the moment, it’s what we use.  Sorry about that.  When we get the proper functionality working in this website, it will all become a lot saner. Until then, enjoy the wind in your hair as you live on the edge.