For names: print out one clean copy of the name submission form and fill it out correctly. Photocopy or print any documentation you need, taking care not to waste paper on anything you don’t need. If you want to be careful, make yourself a copy, and give a copy to your consulting herald for safe-keeping. Send the form and documentation to Rocket Herald.

For devices and badges: print one clean copy of the device submission form or the badge or fieldless badge submission form. Fill in the details, and draw the armory in black outline. Don’t colour in any parts of it, even the black bits. Copy the completed form and colour in the copy, using good colour-fast textas like Crayola Markers, not pencil, crayon, metallic ink or paint. You can also use colour printing and/or photocopying if you like: if you do, please note on the form the make and model of printer or copier, and the source of the ink or toner, whether original or generic refill; that lets us make recommendations about what technology not to use if the colours fade too much. Make additional copies for yourself and your consulting herald, and send one copy of the outline and one of the colour version to Rocket Herald.

Please email Rocket to ask for their postal address if required.